Twinkle Twinkle, performed by Secret, is the first ending for the Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth. The song began from Episode 1 to 13.

Lyrics (TV Version)


どんなに離れても 私はほら
目を閉じれば そばにいるわ
あなたはずっと 憧れだった
このままずっと 夢を見させて

Rock Lee Go, Rock Lee Go!

心わいつも キラキラのまま
言葉に 出来ない 淡い想いのエールよ
そっと胸へ 届け
あなたがずっと 大好きだった
このままずっと 輝いていて

Rock Lee Go, Rock Lee Go!

努力はいつも 忘れないでね
ドキドキ ときめき その信じた道の
果てで 夢よ 叶え


Hashiridashita sono senaka ga
Donna ni hanarette mo, watashi wa hora
Me wo tojireba soba ni iru wa
furikaeranakute iyo
Anata wa tsuto akogare data
Kono mama tsuto yume o misazete

Rock Lee go! Rock Lee go!

Kokoro wa itsumo kira kira no mama
Kotoba ni dekinai awai omoi no eru yo
Sotto mune e todoke
Anata wa tsuto daisuki datta
Kono mama tsuto kagayaite yume

Rock Lee go! Rock Lee go!

Doryoku wa itsumo wasurenainde ne
Tokidoki tokimeki sono shinjita michi no
Hatete yume yo kanae


I began running chasing that dorsum
You're not going to get away from me, just watch me!
Closing my eyes while catching up
Just turned around
You will easily respected me
So now and then, inspire others to this dream

Rock Lee go! Rock Lee go!

Cause your heart always twinkle
Words can't describe your fleeting spirit
It gently reaches your breast
You are easily lovable
Cause this is such a glittering dream

Rock Lee go! Rock Lee go!

Great feat always hard to be forgotten
Sometimes that road you believe is throbbing
In the end dream will come true


The characters in order of appearance:

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