Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles

The Ninja Rock Lee

In Konohagakure, a Taki ninja is terrorizing the villagers, however, Lee appears and defeats the ninja. Tenten and Neji Hyūga then scolds him for finishing off the enemy by himself. Afterwards, Lee overhears his teacher, Might Guy, talking to two shinobi about how a ninja is not a real ninja without ninjutsu, which shocks Lee. Later at the training grounds, Lee and his teammates begin their training. After seeing Neji use the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven to block Tenten's weapons, Lee tries to do the same by copying the technique. However he fails and injures himself. After patching up his wounds, Tenten and Neji asked why he tried to use ninjutsu. Lee explains that he wanted Guy to acknowledge him after overhearing his confession with earlier. Neji and Tenten then agrees to help Lee.

Lee and might whirlwind

Lee and Guy defeating the missing-nin.

Team Guy are then assigned to finish off a group of missing-nin. Lee starts off by using the Summoning Technique to summon a turtle, but instead of summoning an actual turtle, Lee summons Neji dressed in a turtle costume and both charge in to attack the group. He then tries to preform other forms of ninjutsu. Guy asks Lee as to why he is trying to mimic ninjutsu. Tenten then steps in to explain that Lee overheard him talking to a few ninja about how a ninja must know ninjutsu. Guy reacts by striking Lee and calls him an idiot. Guy explains that after the ninja that he was talking to made this comment, he became enrage and fought them. Guy then reminds him of his goal of becoming a ninja without the use of ninjutsu and that his dream was to help him become that kind of ninja. Lee then apologizes for his misunderstanding and the two finishes off the missing-nin. Afterwards, Guy compliments on Lee's Sexy Technique who he also tries for himself. After witnessing the two of them wearing a swimsuit, Tenten attacks them.

The Huge Pitter-Patter Attack Plan of Love!

Lee's Make Tacs

Lee after reading Icha-Icha Tactics.

Lee tries to ask his crush, Sakura Haruno, to go out with him on a date, but is turned down. While devastated, Lee finds an Icha Icha book, which he recognized as the book Kakashi Hatake always reads, on the ground. He reads the x-rated book and tells his teammates that he now knows how to impressing women. With this, he leaves to find Sakura and to follow these tactics.

Lee arrives to find Sakura and Hinata about to rest on a bench. Lee insists on cleaning the bench before she sat down. Lee then realized that he can turn this into training by cleaning the bench faster. Lee then gives Sakura flowers, however, bees fly out from the flowers and start to swarm her. Lee tries to hit the bees but ends up hitting Sakura multiple times. He apologizes and prepares to tell Sakura his feelings for her. However, one of the bees stings Lee's hand and as he cries out in pain, Lee slaps her. She then attacks Lee for this action and for incidentally insulting her. Lee then tries to forcefully kiss Sakura but not after getting his face stung by a bunch of bees. This frightens her and attacks him once more, causing her to flee. Later, as Tenten tries to console Lee, Kakashi arrives to warn the team about a ninja group from another country lurking around the village. Lee realizes that Sakura might be in danger. He then asked for advice from the copying ninja on how to be cool, which he answers by saying that "cool guys are guys that protect their precious friends."


Lee saving Sakura from the missing-nin.

Lee arrives in time to save Sakura from the enemy ninja. As he is about to grab Sakura's hand, Lee accidentally grabs Sakura's breast, which results in Lee getting beat up by Sakura. Lee then returns to Tenten, who is freaked out by his injured face. After his failed attempts, Lee finds himself to be uncool. However, Tenten disagrees with him and says that since he wanted to protect his friend he was cool. Lee is then filled with joy after hearing this. He then finds another Icha Icha book on the ground called "Icha Icha Dangerous." After reading the book, Lee gains a bloody nose, making Tenten realize that he has not learned a thing from his exploits.

Rock Lee vs. Neji Hyūga!!

Muscle Rock Lee

Lee after undergoing his training with Guy.

