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Toads as depicted in the Naruto series.

Toads (蝦蟇, Gama) are the summons used by Naruto Uzumaki and Jiraiya in spin-off. They reside on Mount Myōboku.


From what has been shown in the spin-off, toads are able to spit oil from their mouths as well as utilising things ranging from their own tongues and weapons in battle.

They vary greatly in size; ranging from giant summons such as Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro that tower over trees, while others such as Gamakichi and Gamatatsu, were small enough in Part I of Naruto, however the two have got much bigger. The toads have also shown unique personalities; Gamatatsu has a fixation for snacks and Gamakichi enjoys watching battles from safe distances. Gamaken, spends the bulk of his appearances commenting on how weak and clumsy he is.[1]

Known Toads

Special Types

Mount Myōboku's population includes unique species of toads and other toad-like amphibians. Some are have unique body structures, as in the Scroll Toads which can have secrets written on their scroll-abdomens.[2]


Not much of Jiraiya's relationship with the toads was shown in the spin-off, however according to the Naruto series, the toads had a cordial and mutually respectful relationship with him and was even nicknamed The Toad Sage (蝦蟇仙人, Gama Sennin).

The latest known summoner of toads, Naruto didn't usually summon them unless he needed to fight larger and or very strong opponents. Naruto was even able to learn senjutsu from the toads in Mount Myōboku.


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