The Organization Named Akatsuki!!

Rock Lee Volume 3

December 4, 2012 ISBN (Japanese ISBN::978-4-08-870565-1) Icon - Search

Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!! Sasuke Uchiha!!

The Organization Named Akatsuki!! (暁という組織!!, Akatsuki Toiu Soshiki!!) is volume 3 of the manga.

Chapter 13

Super Secret Infiltration Mission!!

Before Tsunade could assign a top-secret mission to Neji, Tenten, Sai and Yamato, Neji is inadvertently injured by Tonton. With Neji injured, Tsunade is forced to have Lee as Neji's substitute, dressed in Anbu attire, complete with a mask with thick eyebrows. As they are about to depart to retrieve a secret scroll stolen by missing-nin from another village, Yamato explains to the team what it means to be an ANBU. Seemingly irritated, Sai asks Lee whether he had a penis or not, to which Lee emphatically replies that he did. When Lee drops his pants to show Sai, Tenten leaves the two kunai-ridden. Threatening them, Yamato uses his intimidating facial expression to get them to cooperate, but he is simply mocked by Lee as he apologises. As they travel to their destination, Sai attempts to give nicknames to Lee and Tenten only to fail in the process and later runs away when Lee attempts to hug him after being moved by his story of having no feelings and only just learning of friendship. When they arrive at the location, Yamato tells them that the base was more than likely underground and, beginning the infiltration, merges with a tree, fully expecting the rest to follow. Deciding to break a hole in the ground instead the team infiltrates the base successfully. Sai then uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique to create rats to search the base. Amazed by the technique, Rock Lee commandeers Sai's brush and draws several creatures which Sai brings to life. Shocking Tenten as they climb over her body, these rats — with the faces of Might Guy— are soon accosted by the creatures Tenten draws. All the noise being made by the Konoha-nin soon draws enemy attention. With little time to spare, Yamato — following Lee's instructions — creates an oden shop, which the enemy find inconspicuous at first after seeing it. When they begin to wonder what something like that was doing there and return, they are greeted by a giant wooden robot. Capturing the two enemy-nin before they could raise an alarm, Yamato, Sai and Lee use intimidating facial expressions to uncover the scroll's whereabouts. Opening the scroll, Lee is caught in the trap set on the fake scroll, and the others are forced to abandon him. With Lee captured, he is interrogated on his comrade's whereabouts but refuse to tell them. Before the enemy-nin can injure Lee, however, his comrades arrive. Using the little ink left, Sai brings Lee's eyebrows to life forming giant constructs to attack the enemy, acquire the scroll, and then wings to flee the base. Back in the Hokage's office, the scroll is revealed to contain a secret Wood Release technique to create the same giant robot Yamato had used on the mission. Meanwhile Neji, who has been healed makes his way to the Hokage's office only to see Lee's eyebrows flailing all over the place.

Chapter 14

Animal Watcher!!

Left with Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, Kakashi's ninken, Tonton and Katsuyu, Might Guy and Rock Lee are soon joined by a puzzled Neji and Tenten. Telling them not to worry, Guy summons Ningame seemingly only adding one more animal to the masses. Explaining to Lee that you didn't need to be good at ninjutsu to communicate with animals. As Guy asks Tenten — who seemingly cannot get along with Ningame — and Neji — who does not have a contract with an animal — to help them as well, they all realise that maybe their team was unsuited to watch animals. Kiba and Akamaru then pass by practising the Dynamic Marking which amazes the other ninken. Stopping by, Guy tells Lee that you can bond with animals through skinship leading Lee to hugging Akamaru who retaliates with the Passing Fang. Believing that they were bonding, Pakkun explained that summoned creatures were different from Akamaru who was around Kiba all the time, and as such, they did not require watching. After telling them that they could not neglect their duties, the animals all scatter. Noting that he was hungry, Gamatatsu attempts to swallow Tonton before being stopped by Gamakichi. When Neji and Tenten catch up to the three, Gamakichi asks Neji to not hurt his brother, hoping that he would understand, having a younger relativeas well. Gamakichi's story, however, gets out of hand and Neji is forced to attack them to stop it. Tonton however intercedes but is caught by Tenten. Meanwhile Guy and Lee chases down the ninken pack that end up using Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique to attack him but this is misinterpreted as them wanting to play with him. The same occurs with Lee when Kiba and Akamaru attacks him with the Fang Passing Fang, even beginning to trade the dogs with each other. Fed up, the ninken all use the Super Dynamic Marking on Lee and Might Guy. Kiba and Akamaru then prepare to use the Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf but Lee dives into the combination, creating three heads. Running away, Guy summons Ningame noting that the turtle was faster. Guy, however, kicks Ningame who spirals towards them like a giant shuriken. Lee was able to protect all the ninken from this attack, earning Ningame's respect as he later promises to help with Lee's training. A few days later, Lee is assigned to help watch a few animals again only for a shocked Neji and Tenten to see the giant Bunta, Ken, and Hiro before them.