In the village, villagers are being attacked by Kusa ninja. Lee arrives and manages to defeat the enemy ninja in a ballerina suit. Just as when he thinks he is better than his rival, Neji, he realizes that Neji defeated the enemy's gigantic leader, beating Lee's "quantity with quality." Later, Tenten is searching for her valuable photo that she has lost and claims that she wished Neji was with here because of his Byakugan. Hearing this, Lee attempts to mimic the Byakugan. Neji arrives, having retrieved Tenten's photo in the matter of seconds. Lee then swears to never lose to Neji again and challenges him, who accepts. After a week of training, Lee comes back with a muscular physique, as well as Guy, who only has his right arm preeminent due to him agreeing that he would do half of the training. The battle begins with Neji attacking him with the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms to reduce his strength and in the process he loses his muscles. Lee attacks by head butting Neji multiple times, however, the attack causes both of them to get knocked out, resulting in a draw. After the battle, Lee feels that he is unable to compete with Neji but Neji disagrees and tells him that he has become an amazing shinobi up to this point, which makes Lee happy. The next day, Lee, Neji, and Guy can be seen showing off their muscular bodies.

Copy Ninja Rock Lee?!

After training by climbing a building with three boulders strapped to his back, Lee meets with Neji and Tenten to watch Guy have a competition with his rival Kakashi Hatake. During the confrontation, Kakashi notices that Guy has a cold and advises him to call off the challenge. Guy however refuses and lets his guard down, allowing Kakashi to use his One Thousand Years of Pain to win, much to Lee's surprise. After the competition, Kakashi substitutes Guy as leader of Team Guy. Tenten then complains about how Guy constantly challenges Kakashi and how it was annoying. Lee justifies by explaining how Guy helped him in the past, however, Kakashi mentions that he has twenty consecutive victories. Hearing this, Lee tries improve himself by copying Kakashi.

Lee disguised as Kakashi

Lee dressed up as Kakashi.

Later, Lee arrives dressed up as Kakashi, much to Tenten's surprise. Lee explains that if he were to understand Kakashi he would have to act like him. See as Kakashi is late, Team Guy heads off without him. Team Guy is assigned to capture a group of missing-nin and Neji orders the team to proceed with caution. However, Lee approaches the group and is almost mistaken for Kakashi due to wearing the same outfit. Lee continues this charade by showing the enemy his "Sharingan", though in actually turns out to be a contact lens. However, even though he reveals his fake Sharingan, the enemy notices that he doesn't have a scar on his left eye which surprises Lee. Ignoring this flaw, Lee attacks with the One Thousand Years of Death, but the attack is blocked by a metal plate hidden underneath the enemy's pants. The ninja states that he had experienced being hit by this technique from Kakashi's father, Sakumo Hatake. Running out of options, Lee is cornered and is about to be attacked, however, Guy and Kakashi arrive in time to save Lee. After Kakashi explains to Lee about how Guy tries to lead Lee down the right path, despite his loses, Lee regrets his actions to imitate Kakashi and changes back to his original outfit. Lee, Kakashi, and Guy then each use the One Thousand Years of Death and combine it to break through the defense of the ninja group. After the mission is complete, Kakashi reads his book and comments that "the hero has twenty consecutive wins." Lee overhears this and understands that the statement Kakashi made earlier was about his book. Guy adds in and explains to Lee that he is still winning against Kakashi which Lee is now relieved. Later, Lee and Guy are then practicing the One Thousand Years of Death.

Sakura's Swimsuit!

Lee's swimsuit

Lee ready for the beach.

While training, Tenten suggests to Lee about going to the beach for vacation but declines the invitation, saying that there is no time for a break. Tenten then sees Sakura and asked her if she was going to buy the swimsuit she saw at the store for the beach. After overhearing this, Lee is convinced to go to the beach.

