Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles

The Huge Pitter-Patter Attack Plan of Love!!

While strolling around Konohagakure, Sakura is met by Lee who tries to persuade her to go out with him on a date. She rejects him, causing Lee to go into deep despair. Later, Sakura sits down on a bench with Hinata (in the anime she is by herself). She is once again met by Lee who tries many advances to impress her. However, his plans failed due many set backs. Sakura ends up running away from Lee, feeling annoyed. She is then cornered by a few missing-nin who try to attack her, but is saved by Lee. Sakura then asked why Lee saved her. Lee responded by saying that he sees her as someone important. As Lee tries to grab Sakura's hand, he accidently gropes her. This results in him being severely beaten.

Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!!

While Sakura is seen at the Training Field, she sees herself transformed in a swimsuit by Naruto while being watched by Lee and Konohamaru. She then injures the three and complains on how they are together preforming perverted jutsu. Konohamaru remarks by reminding her of the technique he showed her that she was fond of. This causes her to blush and reject this statement. Konohamaru then preforms an advanced form of the technique, resulting in Sakura, Naruto and Lee to fall into despair realizing that the two men were Guy and Lee. Lee then proposed a contest to see whether Naruto and Konohamaru can retrieve a Chūnin Exam application from him. As the two scattered, Sakura asked Lee why he would go this far into training. Lee explains by saying that he wants to help out his team-mates.

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