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Sasuke Uchiha!!

Rock Lee Volume 4

July 4, 2013 ISBN (Japanese ISBN::978-4-08-870657-3) Icon - Search

The Organization Named Akatsuki Rock Lee vs. Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke Uchiha!! (サスケうちは!!, Uchiha Sasuke!!) is volume 4 of the manga.

Chapter 18

The Raikage Escort Mission!!

Team Guy is out on a mission where they were assigned to accost a missing-nin from Takigakure. However, he fled. Noting that they were exhausted from their mission, the team decide to recuperate in Kumogakure where they are greeted by Mabui. Subsequently the team meets the Raikage: A, his brother Killer B — who immediately clicked with Might Guy, and Rock Lee, B's student's: Omoi, Karui, and Samui along with her brother Atsui. They are also joined by C and Darui and they are informed that an assassin was making an attempt on the Raikage's life. After being asked to act as security detail for the Raikage while they were in the village, a visibly perturbed Neji denies that there was anything wrong with him. After some chaos ensues with different personalities conflicting which culminates in Darui creating a pair of panties from his Lightning Release: Black Panther, and Storm Release: Laser Circus technique on the Raikage after he accidentally had bit his tongue, creating a pair of panties and brassier for the Raiakge. The Raikage was sent flying by B who had full transformed into his beast. Neji cones under suspicion after they realise he is a Hyūga, and knowing full-well the circumstances around the strained relation with Kumo. However, it turns out that a newly convicted Neji actually protected the Raikage from the missing Taki-nin despite Lee's clumsiness.

Chapter 19

Sasuke Uchiha!! (サスケうちは!!, Uchiha Sasuke!!)

As they go over the list of missing-nin while in a dango shop, Team Guy comes across Sasuke Uchiha's profile. Remembering their former comrade, Tenten wonder where they could go to find the missing Uchiha before hearing a familiar voice behind them. Turning in shock, they see Sasuke and the rest of his team in the booth behind them. The three later confront him after they leave the dango shop, and Lee beseeches Sasuke to return to the village, telling him that it was taco night. Still refusing, Neji steps forward and tells the Uchiha that he was still shrouded in darkness, and then mentions that there would also be ice-cream for dessert. When this proves futile, the duo prepares to take Sasuke by force when Suigetsu arrives. Upon seeing their opponent turn into water Lee hastily moves in and uses what he refers to as a Lightning Release : Carpet Pad Static Electricity on Suigetsu's head to create static electricity which is super effective against him, much to Tenten's shock. As Karin arrives at the location, misjudging her for a strong-minded woman who didn't need a man, Neji uses his Byakugan to come to the realisation that Karin was actually a tsundere character. With Jūgo 's arrival, he is mistaken as a calm, level-headed individual before he goes berserk and declares that he was going to murder them. However, Lee's mention of Kimimaro calms down the murderous instinct and causes him to question Lee about Kimimaro's final moments. Lee questions Sasuke about how he was so popular with the females and Sasuke confesses he himself has no idea, telling Lee he has no use for him. Lee chides Sasuke, reminding him that he had copied his taijutsu style in the past, much to Suigetsu's disbelief. Sasuke activates his Sharingan and challenges Lee to a taijutsu duel, but as the two sides clash, Team Guy soon realises that they had been trapped in a genjutsu and that their opponents had already left. Later, the two teams comically meet up in another eatery.

Chapter 20

Jiraiya, The Legendary Peeping Ninja!!

After agreeing to train Konohamaru, Naruto and Lee, Jiraiya overhears Tenten telling the rest of the girls about how excited they were about going to the bathhouse with Tsunade. Jiraiya and the boys decide to go to the bathhouse as well, on the pretense of training, though they really planned on peeking. Neji refuses to let them peek on the girls or Hinata Hyūga and attempts to stop their plan and refuses to let them pass, though when he hears Tenten saying how "big Hinata has gotten" (presumably referencing her breasts), Neji faints, allowing them to go through. When Lee and Naruto hear Ino talking about how Sakura was still "tiny" Lee and Naruto faint as well. In the bath, Sakura mentions to Tsunade that she saw Jiraiya around and became nervous. Tsunade reassured her that they were safe from peepers because she had hired Kakashi Hatake,Ebisu and Iruka Umino to guard the entrance. When Jiraiya and his team try to get through, Konohamaru and Naruto use their Sexy Sandwich Technique on Iruka and Ebisu, though their technique fails. After that attempt, Konohamaru and Naruto use another technique, the Sexy Student and Teacher Taboo Love Technique. Kakashi and Jiraiya engage in battle, with Kakashi revealing his Sharingan. Jiraiya summons a book and tells Kakashi that it was never released, due to not being deemed suitable for the public. Kakashi automatically begins reading the book, letting Jiraiya pass. The boys hastily walk into the "womens bath," but are shocked to see Orochimaru and Kabuto and Kakashi reveals that he had switched the "Mens Bath" and "Womens Bath" signs previously. To defeat Orochimaru and Kabuto, Naruto, Konohamaru and Lee use their Sexy Bathtime Technique, though it had no effect. Jiraiya and Naruto begin to use their Rasengan while Konohamaru transforms into Sakura as a distraction. Lee realizes they have made an all new technique called the Rasenboobs. However, Lee is caught in the jutsu, but is given new power and fights Orochimaru and Kabuto, but also destroys the wall between the men and womens bath and is knocked to the womens changing room, right into Tenten's garments. In the end, Orochimaru is cast away with Kabuto and Lee is pummeled by the girls.

