"The Ninja Rock Lee"

The Ninja Rock Lee (chapter)



Ninja Rokku Rī

Chapter Info

The Ninja Rock Lee (#1)




"The Huge Pitter-Patter Attack Plan of Love!"


"The Ninja Rock Lee" (忍者ロックリー, Ninja Rokku Rī) is chapter 1 of the manga.


In Konohagakure, an enemy attempts to burn the village, but Rock Lee kicks the enemy with the a poop that he stepped on earlier. He reveals to a villager that he can't use ninjutsu and it was not a big problem. Lee's team-mates, a weapon-user Tenten, and an "elite genius" Neji, reprimand Lee who finished the mission by himself. Nevertheless, As Lee, Neji and Tenten begin their defense training, Lee mimics Neji's technique, injuring himself in the process. Meanwhile, Naruto teaches Konohamaru a new Sexy Technique. Lee tries to summon a turtle, but instead, Neji appears dressed in turtle to repel the enemy ninja. Lee copies Naruto's Sexy Technique by wearing bikini, making the enemy feel disgusted, and begins creating mirages of himself due to his speed. Guy reprimands Lee for mimicking ninjutsu techniques. Lee excuses that Guy wouldn't acknowledge him unless he can do ninjutsu, but Guy dismisses him, saying that he beat those who said that. They are able to defeat the enemies. In the end, Guy copies Lee's Sexy Technique, annoying Tenten enough to attack them with various weapons and Neji almost caught with his turtle costume by Naruto and Konohamaru.

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