The Raikage Escort Mission!!

Raikage Escort Mission
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Might Guy, the Hokage?! Sasuke Uchiha!!

The Raikage Escort Mission!! is Chapter 18 of the manga.


Team Guy is out on a mission where they were assigned to accost a missing-nin from Takigakure. However, he fled. Noting that they were exhausted from their mission, the team decide to recuperate in Kumogakure where they are greeted by Mabui. Subsequently the team meets the Raikage: A, his brother Killer B — who immediately clicked with Might Guy, and Rock Lee, B's student's: Omoi, Karui, and Samui along with her brother Atsui. They are also joined by C and Darui and they are informed that an assassin was making an attempt on the Raikage's life. After being asked to act as security detail for the Raikage while they were in the village, a visibly perturbed Neji denies that there was anything wrong with him. After some chaos ensues with different personalities conflicting which culminates in Darui creating a pair of panties from his Lightning Release: Black Panther, and Storm Release: Laser Circus technique on the Raikage after he accidentally had bit his tongue, creating a pair of panties and brassier for the Raiakge. The Raikage was sent flying by B who had full transformed into his beast. Neji cones under suspicion after they realise he is a Hyūga, and knowing full-well the circumstances around the strained relation with Kumo. However, it turns out that a newly convicted Neji actually protected the Raikage from the missing Taki-nin despite Lee's clumsiness.

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