Chapter 15

Tenten vs. Temari!!

After Team Guy completes a mission, Tenten insists that they stop at a nearby teashop, despite Lee protesting that he had to train to catch up to his rivals. Entering the shop, they are shocked to see Gaara, Baki, and Kankuro. Despite the fact that Lee tells Tenten that he was fine and didn't need to challenge the young Kazekage to another battle, he prepares to use the Front Lotus on Gaara. Attempting to stop Lee, Tenten draws her weapons, thou her weapons and Lee are buffeted away by a great gust of wind as Temari appears, telling the young shinobi not to do weird things to the Kazekage. Chastising Tenten's weapon usage once again, the two kunoichi face off against each other. Apologising to her team-mates, Tenten recalls the time she fought Temari during the Chūnin Exams and lost. Consoled by Lee, who takes out a pair of green overalls and tells her that if she wore them, she'd be able to defeat Temari, Tenten uses her weapons to turn it into a tank-top. Thinking of other methods Tenten could beat Temari, Lee realises that Tenten would also lose in terms of bust size, before challenging Gaara to a test of cup size as well only to be chastised by Temari. Cautioning Tenten to stop Lee before he got fired up again, Neji is shocked when Tenten challenges Temari to a battle. A team battle is eventually decided upon and the six ninja face off against one another. Comically the battle wages on until it comes down to a battle of pictures with Temari on the defensive after being attacked by numerous pictures of herself with Shikamaru, since Lee believes there is something going on between the two. They are eventually crushed by Gaara. Annoyed, Temari summons Kamatari via the Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance technique who only sets up shop with Lee cutting vegetables. Using the opportunity, Tenten summons the Jidanda. As everyone uses their different defensive techniques to take cover, Lee who insists he had erected a barrier gets caught between Tenten and Temari's attack. With the battle seemingly over and Temari, the victor, Tenten opens her blouse to reveal the green blouse underneath which had seals written on it. Using the Manipulated Tools: Breast Hammer, Temari is knocked out and Tenten is named the victor. Though the battle ended in a tie, Temari conceded loss and acknowledged Tenten. Back in Konoha, news of the battle spread far and wide, but to Tenten's dismay, she gained the moniker 

Chapter 16

The Organization Named Akatsuki!! (暁という組織!, Akatsuki Toiu Soshiki!)

Given the mission to locate the base of a new organisation that would become a great threat to Konohagakure called Akatsuki, Team Guysets out with Guy telling his former students not to take the organisation lightly. They are able to find the base and infiltrate it where they find a closet full of matching cloaks. Before they could go any further however, two members of the organisation arrive forcingLee and Tenten to hide in plain sight, donning the Akatsuki mantle and claiming to be a new recruit. After a brief conversation about what art truly was with Sasori and Deidara, two more members arrive adding to the Konoha-nin's dismay. After being threatened by Kakuzu and propositioned by Hidan to join his religion, two more members:Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki arrive. Fearing that the latter would recognise him because he bore strong resemblance to Might Guy whom Kisame had fought once before, Lee takes to squinting to change his appearance. Itachi, however, decides to use genjutsu to see whether the new recruit was worthy to be a member, forcing Tenten to cancel the genjutsu that had been placed on Lee. Things escalate even further when Pain and Konan arrive with the series of accidents culminating in each member using some of their most powerful attacks and ultimately destroying the base. Using the confusion as cover, Lee and Tenten are able to escape with Lee coming to the conclusion that the organisation was a singing group from Ebisu Private Middle School. Meanwhile, Zetsu finally arrives with the real new recruit which prompts Deidara to lash out saying he could not handle any more new recruits.

Chapter 17

Might Guy, the Hokage?!

Having to leave the village and with Kakashi and Shikaku out on missions as well, Tsunade makes Might Guy the temporary Hokage much to Lee's delight. After receiving a report from Kotetsu and Izumo that morale amongst the village's shinobi was low, Guy moves to rectify this with several decrees such as: eating curry, wearing the green suit he himself wears and greeting each other with passionate embraces. Though these seem to serve no purpose, when put to the test, Guy's decrees turn out to be beneficial, though this was not Guy's intention. When Tsunade returns to the village she finds everyone severely exhausted having tried to run five thousand laps with the "Guy-kage". Slapping her temporary replacement, Tsunade and her disciples then go on to heal the villagers. In the end, Lee realises that Guy is much more suited to be an action hero than the Hokage. Elsewhere while Teuchi had stopped serving curried ramen, his demeanour had comically changed to reflect that of Might Guy.

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