Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

Episode 1

Rock Lee is a Ninja Who Can't Use Ninjutsu


Lee battling the debt collectors.

Rock Lee, a shinobi who can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu, appears to help save a girl from a few debt collectors. He successfully succeeds in defeating the group, however, the debt collectors return with their boss and prepare to capture the Mie. Lee however intercepts their attack, causing them to retreat once again. In the end, as Lee runs to hug the girl, Lee accidently pulls her pants down, after trying to avoid a piece of dog poop, exposing her underwear and causing him to get beaten up.

Rock Lee's Rival is Naruto

Lee racing Naruto

Lee racing against Naruto.

Team Guy are tasked with a mission to obtain a baumkuchen. Lee rushes towards to the market to obtain the voucher but runs into Naruto Uzumaki who also needs the voucher. Both need the voucher for a mission, they solve the problem by having a race. Lee is beaten by Naruto by a hairs length and loses the race. Saddened, Lee nearly gives up, but refuses to do so after thinking of the outcome if he did. He reveals a heart-warming skit and moves Naruto to tears. Naruto hands Lee the voucher and Lee and his team-mates go to get the baumkuchen, only to find that it has been sold due to no one taking the order when the number was called.

Episode 2

Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth

After Lee's failed attempt to ask Sakura out, Lee becomes heartbroken and comes to his team-mates Neji and Tenten. Neji tells Lee to play it cool, but is reminded that Lee's sense of "cool" does not match those of many others. When Lee asks for Tenten's advice, he is told that it is difficult to explain, so he creates a skit to help her. In the skit, Lee asks for Tenten's opinion on her perfect guy. Tenten believes that a guy should be kind, open, honest, know how to keep her happy and give her gifts, though she wouldn't mind him being forceful every so often. Lee keeps note of Tenten's words and decides to take her advice.

While resting on a bench, Sakura is approached by Lee, who just jumped out of the bushes. Seeing how dirty the bench is, Lee offers to clean it for her. Realizing that if he scrubbed hard enough it would be a good exercise for his arm, Lee begins to rapidly scrub the bench, disappearing after he finished his job. Lee then encounters Tenten, who tries to warn him about the missing-nin Naruto told her, but Lee soon rushes off. Lee quickly returns to Sakura, giving her a bouquet of roses, shocking Sakura, though a hoard of bees soon flies from the flowers. Lee offers to help rid of the bees, but he accidentally injures Sakura instead. She scolds him for hitting her and Lee tries to fix things by trying to be open and honest regarding his feelings. He begins his sentence, but is stung by a bee midway, and accidentaly hits Sakura once more. Having gone through all of Tenten's steps of advice but one, Lee tries to be forceful and tries to kiss Sakura. However, Sakura punches Lee and walks away. Later, Sakura wonders to herself if she had been too harsh on Lee. As she thinks this, she is confronted by a stranger.

Lee gropes Sakura

Lee accidently gropes Sakura.

Meanwhile, Tenten is trying to comfort Lee in hopes of making him feel better, but to no avail. Neji appears and reminds Tenten that the foriegn shinobi were still lurking around. Hearing this, Lee quickly runs towards Sakura's direction, believing her to be in danger. Upon finding his crush, Sakura is surrounded by rogue ninja. Lee appears and saves Sakura, shocking Sakura. She inquires Lee as to why he would want to save her when she said so many harsh things to him. In reply, Lee tells Sakura that she is so precious to him, he doesn't need a reason to save her. Sakura is touched by Lee's words and Lee offers to walk Sakura home. However, because Lee becomes dizzy, he accidentaly gropes Sakura's breasts, causing Sakura to punch him once more.

Later that day, Lee meets up with Tenten and they discuss how he messed up. Lee begins to think he isn't cool, but Tenten seems to disagree with him. Lee is very touched by her comment, but as he tries to thank her, he looks very creepy and as a result, Tenten attacks him.

Episode 3

A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji

When Kusagakure shinobi attack Konohagakure, Lee easily manages to defeat them. However, Lee sees an unharmed Neji standing behind a huge Kusagakure ninja. The group of shinobi flees and Lee feels disappointed, comparing his quantity with Neji's quality and qualifying his achivement as inferior.


Lee challenging Neji.

Later, Lee finds Tenten searching for something. Tenten reveals that she had lost a photo of their team together and wanted to find it. Lee made finding Tenten's picture a personal goal, but only to find that Neji had already found it shortly after Sakura and Naruto's arrival. After recieving the photo, Tenten and Sakura talk about Neji while Neji returns to his home. This frustrates Naruto and Lee and the two decide to spy on Neji to see his true strength. However, the two are disappointed when they only witness Neji in the restroom. Lee states that he will not admit defeat and challenges Neji to a match.

