Sakura's Swimsuit!!

Sakura's Swimsuit



Sakura no Mizugi!!

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Copy Ninja Rock Lee?! Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!!

Sakura's Swimsuit!! (さくらの水着!! Sakura no Mizugi!!) is Chapter 5 of the manga.


  • Setting: In the Ocean

Lee declines Tenten's invitation at the ocean, but changes his mind as he wants to see Sakura's swimsuit, saying that he can train at the ocean. At the ocean, Lee upsets Tenten, who is trying to show him her outfit, since he was trying to find Sakura. Neji Hyūga exasperatedly looks on as Might Guy and Lee prepare to do five hundred laps around the beach. After seeing Tenten and Sakura in the water, Lee tries to sneak a peak at Sakura's swimsuit. Guy, however, thinks that Lee was applying the resistance of the the water to enhance his training and joins him. Lee incorporates this into his plan to spin all the way over to Sakura, but fails. In the aftermath, Lee sees a pair of underwear floating in the water and thinks that it belongs to Sakura. Lee delivers the it to Sakura, but the underwear actually belongs to Guy. Sakura attacks him, and his face swells up as a result. Lee laments that in the end he was still unable to see the awesome bathing suit, but in the end, he is able to see Sakura in swimsuit, filling his mind with x-rated thoughts.