The Organization Named Akatsuki!!

Chapter 16



Akatsuki Toiu Soshiki!!

Chapter Info


Tenten vs. Temari!! Might Guy, the Hokage?!

The Organization Named Akatsuki! (暁という組織!!, Akatsuki Toiu Soshiki!!) is Chapter 16 of the manga.


Given the mission to locate the base of a new organisation that would become a great threat to Konohagakure called Akatsuki, Team Guy sets out with Guy telling his former students not to take the organisation lightly. They are able to find the base and infiltrate it where they find a closet full of matching cloaks. Before they could go any further however, two members of the organisation arrive forcing Lee and Tenten to hide in plain sight, donning the Akatsuki mantle and claiming to be a new recruit. After a brief conversation about what art truly was with Sasori and Deidara, two more members arrive adding to the Konoha-nin's dismay. After being threatened by Kakuzu and propositioned by Hidan to join his religion, two more members: Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki arrive. Fearing that the latter would recognise him because he bore strong resemblance to Might Guy whom Kisame had fought once before, Lee takes to squinting to change his appearance. Itachi, however, decides to use genjutsu to see whether the new recruit was worthy to be a member, forcing Tenten to cancel the genjutsu that had been placed on Lee. Things escalate even further when Pain and Konan arrive with the series of accidents culminating in each member using some of their most powerful attacks and ultimately destroying the base. Using the confusion as cover, Lee and Tenten are able to escape with Lee coming to the conclusion that the organisation was a singing group from Ebisu Private Middle School. Meanwhile, Zetsu finally arrives with the real new recruit which prompts Deidara to lash out saying he could not handle any more new recruits.

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