Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!!

Rock Lee Volume 2

July 27, 2012 ISBN (Japanese ISBN::978-4-08-870494-4) Icon - Search

The Ninja Rock Lee The Organization Named Akatsuki

Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!! (ロック・リー VS マイト・ガイ!!, Rokku Rī VS Maito Gai!!) is volume 2 of the manga.

Chapter 8

Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!! (ロック・リー VS マイト・ガイ!! Rokku Ri VS Maito Gai!!)

As Team Guy are trying to defeat the enemies, Naruto, in Sage Mode, helps them to defeat the enemy. After the fight, Guy asks his students to do five hundred laps around the village. Lee proposes to do five hundred million laps instead, making Tenten sarcastically remark to do lap around the world. Tired of doing laps, Team Kakashi appear from Ichiraku Ramen. Sakura heals Lee, who overhears Kakashi being proud of Naruto. Lee tells them that he will surpass Naruto and Guy, and challenges Guy to a duel. They begin with attacking each other with Leaf Whirlwind. Lee invents a disgusting Leaf Breeze and perverted technique that is able to raise Sakura's skirts up. He and Naruto receive a beating from Sakura after talking about Sakura pervertedly. Lee lets out a Leaf Snack Takoyaki Flavor which attracts Kakashi and Neji. Guy activates the sixth of his Eight Gates and attacks Lee with Morning Peacock, which Lee copies after activating his own Eight Gates. Lee loses the duel, but Guy encourages him to surpass him. After an emotional moment, they attempt to train together, but are too exhausted to do so.

Chapter 9

Neji and Hinata!! (ネジとヒナタ Neji to Hinata)

Mistaking Hinata for Neji, Lee challenges her to a fight, causing Neji to beat him up. When Lee tries to challenge the real Neji, the two of them end up hitting her and upsetting her, so the team decides to visit her home and apologise. Lee and Guy attempt to cheer Hinata up, but fails as Hinata attacks them instead. Neji answers Tenten's question why he wants to help Hinata, stating that he nearly killed Hinata during chūnin exams, so he wants to help and protect her. At this, Team Guy, along with Kiba, Akamaru and Shino, Hinata's teammates, decide to help her train. Guy offers Hinata one of his jumpsuits, but Neji, fearing the changes this would cause in Hinata's personality,destroys it. Akamaru accidentally pees on Hinata's head, causing Neji to attack Akamaru. Proudly declaring that he doesn't do mistakes, Shino's bugs ends up swarming round the urine on her head, and Neji promptly kills them. Lee decides to help Hinata get over her inability to behave normally around her crush Naruto, and has all the males of the group, except Neji, dress as Naruto in order to do so. Neji intervenes again, but ends up knocking the others into Hinata, causing her to run off again. A group of missing-nin, who want to get hold of the Byakugan, disguise themselves as Naruto in order to lure Hinata to them, so they can kidnap her. Neji manages to save her however, and they are joined by the rest of their group, still wearing their Naruto disguises. In the resulting confusion, Neji and Hinata work together to take everyone else down. Shortly afterwards, Hinata runs into the real Naruto, and faints, causing Neji to beat up Naruto.

Chapter 10

Tag Match!! (タッグマッチ Taggu Macchi)

Lee and Neji accidentally attack each other when they both attempted started an attack towards the enemies, annoying Tenten. Shikamaru and Chōji, who are close friends, arrive to defeat the enemy. Seeing their friendship, Lee invites Neji to play a Naruto game with him. Finding out about Lee's plan to improve Team Guy's teamwork, Ino invites them to the BBQ so he can talk to Chōji and Shikamaru for advice. While eating, Lee forces Neji to eat meat so that he will "get fat like Chōji", causing the angry Chōji to challenge them in a tag match, which is Shikamaru and Chōji vs. Lee and Neji. Lee and Neji need to steal the bell from Shikamaru and Chōji within time limit to win. After Shikamaru finishes formulating his strategies, Lee mimics him but comes up with a stupid idea. Lee copies Shikamaru's jutsuand Neji copies Chōji's using his Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. However, Lee gets stuck in the middle of Chōji and Neji's jutsu's clash, causing himself to be on Shikamaru's trap filled with paper bombs which detonate. After the match, Shikamaru tells Lee that he can't easily achieve that kind of friendship he has with Chōji since they are best friends since they were children. Hearing Shikamaru's lecture, Lee and Neji's teamwork seem to improve, but still, they fail to steal the bell which fell in the water, causing a tie. Chōji forgives Lee for calling him fat, but Lee accidentally says the word, thus Chōji beats Lee and Neji up.

Chapter 11

S-Class Mission!! (のクラスのミッション! no Kurasu no Misshon!!)