A week later, Neji is waiting together with Sakura and Tenten for Lee to come. He then arrives with a really strong, muscular appearence. Naruto also appears with a muscular arm, saying that he only helped Lee with half of his training. They start fighting until Neji attacks Lee with his Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms and causes Lee's "muscles" to fade away. So Lee uses his "Byakugan" as a last resource and confuses Neji, and manages to find an opening. He hits Neji with his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Headbutts and makes Tenten think for a moment Lee had finally won for the first time.

Tenten's Must-Win Battle


Lee and Neji dressing Tenten as a man.

While on a mission, Lee and Neji acts unsightly in front of Tenten, angering her. Tenten reminds them of the "ladies first" phrase, but Lee and Neji fail to understand. Later, Lee and Neji watch as Tenten fights against several bandits, her saying that she did not need their help. However, Tenten calls her team-mates for support when the leader of the group appears, but finds them resting. Tenten manages to defeat the bandits, but skulls Lee and Neji for not helping. Lee and Neji tries to help by disguising her as a boy. However, they failed to understand, angering her in the process. Lee and Neji appear as Tenten is captured by the previous bandits, relieving Tenten who believes they came to save her. She soon finds out that they only wanted to give her an article of clothing, saying it would make her "a true man". This angers Tenten and she defeats the foes. At the end of the day, the three speak to each other and Neji mentions Tenten's lack of remarks regarding him and Lee becoming more gentlemanly. Tenten replies that it did not suit them, remembering Lee's words. However, Lee reveals that he had meant that she was stronger due to her less sensitive anatomy, angering her once more.

Episode 4

Guy-Sensei Didn't Do It

Excited to hear that his teacher Might Guy promises to teach a new fighting style for him and his team to learn after he comes back from his mission, Lee goes to welcome him from his return.

Guy-Sensei's Rival is Kakashi-Sensei


Lee dressed up as Kakashi.

The team watch as Kakashi and Guy prepare for their competition, but Guy has a cold, so Kakashi advises him to call the competition off. When Guy refuses, Kakashi uses his One Thousand Years of Pain to win the challenge. Due to the pain Guy experienced because of Kakashi's attack, Kakashi substitutes Guy as leader of Team Guy. Later on in the day, Neji and Tenten discuss how Guy doesn't measure up to Kakashi's talents as a ninja. Lee is doubtful and he begins to think about the past before he began to emulate Guy. He tries to convince himself that Guy has bested Kakashi plenty of times, but cannot seem to think of one time not made up. Tenten points out that even if Guy has enough motivation and energy, girls love Kakashi's cool demeanor. Which makes Lee question if Guy really is as good as Kakashi or not before he decides he is going to mold himself after Kakashi now, not Guy. But Lee believes first of all, to do this, he must master his most epic move first.


Lee, Guy, and Kakashi defeating the missing-nin.

Later, Lee arrives dressed up like Kakashi, much to Tenten's surprise. Noting Kakashi's tardiness, Team Guy heads off without him. Lee approaches the enemy ninja, almost mistaken for Kakashi due to his outfit. Lee continues acting to be Kakashi's imposter by showing his "Sharingan", which turns out to be just a contact lens. Lee attacks the enemy with Kakashi's One Thousand Years of Pain, but the enemy has a shield on his butt, stating that he has been hit by the same technique from Kakashi's father. As the enemy is about to overwhelm them, Guy and Kakashi arrive in time to save Team Guy. Regretting his actions to imitate Kakashi, Lee changes his outfit to his normal ones and helps Guy and Kakashi to beat the enemies. It is then that Kakashi reveals that it was the Make-Out Tactics' hero who has twenty consecutive wins. Once Guy is completely healed, Lee practices Kakashi's jutsu with him.

Episode 5

I'm Going to Teach Konohamaru Kempo

Lee trains, Konohamaru appears and asks Lee for help with his own training. Confused Lee asks why he would him, to which, after appearing, Naruto Uzumaki points out that he could do much more than Lee. Konohamaru reveals that the combat exams were going to be held soon and he found that Lee was as suitable teacher in hand-to-hand combat. Although Tenten points out that they must pass as well, Lee agrees to mentor Konohamaru. He does this, and Naruto participates as well. Lee shows Konohamaru many techniques, but spends much time competing with Naruto. Eventually while doing this, Lee accidentaly hits Konohamaru, sending him flying. Konohamaru begins to sulk, and admits to being scared that he may fail the Exam, but Lee manages to cheer him up. The day of the exam arrives, and Lee and Konohamaru come to be tested. However, they are shocked to find that the exam was actually a "body fat" exam.