When the team arrives at the beach, Tenten spots Lee looking at her in her swimsuit. However, she was mistaken when Lee tried to look at Sakura behind her, causing her to become angry and attack him. Afterwards, Lee trains with Guy in doing 500 laps around the beach but is worried that with the training he won't be able to see Sakura in her swimsuit. He then tries to do a hand stance under water to get a good look, but forgets to hold his breath. Guy mistakes this attempt as using the water in his training and decides to preform the Leaf Whirlwind in the water. Lee then comes up with the idea of using the Leaf Whirlwind to get closer to Sakura, however, he is sent rotating due to Guy using the technique. He then tries to stop the whirlwind by spinning in the opposite direction, causing a massive tornado and sending Guy flying. He then sees this opportunity to try to look at Sakura's swimsuit but notices that she is looking for something in the ocean. He then spots a black bikini piece who he thinks belongs to Sakura. Seeing as she is in a crisis, he rushes over and gives Sakura the bikini piece. However in actuality, Sakura was looking for the ball she was playing with Tenten and the bikini piece is Guy's swimsuit that he lost due to the tornado, which he asked if Lee has seen them. An angered Sakura then attacks Lee for this action and questions him in what he was doing. Lee then becomes saddened in the fact that he was unable to see Sakura's swimsuit but she appears in a normal swimsuit and explains to him that she wasn't ready to wear the swimsuit she saw at the store. Despite this, Lee was okay with this and gets excited.

Tenten's Ambition!!

Team Guy meet to begin their ninja tools training. After Tenten gives Lee a set of nunchaku, he gets fired up and starts to show his mastery of them. However, he accidently lets go of the nunchaku and has them flying towards Tsunade's stone face and destroys the upper part of her head, making her bald. Tenten becomes furious and strikes Lee. Later, the two notices a missing-nin talking about how he is planning to assassinate Tsunade.

The team brings Tsunade outside the village to keep Tsunade safe from the ninja. After they depart, Lee notices how Tenten is serious about this mission. Tenten explains to Lee that she wants Tsunade to acknowledge her in this mission because she looks up to her. He then tells her that he will also put his full effort into this mission. Neji then warns the team that they are about to be attacked by thrown kunai. Lee and Guy manages to block the thrown kunai but deflects them onto Tsuande's head, shocking both of them. They are then ambushed directly by the group of enemy ninja. Lee and Guy manages to intercept their attack but have them land on top of Tsunade in the end. Neji tries to help as well by deflecting the enemy ninja using the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, however, Neji gets too close to Tsunade and shaves the top part of her head, making her bald just like her statue. The enemy then manages to escape with Tsuande. Seeing this, Tenten activates her jutsu on the charm she gave Tsunade to keep her away from the ninja. Lee and Guy prepare to save Tsuande but are caught in Tenten's attack. After the mission, Tenten gets praise from Tsunade for saving her while Lee and Guy get their top hairs ripped for their actions during the mission.

Gaara of the Sand

Team Guy heads to Sunagakure for their mission. Tenten asks Lee if he will be okay with this trip because of his past history with Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage. Lee tells them that they should not worry. Suddenly, the team are about to be attack by a sand wave that was caused by Gaara who mistook them for enemy ninja. After this, Lee talks to Gaara and tells him that it has been long since they have seen each other and that he will show him that he has surpassed him. Gaara however ignores this comment and proceeds to guide them to the village.

Konoha Sandstorm

Lee and Gaara defeat the missing-nin.

Gaara then explains to them their mission on assisting him to keep out missing-nin from entering the village, however, Lee's main focus is only on Gaara. Team Guy and the Three Sand Siblings head outside and finds the missing-nin terrorizing the village. While the two teams are supposed to fight against the threat, Lee again focuses his attention on Gaara and tries to constantly compete with him. Gaara only focuses his attention on the missing-nin but accidently attacks Lee. Gaara apologizes and recommends that Lee should stand back. Lee refuses and stands in front of the enemy. Tenten asked him why he would continue to compete with Gaara. Remembering his injures in the past from his first fight with Gaara, Lee says that he wants to prove that hard work can surpass talent. Gaara accepts Lee's response and together they defeat the missing-nin. Gaara thanks Team Guy for their support and Lee states that he will one day surpass Gaara. Gaara smiles and accepts. Lee is emotional happy to hear this and closes in on Gaara. Gaara gets annoyed and tries to push him away by unleashing a huge wave of sand, causing Team Guy to flee.