Chapter 21

Bizarre Beast Tag!!

Team Guy is set on a mission to capture animals. Neji expresses concern about the mission, stating that he had seen two figures that looked like Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki previously. Before he can say anymore, a huge gorilla appears and Lee recognizes it as a gorilla that has been causing trouble with its ninjutsu. Guy asks his summon Ningame whether he can reason with the ape because they are both animals, but the ape knocks both of them off a cliff. He lives, due to trees breaking his fall and him landing on Kisame. When he rises, he realizes that he was hit by the apes sticky chakra and he is now stuck to Kisame back to back, making them unable to look at each other's faces. The gorilla appears once more and calls Kisame a beast (translated by Ningame). After hearing its insults, Kisame agrees to help Guy in capturing the beast.

Meanwhile, Tenten, Lee and Neji look for Guy, but instead come across Itachi. Itachi reveals that he has no intention of attacking them, explaining he is looking for Kisame.

Guy and Kisame chase the beast and attempt to attack it. Kisame orders Samehada to aid in their battle, but since Guy cannot halt his spinning, Samehada instead begins to cut them up. Kisame uses his Water Clone Technique and tries to look at Guy's face, but with Guy's face so mangled by Samehada, he is unrecognizable. Guy and Kisame use bananas to lure the ape to a trap and when the beast appears, Kisame uses his Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Fish and Guy uses his Morning Peacock to create the combination jutsu Grilled Fish Breakfast Technique and the A Full Seafood Course for a Thousand Guests Technique. Their techniques defeat the beast and Kisame and Guy are freed. Neji, Tenten and Lee arive directly after and grab Guy, covering their movements with smoke bombs. Itachi arrives soon after and greets Kisame. After the events, Kisame wonders if he had heard Guy's voice before, though Guy can't remember Kisame face.

Chapter 22

Make-Out Kiss-Kiss Cutesy Lovey-Dovey Cuddly Heart-Throb!!

While training, Lee and Tenten find a scroll. Tenten doesn't recognize it as hers, and opens it. After reading it, Tenten begins to see Lee strangely. When Lee asks Tenten what the scroll said, she embarrassingly ran off, covering her face.

At the Hokage's Office, Shizune notifies Tsunade that a forbidden scroll had been stolen. Shizune reveals that due to her carelessness, the forbidden Love At First Sight scroll had been stolen. She explains that once one lays eyes on the scroll, they immediately fall in love with the first thing they set eyes on directly after.

Meanwhile, Naruto, Sakura, Lee and Neji walk around Konoha together and Lee tells them of Tenten's strange actions. The group comes across Tenten and Lee performs his Sexy Technique so Tenten will scold Lee as she normally does, but to everyone's suprise, Tenten only becomes embarrassed. Neji spots the scroll and reads it, and then sees Hinata directly after. Having fallen in love with Hinata, Neji faints. After Naruto walks up to her, Hinata quickly copies Neji's action. Directly after, Shizune appears to Naruto, Sakura and Lee and explains the properties of the Love At First Sight Scroll. She explains that the fastest way to cancel the scroll's effect is to destroy the scroll itself and asks for the scroll to destroy it. However, neither Sakura, Naruto, or Lee have the scroll, Neji being its last possessor. Shizune leaves and orders ANBU to search for it and orders Sakura, Lee and Naruto to find it. Sakura becomes wary of Lee and Naruto, believing that they would use the scrolls power on her if they found it. Lee asks Sakura on a date, but Tenten appears and agrees to the date and drags Lee away, confusing Lee, who had not seen her. Naruto asks Sakura on a date as well, but is blatantly refused.

Sai eventually finds the scroll, opens it, and falls in love with Sakura. After, Ino and several others fall in love with Choji, Shikamaru falls in love withh Temari, Shino falls in love with one of his bugs, Kiba falls in love with Akamaru, andYamato even falls in love with a tree.

Naruto and Sakura eventually lose sight of the scroll, but it falls into Tenten's hands once more. She tries to offer it to Lee, but witnesses Lee trying to flirt with Sakura and runs away. Lee chases after her and tries to grab the scroll, but instead, the scroll is sent flying through the air. Lee tells Tenten that they will retrieve the scroll by using their combination move that they had formed earlier, training. Tenten complies, but instead of retrieving the scroll, they destroy it. At once, the scrolls' spell is broken, leaving everyone mortified by their actions.

It is later revealed that Shizune managed to restore the scroll and planned to use it for her own sake. However, she is tripped and the scroll opens in the street, causing Teuchi, Guy, Ibiki and Choza to fall in love with her.

Special Chapter

Collaboration Chapter

Just exiting the Namco Bandai Games building, Lee and Naruto are excited after having purchased the Naruto SD Powerful Shippūden game. They are confronted by Pain, Deidara, Tobi, Kisame, and Kakuzu the latter of whom explained that Akatsuki was currently low on funds and as such was going to take the game from them. Noting the absence of the usually straight-laced Tenten, she arrives mere seconds after, also advertising the game. With this, an extreme version of rock-paper-scissors ensues which culminates in Akatsuki's defeat and the other playable support characters also making an appearance. In the persons present are able to get a copy of the game on the release date.