Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

Episode 2

Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth

Love Makes Both Sides Crazy

During most of the episode, Sakura is scene walking around Konohagakure. At one point, Sakura finds two letters inside her bag and plans to read them later. These letters where written by Lee and Naruto and unknowingly that they both wrote a letter to Sakura, they plan on destroying the other persons letter. After all of their attempts failed, the two dress as councilors. Sakura then runs into the two councilors and demand that she hand in her bag and allow them to search it for suspicious objects. Sakura complies and the two search her bag for the letter. However, they become distracted, causing Sakura to grow impatient. However, the two are eventually able to grab a letter and proceed to tear it to pieces. Sakura then sees Naruto and Lee and asks the two if they had seen two love letters, explaining she had received two earlier in the day. Both reply no, but realize that they destroyed each other's love letter.

Episode 5

I'm Going to Teach Konohamaru Kempo

While Sakura is seen walking in the Training Field, she suddenly sees Naruto transformed into herself in a swimsuit while being watched by Lee and Konohamaru, in which she angrily beats up the three. She then complains about the inappropriate jutsu they are using. Konohamaru then reminds her of the technique that he showed to her in the past. He then states that he has created a new advanced technique of the original. She is then excited after hearing this statement, but as Konohamaru preforms the new technique, she falls into a despair state.

I Save My Lucky Undies for Physicals

In the Physical Exam, Sakura is the nurse for the health portion. She first checks on Lee who exams his heart beat. She notices that his heart beat is similar to the Icha Icha theme song. A duo of unknown ninja then make their appearance in the room and steals the chakra samples Lee and his team-mates produced. Lee and Konohamaru then chased after the ninja. After their return, Sakura is surprised to find that the stolen chakra are mashed together. Konohamaru explained that it was more easier to bring it back this way.

Episode 6

The Leaf Village Sports Meet

Sakura, along with Naruto and Konohamaru, are participating in the Konoha Sports Meet. As the games are commencing, Sakura and Konohamaru are noticing Naruto's success. She then points out that it was luck that was on Naruto's side for his winnings. Naruto responded by yelling at the comment Sakura made. While joining in Naruto's victory, the team sees Lee sulking then later declares to Naruto that he will win in the next event.

Naruto's request

Sakura shocked at Naruto's request.

The next event in the Sports Meet is a Scavenger Hunt. Sakura runs to the scavenger hunt box to pick up a slip of paper that will tell her her item that she must acquire. She picks up the paper and it reads that she must acquire a "fleeting dream within a dream". She is then wondering how she is able to find the item. Sakura is then approached by Naruto who needed to borrow something from her that involved his scavenger hunt item. After Sakura reads the description, she attacks Naruto for what he needed to require from her.

Calvary Battles are Part of the Thrill of Youth

Sakura as a cheerleader

Sakura as a cheerleader.

After the destruction Sakura caused, the Scavenger Hunt was postponed. While healing Naruto's injures, Sakura apologized to Naruto for her reaction. In the next event, Sakura participated as a cheerleader to help cheer on her team. In the last event, Sakura joins in to help her team in the Chicken Fight in which they have to steal the other teams hat. She helps by supporting Naruto as part of the chicken. The team are then clashed against Team Guy. As Naruto's team was close to victory, Neji makes an appearance with his scavenger hunt item, a "somewhat melancholy ghost". The ghost scares Lee and he accidently head-butts Naruto, causing him to fall backwards and lose the game.

Episode 7

Love Letters are the Ultimate Trap

After Team Guy are off on guard duty, Team Kakashi takes over.

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