Rock Lee vs. Might Guy

As Neji and Tenten are trying to defeat the a few ninja who have infiltrated the village, Lee and Guy step in and uses a surprise attack to defeat them. While Lee and Guy are rejoicing, Lee sees Naruto preparing to throw his Wind Release: Rasenshuriken at the remaining enemy ninja. Lee is then shock to see that Kakashi has recognized how much Naruto has improved. Later, Guy asks his students to do five hundred laps around the village. Lee proposes to do five hundred million laps instead, making Tenten sarcastically remark to do laps around the world. After becoming tired of doing laps, Team Kakashi appears from Ramen Ichiraku. Lee then overhears Kakashi talking to Guy about how he is proud of Naruto and how he has surpassed him. Lee then challenges Guy to a duel to prove that he has surpassed him.

Lee vs Guy

Lee clashing with Guy.

The match begins and Lee attacks Guy with less damaging techniques. Lee and Guy then start to fight seriously by releasing the Eight Gates and unleash their devasting attacks. Lee collapses and wakes up ashamed that he has lost, but Guy encourages him to one day surpass him. After an emotional moment they begin training but are exhausted by the end.

Neji and Hinata

Mistaking Hinata for Neji, Lee challenges her to a fight, causing the real Neji to send him back. He then tries to challenge the Neji, Neji accidently hits Hinata and causes her run feeling upset. The team decides to visit her home and apologise. When they enter the Hyūga house, Lee was shocked to see that all of the Hyūga clan members look like their teammate Neji. Lee and Guy see Hinata and attempt to cheer her up, but fail as Hinata attacks them due to feeling uncomfortable around them.

Neji and Hinata attack

Lee being repelled by Neji and Hinata.

Team Guy then agree to help her train, along with Hinata's teammates, Kiba, Akamaru and Shino but all fail. Lee suggest that Hinata should try to get over her weakness of fainting every time she sees Naruto by having everyone dress up as Naruto. However, Neji dislikes this idea and sends them flying towards Hinata's direction and crashes into her, leading to Hinata running away. A group of missing-nin, who want to get a hold of the Byakugan, disguise themselves as Naruto in order to lure Hinata to them so they can kidnap her. Neji manages to save her however they are joined by the rest of their group, still wearing their Naruto disguises. In the resulting confusion, Neji and Hinata work together to take everyone else down. The chapter ends with Lee and the others returning to the Hyūga house with bruised up faces.

Tag Match!

Team Guy are in the village when they are suddenly surrounded and outnumbered by ninja infiltrators. Lee and Neji accidentally attack each other when they both attempted to start an attack towards the enemies. Shikamaru Nara and Chōji Akimichi then arrive to defeat the enemy ninja. Seeing their friendship, Lee tries to improve his friendship with Neji. The team is then invited for barbeque with Team Asuma. While eating, Lee forces Neji to eat the last piece of meat, causing Chōji to become angry and challenges them in a tag match.

Jet Lee manga

Lee and Neji working together to defeat Shikamaru.

The objective is to see which team could steal the other teams bell within the time limit. As the battle continues, Lee and Neji were having a difficult time working together. Shikamaru tells them that they can not easily achieve the kind of friendship he has with Chōji since they became best friends ever since they were children. The two start to argue and agree to fight to see who is better. In doing so, their teamwork improved and manage to finish the contest, however, they fail to steal the bell which fell in the water, causing it to become a tie. Chōji forgives Lee for taking the last piece of barbeque meat, but Lee accidentally calls Chōji fat and uses the Human Bullet Tank to run over both Lee and Neji.

S-Class Mission!

Flowering Viewing Party

Team Guy hosting a Flower Viewing Party.

