Sasuke and Itachi!!

Chapter 33



Sasuke to itachi

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Konoha Academy!! Hinata Hyūga vs. Hanabi Hyūga!!

Sasuke and Itachi!! (サスケとイタチ!!, Sasuke to Itachi!!) is chapter 33 of the manga.


Neji Hyūga, Tenten and Rock Lee chase Sasuke Uchiha through a forest. Whilst running away, Sasuke trips over a branch and falls on his head, causing him to lose his memory. Neji suggests they take this chance and quickly bring Sasuke back to Konohagakure, but before Team Guy can move out, Itachi Uchiha appears. However, Itachi loses his grip on the tree he had been standing on and falls on his head, causing him as well to lose his memory. When Sasuke and Itachi see each other, they immediatly embrace each other. The team prepares to head back to Konoha, but night comes quickly, and Itachi propeses they rest for the night. Itachi uses his Amaterasu to start a cooking fire and Sasuke uses his katana to cut food. Itachi makes Amaterasu curry, Amaterasu pudding, and even creates an Amaterasu bath. Tenten refuses to try the bath, but Sasuke readily uses it and lets Itachi wash his hair. Watching the two brothers, Lee remarks that had things been different, this could have been their future. Neji decides that they have wasted too much time and suggests they tie Itachi and Sasuke up and drag them back to the village. Sasuke and itachi, who had been listening to their conversation, confront Team Guy and prepare to escape. Team Guy is left no choice but to fight and engage in battle with the two brothers. Itachi uses his Amaterasu against Team Guy and Lee uses one of Tenten's paper-bomb-covered weapons to block his attack, but the paper bombs explode and Itachi and Sasuke are sent flying; Sasuke lands infront of Suigetsu Hozuki, Karin and Jugo, Itachi arriving infront of Kisame Hoshigaki. Lee is also sent flying from the explosion and developes amnesia as well.