Show-Rin-Ka-Jaan Gag Festival!!





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Show-Rin-Ka-Jaan Gag Festival!! (笑林火ジャスギャグ祭!!, Show-Rin-Ka-Jaan!!) is a manga-omake included in volume 7 of the Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth manga.


Lee vs. Neji

Tenten spots Lee challenging Neji to oshikura manju and is wondering why. Lee is confident enough that he will beat Neji for sure, however Neji unleashes a surprisingly new technique that defeats Lee.

Naruto vs. Sasuke

Tenten finds Naruto challenging Sasuke to oshikura manju in which she is once again surprised by. Naruto and Sasuke begin by using their signature techniques on their butts which Tenten is once again surprised by.

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