Tsunade assigns Team Guy an S-rank mission. The mission she assigns is to make preparations for a Flower Viewing Party, with the sole purpose of only to drink and look at flowers. Team Guy organizes the party and invites all the known teams. As the party commences, Lee accidently knocks over Tsunade's sake bottle and breaks it but Neji prepares for this situation and brings a new bottle called the Hokage Sake. Tsunade threatens Lee if he were to break this bottle. Guy warns Tsunade to keep the sake away from Lee as a drink of alcohol will cause him to go on a rampage. Tsunade agrees however Lee smells the fumes of the sake and goes into the Drunken Fist, causing him to go on a rampage. Everyone at the party try to stop Lee but end up failing. Tsunade then summons Katsuyu for help but Lee swallows the multiple divided pieces of Katsuyu, resulting in him growing to large proportions. Tsunade makes Lee vomit Katsuyu out but accidently breaks the Hokage Sake. Tsunade doesn't mind this and heals Lee's wounds. After Lee recovers he apologizes to her and says he will have to clean up the mess. Naruto, Kiba, Akamaru, and Chōji join to help but they end up destroying the whole party, angering Tsunade and sends them flying.

He's Fuzzy Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?!

Naruto and Lee minds switched

Lee and Naruto's minds switched by Ino.

At the hot springs, Lee and Naruto are attempting to peek at Sakura but Ino arrives, resulting in the two justify their actions with their nindō which causes Ino to accidently use her Mind Reverse Body Technique, resulting in Lee and Naruto switching bodies. They demand that they be turned back to normal but she says that this was not possible since the technique uses a considerable amount of her chakra and it will take until tomorrow night for her chakra to be replenished. Naruto attempts to solve this problem by transforming into himself but shamefully realizes that Lee's body can't perform ninjutsu, however Lee realizes that since he is in Naruto's body he can transform into himself but alters his appearance. Lee goes with Naruto to his apartment to wait it out but Sakura comes in to remind Naruto that they have a mission. The three then meet with each others team at Ramen Ichiraku and are assigned to take down a group of missing-nin.

Naruto and Lee defends Sakura

Lee and Naruto protecting Sakura.

As the team confront the enemies, Kakashi tries to set up an opening for Naruto to attack, however Lee creates three shadow clones to transform into a bikini-clad Sakura, ending the clones with nose-bleed, as well as Naruto. Afterwards, Lee hears a voice and enters Naruto's subconscious and meets the Nine-Tails. He then offers the tailed beast a green jumpsuit as a present but declines. Noticing that the seal has been weakened, the Nine-Tails takes the opportunity to take control of Naruto's body. Lee then gains a chakra cloak that has Naruto's eyebrows serve as the tails. Lee manages to regain control after seeing that Guy is fighting. He then jumps in and hugs Guy out of admiration but causes Guy to feel pain due to the cloaks corrosion properties. Seeing that Naruto using the Nine-Tails' chakra could be dangerous, Kakashi suppresses the chakra with a sealing tag. While still fighting on the battlefield, Sakura is attacked and is sent falling off of a cliff and is ambushed by the missing-nin, however, Naruto and Lee arrive to save Sakura. Sakura states that since the two haven't been acting like themselves they won't be able to fight them. Lee and Naruto reassures Sakura and tells her that they will protect her. The two then both work together and manages to defeat the enemies. After noticing how each of their statements to her were different, Sakura starts to catch on to them and asked if a jutsu switched their bodies. The two then start to panic and end up telling her everything that had happened, resulting with them having to return back to the village with bruised faces. Ino is then fully recovered and switches their minds back to their original bodies.

Super Secret Infiltration Mission


Lee dress as an Anbu.

Tsunade assigns Tenten and Neji a secret infiltration mission, along with Sai and Yamato, to capture a scroll containing a forbidden technique, however, Tonton accidently kicks a book towards Neji and blinds him. Tsunade then decides to replace him with Lee who dresses up as an Anbu member. The team finds the hideout and infiltrates it. Sai searches for the scroll using his drawn mice but Lee and Tenten start to goof around using Sai's jutsu, causing them to attract attention to the enemy. Yamato tries to cover up by creating an oden cart and a giant robot but the enemy soon catches on. Yamato manages to restrain them and with the help of Sai and Lee they locate the scroll but once Lee opens the scroll it ends up being a trap. Tenten, Yamato, and Sai are forced to flee when enemy ninja appear and prepare to interrogate Lee but he refuses to sell out his comrades. Before Lee gets injured, the others came back to rescue him. Sai and Lee then work together to defeat them by using his eyebrows to animate his drawings. Lee captures the scroll and the team escapes. Once he returns back to the village, Lee uses a fear face to scare Neji.

