S-Class Mission!!

Chapter 11



no Kurasu no Misshon!!

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WSJ Extra He's Fuzzy Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?!

S-Class Mission!! (のクラスのミッション! no Kurasu no Misshon!!) is Chapter 11 of the manga.


Tsunade assigns Team Guy an S-rank mission to make preparations for a flower viewing party, with the reason that she only wants to drink, irritating Tenten. All the teams (Team Kakashi, Team Kurenai and Team Asuma) gathered up. They start to organize a party with lunchboxes, which Lee tries balancing with his feet. It is revealed that the lunchboxes had Lee's face on the cover. Sakura's lunchbox is purposely bigger for her, so Sakura trades with Tsunade's box. Tsunade finds out that Lee has his pouting face when she opened the container, forcing her to beat him up. Neji prepares special Hyūga lunchboxes, knowing that Lee's lunchboxes would mess up. Lee and Guy prepares themselves for training, but Lee slips and accidentally soaks Tsunade in sake. Since the sake bottle broke, Neji shows another bottle of sake, which is actually Hokage Sake. Tsunade threatens Guy and Lee not to break the bottle again. Guy warns Tsunade about drinking sake, remembering when Lee accidentally destroyed a restaurant when he got drunk, but she ignores it and asks Lee to pour him some sake. However, the sake's smell was enough to make Lee drunk. He accidentally attempts to hit Tsunade and Sakura, even Hinata, who pushes Lee and Neji away. When Naruto, Kiba and Chōji try to attack Lee, they accidentally hit themselves with their respective techniques. Guy is forced to open his Sixth Gate and attack Lee, but instead burns the flowers up. Tsunade summons Katsuyu to stop the madness. Lee swallows some of the mini-Katsuyu when it attacked him, so Tsunade hit his stomach to get the Katsuyu's out, but the Hokage Sake bottle breaks in the process. Tenten anticipates that Tsunade's going to attack Lee but she heals him instead, saying that she was glad no one was hurt and that she had fun. Naruto, Kiba, Chōji and Lee clean up the site using their techniques, earning a punch from Tsunade.

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