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Super Secret Infiltration Mission

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Super Secret Infiltration Mission
Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Anime Episode(s) 48
He's Fuzzy Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?! Animal Watcher

Super Secret Infiltration Mission is Chapter 13 of the manga.


Before Tsunade could assign a top-secret mission to Neji, Tenten, Sai and Yamato, Neji is inadvertently injured by Tonton. With Neji injured, Tsunade is forced to have Lee as Neji's substitute, dressed in Anbu attire, complete with a mask with thick eyebrows. As they are about to depart to retrieve a secret scroll stolen by missing-nin from another village, Yamato explains to the team what it means to be an ANBU. Seemingly irritated, Sai asks Lee whether he had a penis or not, to which Lee emphatically replies that he did. When Lee drops his pants to show Sai, Tenten leaves the two kunai-ridden. Threatening them, Yamato uses his intimidating facial expression to get them to cooperate, but he is simply mocked by Lee as he apologises. As they travel to their destination, Sai attempts to give nicknames to Lee and Tenten only to fail in the process and later runs away when Lee attempts to hug him after being moved by his story of having no feelings and only just learning of friendship. When they arrive at the location, Yamato tells them that the base was more than likely underground and, beginning the infiltration, merges with a tree, fully expecting the rest to follow. Deciding to break a hole in the ground instead the team infiltrates the base successfully. Sai then uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique to create rats to search the base. Amazed by the technique, Rock Lee commandeers Sai's brush and draws several creatures which Sai brings to life. Shocking Tenten as they climb over her body, these rats — with the faces of Might Guy — are soon accosted by the creatures Tenten draws. All the noise being made by the Konoha-nin soon draws enemy attention. With little time to spare, Yamato — following Lee's instructions — creates an oden shop, which the enemy find inconspicuous at first after seeing it. When they begin to wonder what something like that was doing there and return, they are greeted by a giant wooden robot. Capturing the two enemy-nin before they could raise an alarm, Yamato, Sai and Lee use intimidating facial expressions to uncover the scroll's whereabouts. Opening the scroll, Lee is caught in the trap set on the fake scroll, and the others are forced to abandon him. With Lee captured, he is interrogated on his comrade's whereabouts but refuse to tell them. Before the enemy-nin can injure Lee, however, his comrades arrive. Using the little ink left, Sai brings Lee's eyebrows to life forming giant constructs to attack the enemy, acquire the scroll, and then wings to flee the base. Back in the Hokage's office, the scroll is revealed to contain a secret Wood Release technique to create the same giant robot Yamato had used on the mission. Meanwhile Neji, who has been healed makes his way to the Hokage's office only to see Lee's eyebrows flailing all over the place.

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