Animal Watcher

Lee and Guy are asked to watch Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, Kakashi's ninken, Tonton, and Katsuyu. Tenten wonders how Lee will be able to watch them all. Guy suggests a solution by summoning Ningame but Tenten notes that he only worsen the problem. The team then runs into Kiba and Akamaru who are training. Lee tries to communicate with Akamaru by hugging him but Akamaru becomes annoyed and attacks him.

Team Guy are left with Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, Kakashi's ninken, Tonton and Katsuyu. Puzzled that the team is left babysitting huge amounts of animals, Guy tells them not to worry and summons Ningame seemingly only adding one more animal to the masses. Explaining to Lee that you didn't need to be good at ninjutsu to communicate with animals. As Guy asks Tenten — who seemingly cannot get along with Ningame — and Neji — who does not have a contract with an animal — to help them as well, they all realise that maybe their team was unsuited to watch animals. Kiba and Akamaru then pass by practicing the Dynamic Marking which amazes the other ninken. Stopping by, Guy tells Lee that you can bond with animals through skin ship leading Lee to hugging Akamaru who retaliates with the Passing Fang. Believing that they were bonding, Pakkun explained that summoned creatures were different from Akamaru who was around Kiba all the time, and as such, they did not require watching. After telling them that they could not neglect their duties, the animals all scatter.

Guy and Lee then chases down the ninken pack that end up using Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique to attack him but this is misinterpreted as them wanting to play with him. The same occurs with Lee when Kiba and Akamaru attacks him with the Fang Passing Fang, even beginning to trade the dogs with each other. Fed up, the ninken all use the Super Dynamic Marking on Lee and Might Guy. Kiba and Akamaru then prepare to use the Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf but Lee dives into the combination, creating three heads. Running away, Guy summons Ningame noting that the turtle was faster. Guy, however, kicks Ningame who spirals towards them like a giant shuriken. Lee was able to protect all the ninken from this attack, earning Ningame's respect. A few days later, Lee is assigned to help watch a few animals again only for a shocked Neji and Tenten to see the giant Gamabunta, Gamaken, and Gamahiro before them.

Tenten vs. Temari

After Team Guy completes a mission, Tenten insists that they stop at a nearby teashop, despite Lee protesting that he had to train to catch up to his rivals. Entering the shop, they are shocked to see Gaara, Baki, and Kankuro. Despite the fact that Lee tells Tenten that he didn't need to challenge the young Kazekage to another battle, he prepares to use the Front Lotus on Gaara. Attempting to stop Lee, Tenten draws her weapons, though her weapons and Lee are buffeted away by a great gust of wind as Temari appears, telling the young shinobi not to do weird things to the Kazekage. Chastising Tenten's weapon usage once again, the two kunoichi face off against each other. Apologising to her teammates, Tenten recalls the time she fought Temari during the Chūnin Exams and lost. Consoled by Lee, who takes out a pair of green overalls and tells her that if she wore them, she'd be able to defeat Temari, Tenten uses her weapons to turn it into a tank-top. Thinking of other methods Tenten could beat Temari, Lee realises that Tenten would also lose in terms of bust size, before challenging Gaara to a test of cup size as well only to be chastised by Temari. Cautioning Tenten to stop Lee before he got fired up again, Neji is shocked when Tenten challenges Temari to a battle. A team battle is eventually decided upon and the six ninja face off against one another. Comically the battle wages on until it comes down to a battle of pictures with Temari on the defensive after being attacked by numerous pictures of herself with Shikamaru, since Lee believes there is something going on between the two. They are eventually crushed by Gaara. Annoyed, Temari summons Kamatari via the Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance technique who only sets up shop with Lee cutting vegetables. Using the opportunity, Tenten summons the Jidanda. As everyone uses their different defensive techniques to take cover, Lee (and Guy in the anime) who insists he had erected a barrier gets caught between Tenten and Temari's attack. With the battle seemingly over and Temari, the victor, Tenten opens her blouse to reveal the green blouse underneath which had seals written on it. Using the Manipulated Tools: Breast Hammer, Temari is knocked out and Tenten is named the victor. Though the battle ended in a tie, Temari conceded loss and acknowledged Tenten. Back in Konoha, news of the battle spread far and wide, but to Tenten's dismay, she gained the moniker "The Breast Hammer".

