Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

Episode 1

Rock Lee is a Ninja Who Can't Use Ninjutsu

Neji & Tenten make their appearence

Tenten and Neji make their début.

In Konohagakure, Tenten and Neji are abandoned by their teammate, Rock Lee. Tenten finds Lee and whacks him with a giant fan and lectures him for leaving their side. Mie, the girl that Lee was saving from the debt collectors, steps in and asks for help from the team. Upon entering Mie's house, she finds out that Lee is unable to use ninjutsu and angrily asks them to leave. The debt collectors return back to kidnap the girl but are intercepted by Lee. Mie is worried that without ninjutsu, Lee has no chance of defeating the boss. However, Tenten and Neji explain that even without ninjutsu, Lee still has the qualities of a shinobi. After Lee manages to defeat the debt collectors, Lee accidently pulls down Mie's pants which shocks both Tenten and Neji, this ends badly for Lee.

Rock Lee's Rival is Naruto


Tenten in one of Lee's skits.

After being assigned a mission to retrieve a baumkuchen, Tenten relays this message to Neji and Lee who are training. The team then arrives to the department store, seeing that there is a long line of people waiting to also get the baumkuchen. As Lee was ready to get the last voucher for the baumkuchen, Naruto suddenly appears wanting the bumkuchen as well. Seeing as both Lee and Naruto want the voucher, they settle who gets the voucher with a race. As Lee begins the race with Naruto, Tenten and Neji watch as Lee uses various fake ninjutsu to distract Naruto, which Tenten stressfully continues to point out that it is not real ninjutsu. As Lee was about give up, he unleashes a "genjutsu", which Tenten and Neji are involved in. After the skit, Tenten argues as to why they are doing this. Lee answers saying that he wanted to bring Naruto to tears. Tenten doubts that Naruto would fall for this trick, however, Naruto is seen crying after watching the skit, which shocks both Tenten and Neji. Naruto then gives the voucher to Lee and leaves. As the team prepares to get the voucher, they find out that the baumkuchen was sold out, which causes Tenten to blame Lee.

Episode 2

Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth

Lnt 48

Tenten in LNT 48.

After getting his heart broken by Sakura, Lee visits his teammates Neji and Tenten. Tenten then comments on how Lee is a prime example of how guys don't understand women. Lee then asked for advice from the two. Neji answers to Lee by saying that he should act cool but Tenten doesn't understand Lee's definition of cool. Lee then asks for Tenten's advice but she finds it hard to explain. Lee solves the problem by setting up a skit to help her. After Tenten describes the perfect man, Lee takes her advice on how to be cool and runs off to Sakura. Naruto then arrives to warn Neji and Tenten that missing-nin have infiltrated the village. Tenten then asked Naruto to what his definition of a "cool guy." Naruto answers by saying that it is "someone who treats people to ramen," which makes Tenten regrets asking. Naruto then gives a real answer and says that it is "someone of protects those who are important to them," which surprises Tenten and Neji.

Tenten horrified

Tenten horrified at Lee's failed attempts.

Tenten finds Lee to warn him about the missing-nin, but Lee focuses more on Sakura. Tenten then watches on the sidelines as Lee takes her advice. However, Lee's attempts end in failure which horrifies Tenten. Tenten tries to cheer him up but causes him to feel more depressed. Neji then appears to remind Lee and Tenten of the missing-nin. After hearing that the missing-nin were in Sakura's direction, Lee runs to save Sakura.

Later, Tenten takes a walk but confronts Lee, who has a noticeably bruised face. After hearing what happened, Tenten tries to cheer him up by telling him that she thinks he's cool by trying to protect Sakura. Lee becomes teary which freaks out Tenten and causes her to punch him. She then apologizes afterwards.

Love Makes Both Sides Crazy

In this part of the episode, Tenten is with her team-mates. Lee tries to figure out how he can get Sakura to like him. Tenten advices him to try a more simple approach like giving her a love letter. Lee then takes this advice.

Later, Tenten hears that both Lee and Naruto gave Sakura a letter and ended up destroying them. Tenten then wonders if that incident destroyed their friendship. Neji answers saying that it was the opposite and that both are now working together to create a single letter for Sakura.