Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!!

Chapter 8



Rokku Ri^ tsui Maito Gai

Chapter Info


Gaara of the Sand Neji and Hinata

"Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!!" (ロック・リー VS マイト・ガイ!!, Rokku Ri VS Maito Gai!!) is chapter 8 of the manga.


As Team Guy are trying to defeat the enemies, Naruto, in Sage Mode helps them to defeat the enemy. After the fight Guy asks his students to do five hundred laps around the village. Lee proposes to do five hundred million laps instead, making Tenten sarcastically remark to do lap around the world. Tired of doing laps, Team Kakashi appear to be from Ichiraku Ramen. Sakura heals Lee, who overhears Kakashi being proud of Naruto. Lee tells them that he will surpass Naruto and Guy, and challenges Guy to a duel. They begin with attacking each other with Leaf Whirlwind. Lee invents a disgusting Leaf Breeze and perverted technique that is able to raise Sakura's skirts up. He and Naruto receive a beating from Sakura after talking about Sakura perversely. Lee lets out a Leaf Snack Takoyaki Flavor which attracts Kakashi and Neji. Guy activates the sixth of his Eight Gates and attacks Lee with Morning Peacock, which Lee copies after activating his own Eight Gates. Lee loses the duel, but Guy encourages him to surpass him. After an emotional moment, they attempt to train together, but are too exhausted to do so.

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