Might Guy, the Hokage?!

Having to leave the village and with Kakashi and Shikaku out on missions as well, Tsunade makes Might Guy the temporary Hokage much to Lee's delight. After receiving a report from Kotetsu and Izumo (Lee in the anime) that morale amongst the village's shinobi was low, Guy moves to rectify this with several decrees such as: eating curry, wearing the green suit he himself wears and greeting each other with passionate embraces. At the top of the Hokage Monument, his fellow teammates start a rebellion against Guy's demands. Lee believes that the only way to settle this uprising is through fighting. The shinobi then proceed to attack Lee. After attacking Lee, the shinobi see that even though Guy's laws seem to serve no purpose, when put to the test, Guy's decrees turn out to be beneficial, though this was not Guy's intention. Believing that Guy cared for them, Yamato sculpted multiple faces of Guy, however the faces begins to fall apart off of the mountain. Seeing that the heads are about to fall on to the village, Lee and his teammates destroy the heads. The Konoha ninja begin to apologize to Guy and begin to run five thousand laps around the village. Lee is then found, by Tsunade, exhausted along with his teammates having tried to run five thousand laps with the "Guy-kage". Slapping her temporary replacement, Tsunade and her disciples then go on to heal the villagers. In the end, Lee realises that Guy is much more suited to be an action hero than the Hokage. Elsewhere while Teuchi had stopped serving curried ramen, his demeanour had comically changed to reflect that of Might Guy.

The Organization Named Akatsuki!

Given the mission to locate the base of a new organisation that would become a great threat to Konohagakure called Akatsuki, Team Guy sets out with Guy telling his former students not to take the organisation lightly. They are able to find the base and infiltrate it where they find a closet full of matching cloaks. Before they could go any further however, two members of the organisation arrive forcing Lee and Tenten to hide in plain sight, donning the Akatsuki mantle and claiming to be a new recruit. After a brief conversation about what art truly was with Sasori and Deidara, two more members arrive adding to the Konoha-nin's dismay. After being threatened by Kakuzu and propositioned by Hidan to join his religion, two more members: Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki arrive. Fearing that the latter would recognise him because he bore strong resemblance to Might Guy whom Kisame had fought once before, Lee takes to squinting to change his appearance. Itachi, however, decides to use genjutsu to see whether the new recruit was worthy to be a member, forcing Tenten to cancel the genjutsu that had been placed on Lee. Things escalate even further when Pain and Konan arrive with the series of accidents culminating in each member using some of their most powerful attacks and ultimately destroying the base. Using the confusion as cover, Lee and Tenten are able to escape with Lee coming to the conclusion that the organisation was a singing group from Ebisu Private Middle School. Meanwhile, Zetsu finally arrives with the real new recruit which prompts Deidara to lash out saying he could not handle any more new recruits.

The Raikage Escort Mission

Team Guy is out on a mission where they were assigned to accost a missing-nin from Takigakure. However, he fled. Noting that they were exhausted from their mission, the team decide to recuperate in Kumogakure where they are greeted by Mabui. Subsequently the team meets the Raikage: A, his brother Killer B — who immediately clicked with Might Guy, and Rock Lee, B's student's: Omoi, Karui, and Samui along with her brother Atsui. They are also joined by C and Darui and they are informed that an assassin was making an attempt on the Raikage's life. After being asked to act as security detail for the Raikage while they were in the village, a visibly perturbed Neji denies that there was anything wrong with him. After some chaos ensues with different personalities conflicting which culminates in Darui creating a pair of panties from his Lightning Release: Black Panther, and Storm Release: Laser Circus technique on the Raikage after he Lee accidentally tripped over Darui and made him bit his tongue, creating a pair of panties and brassier for the Raiakge. The Raikage was sent flying by B who had fully transformed into his tailed beast. Neji cones under suspicion after they realise he is a Hyūga, and knowing full-well the circumstances around the strained relation with Kumo. However, it turns out that a newly convicted Neji actually protected the Raikage from the missing Taki-nin despite Lee's clumsiness. In the end Lee, Guy, Neji, and Tenten become a rap gang of B's.