Tsunade assigns Team Guy an S-rank mission to make preparations for a flower viewing party, with the reason that she only wants to drink, irritating Tenten, Team Kurenaiand Team Asuma) gathered up. They start to organize a party with lunchboxes, which Lee tries balancing with his feet. It is revealed that the lunchboxes had Lee's face on the cover. Sakura's lunchbox is purposely bigger for her, so Sakura trades with Tsunade's box. Tsunade finds out that Lee has his pouting face when she opened the container, forcing her to beat him up. Neji prepares special Hyūgalunchboxes, knowing that Lee's lunchboxes would mess up. Lee andGuy prepares themselves for training, but Lee slips and accidentally soaks Tsunade in sake. Since the sake bottle broke, Neji shows another bottle of sake, which is actually Hokage Sake. Tsunade threatens Guy and Lee not to break the bottle again. Guy warns Tsunade about drinking sake, remembering when Lee accidentally destroyed a restaurant when he got drunk, but she ignores it and asks Lee to pour him some sake. However, the sake's smell was enough to make Lee drunk. He accidentally attempts to hit Tsunade and Sakura, even Hinata, who pushes Lee and Neji away. When Naruto, Kiba and Chōji try to attack Lee, they accidentally hit themselves with their respective techniques. Guy is forced to open his Sixth Gate andattack Lee, but instead burns the flowers up. Tsunade summons Katsuyu to stop the madness. Lee swallows some of the mini-Katsuyu when it attacked him, so Tsunade hit his stomach to get the Katsuyu's out, but the Hokage Sake bottle breaks in the process. Tenten anticipates that Tsunade's going to attack Lee but she heals him instead, saying that she was glad no one was hurt and that she had fun. Naruto, Kiba, Chōji and Lee clean up the site using their techniques, earning a punch from Tsunade.

Chapter 12

He's Fuzzy Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?! (彼は、ゲジマユだと私はナルトくんです! Kareha , Gejimayu Dato Watashi ha Naruto-kundesu ?!)

As Ino heads towards a hot spring for a bath, she encounters Narutoand Lee attempting to peek at Sakura. Confronting them about this, Ino is startled by the two, who use their nindō to justify their actions, which causes Ino to use her Mind Reverse Body Technique, resulting in Lee and Naruto switching bodies. They demand that Ino switch them back, but it would be impossible since the technique was extremely taxing and it would take until the next evening for herchakra reserve to be replenished. After futilely trying to transform into into one another, they resign to remain as each other until Ino could undo the technique. Naruto and Lee's team are deployed on a collaborative mission that goes awry as each starts to show mannerisms of the other. As the team confronts the enemies,Kakashi tries to set up an opening for Naruto to attack, and Lee (inside Naruto) creates three shadow clones to transform into a bikini-clad Sakura, ending the clones with nose-bleed, as well as Naruto (inside Lee). Meanwhile, Naruto (inside Lee) finds Guy's large scale Leaf Strong Whirlwind, creating flames from the friction of his techniques impossible to do. The Nine-Tails is shocked when Lee appears, refers to it with the honorific "kun" and offers it a present. It is aware that the seal has weakened. As Naruto transforms into his two-tailed chakra shroud the tails manifest themselves on his eyebrows instead of as tails shocking everyone. He is soon suppressed by Kakashi with a Sealing Tag. After Sakura falls off a small cliff, Naruto and Lee come to her aid and defeats the enemies with Rasenshuleeken. Sakura realizes that the two has switched bodies somehow and proceeds to punish the two after finding out that they were trying to peek at her the day before.

Special Chapter

Weekly Shōnen Jump Extra (週刊少年ジャンプ余分, Shūkan ShōnenJANPU Yobun)

Since he is informed that there are missing-nin hiding around the Academy, Iruka tells the Academy students not to leave. Lee arrives and is dressed into a female teacher. The academy students doubt Lee, causing him to discard his cross-dressing and reveal that he can't use ninjutsu. Lee offers his tights, but the students tear it apart, insulting him. He resolves to teach those children what effort is. The enemy arrives, and Lee attempts to defeat them, but most of the students doubt him. Lee attempts to attack the enemy with his shoe filled with paper bombs, but he flew instead. He fails to do Front Lotus on the enemy when Sakura arrives. Realizing the enemy's strength, Neji comically rips his sleeves and pants, annoying Tenten. Lee is being scrutinized by the students again, causing Iruka to lecture them, but Lee accidentally beats Iruka up. Lee tells the students about hard work again and defeats the enemy while advertising the anime. The students appear to wear tights, changing their views on Lee. They appear to Iruka with their sleeves and pants ripped.

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