Jiraiya, The Legendary Peeping Ninja!

After agreeing to train Konohamaru, Naruto and Lee, Jiraiya overhears Tenten telling the rest of the girls about how excited they were about going to the bathhouse with Tsunade. Jiraiya and the boys decide to go to the bathhouse as well, on the pretense of training, though they really planned on peeking. Neji refuses to let them peek on the girls or Hinata Hyūga and attempts to stop their plan and refuses to let them pass, though when he hears Tenten saying how "big Hinata has gotten" (presumably referencing her breasts), Neji faints, allowing them to go through. When Lee and Naruto hear Ino talking about how Sakura was still "tiny" Lee and Naruto faint as well. In the bath, Sakura mentions to Tsunade that she saw Jiraiya around and became nervous. Tsunade reassured her that they were safe from peepers because she had hired Kakashi Hatake, Ebisu and Iruka Umino to guard the entrance. When Jiraiya and his team try to get through, Konohamaru and Naruto use their Sexy Sandwich Technique on Iruka and Ebisu, though their technique fails. After that attempt, Konohamaru and Naruto use another technique, the Sexy Student and Teacher Taboo Love Technique. Kakashi and Jiraiya engage in battle, with Kakashi revealing his Sharingan. Jiraiya summons a book and tells Kakashi that it was never released, due to not being deemed suitable for the public. Kakashi automatically begins reading the book, letting Jiraiya pass. The boys hastily walk into the "womens bath," but are shocked to see Orochimaru and Kabuto and Kakashi reveals that he had switched the "Mens Bath" and "Womens Bath" signs previously. To defeat Orochimaru and Kabuto, Naruto, Konohamaru and Lee use their Sexy Bathtime Technique, though it had no effect. Jiraiya and Naruto begin to use their Rasengan while Konohamaru transforms into Sakura as a distraction. Lee realizes they have made an all new technique called the Rasenboobs. However, Lee is caught in the jutsu, but is given new power and fights Orochimaru and Kabuto, but also destroys the wall between the men and womens bath and is knocked to the womens changing room, right into Tenten's garments. In the end, Orochimaru is cast away with Kabuto and Lee is pummeled by the girls.

Sasuke Uchiha!

As they go over the list of missing-nin while in a dango shop, Team Guy comes across Sasuke Uchiha's profile. Remembering their former comrade, Tenten wonder where they could go to find the missing Uchiha before hearing a familiar voice behind them. Turning in shock, they see Sasuke and the rest of his team in the booth behind them. The three later confront him after they leave the dango shop, and Lee beseeches Sasuke to return to the village, telling him that it was taco night. Still refusing, Neji steps forward and tells the Uchiha that he was still shrouded in darkness, and then mentions that there would also be ice-cream for dessert. When this proves futile, the duo prepares to take Sasuke by force when Suigetsu arrives. Upon seeing their opponent turn into water Lee hastily moves in and uses what he refers to as a Lightning Release : Carpet Pad Static Electricity on Suigetsu's head to create static electricity which is super effective against him, much to Tenten's shock. As Karin arrives at the location, misjudging her for a strong-minded woman who didn't need a man, Neji uses his Byakugan to come to the realisation that Karin was actually a tsundere character. With Jūgo 's arrival, he is mistaken as a calm, level-headed individual before he goes berserk and declares that he was going to murder them. However, Lee's mention of Kimimaro calms down the murderous instinct and causes him to question Lee about Kimimaro's final moments. Lee questions Sasuke about how he was so popular with the females and Sasuke confesses he himself has no idea, telling Lee he has no use for him. Lee chides Sasuke, reminding him that he had copied his taijutsu style in the past, much to Suigetsu's disbelief. Sasuke activates his Sharingan and challenges Lee to a taijutsu duel, but as the two sides clash, Team Guy soon realises that they had been trapped in a genjutsu and that their opponents had already left. Later, the two teams comically meet up in another eatery.

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