Episode 6

The Leaf Village Sports Meet

Konohagakure presents its Sports Meet, in which Lee speaks to the crowd and contestants. After, Shizune presents the first event: The Foot Race. Lee and Naruto compete, but the race ends in Lee's defeat. Lee continues to lose and another event is called: a Scavenger Hunt. Each competing individual takes a slip of paper that reads their assigned object or thing to find. Several people are frustrated with their objects and Lee is assigned to find a "sweet devil". Lee begins by constructing a ritual circle and starts to call for the sweet devil. The other contestants look for their own things including Naruto who approaches Sakura. This results in her attacking him. She calls for medical aid while everyone questions what was on Naruto's paper.

Calvary Battles are Part of the Thrill of Youth

Chicken Fight

Lee and Naruto clash within the final event.

The Scavenger Hunt is cancelled due to Naruto's injures and several other events have started. Finally, the final event is announced, in which teams will fight to steal other team's hats. Neji fails to appear and Lee is warned by Tenten, who tells him to be extra careful because of their team's shortage of members. Their team is immediately surrounded, but Lee manages to defeat them. Finally, only two teams remain: Naruto and Lee's team. The two face off, and Neji appears with a depressed ghost that he had been assigned to find during the scavenger hunt. This shocks Lee and as a result he accidently head-butts Naruto. Naruto falls to the ground and his hat falls, making Lee's team the winner. At the event's end, Lee remembers Guy telling him the importance of comrades. Both Lee and Naruto vow to do better in the future with their friends.

Episode 7

Orochimaru is a B-Type Scorpio

At Konohagakure, Team Guy takes on a mission to check the people entering the village. When the team setups at the entrance gate, Neji stops a few tourists from entering, saying they were hiding something, only to reveal that one of them was carrying around a scroll. The next visitors was a shinobi in which Lee examines. After the examination, Lee lets them enter the Konohagakure and congratulates with a hug. Suddenly a sphere is dropped from underneath the shinobi's coat and breaks, releasing snakes everywhere and reveals that the shinobi was actually Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Love Letters are the Ultimate Trap

After the mission, Lee spars with Guy, but he is defeated when Guy uses a new technique on him. Lee later notices a letter by him and reads it. The contents ask him to visit the anonymous writer on a mountain to discuss something. Thinking it to be a love letter from Sakura, Lee hurries to the mountains, but finds only Orochimaru. After some confusion, the two begin to fight. He is eventually joined by his teammates and together they defeat Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Episode 8

Even Hokages Goes Bald

Episode 9

Neji's Cousin, Hinata

Neji tries to secretly head home to watch Hinata train but the rest of his team catches him and they ask to know what is going on. He explains the situation but he really doesn't want Lee to come, though he isn't able to talk him out of it and even forces Naruto away, knowing how much he would really interfere. They arrive to find Hinata already in the middle of training. Lee and Guy end up making her upset and she attacks them. Then she runs off as Neji threatens Lee and Guy if they dare try to mess with Hinata again.

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Kakashi and Guy look over their students report cards, Kakashi mentions Naruto surpassing him. Guy calls his team together to test their skills and tells them that they will pass if they are able to beat him. Tenten and Neji manage to do this, but Lee fails after Guy holds nothing back, using the Eight Gates. Guy gives Lee a week to become stronger than him, and if not, demote him to Genin.

A saddened Lee is approached by Kakashi, who witnessed the whole event. He manages to cheer Lee up, leaving the boy determined to train harder than ever. His teammates help him train for several days, but Lee still feels unsatisfied. Tenten mentions the lethal ability of Guy's Morning Peacock, making Lee determined to form a counter move.

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

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Episode 22

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Episode 24

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Episode 38

Infiltrate Akatsuki's Hideout!

Team Guy gathers in the forest as Might Guy explains their mission. The team is supposed to go check a possible hideout for the Akatsuki group. If the Akatsuki does appear, they are to refrain from battling and instead only observe their actions and then report to the Hokage. Rock Lee and Tenten set out together to search as Guy and Neji Hyuga search other areas.

Lee as an Akatsuki

Lee disguised as an Akatsuki member.

Tenten and Lee eventually find a large cave and decide to look inside it, though Tenten believes it to be too cliche for the Akatsuki to use a cave for a hideout, though when Lee finds a closet full of spare Akatsuki cloaks, Tenten begins to believe that it really could be one of the Akatsuki's hideouts, although Lee only believes that several close friends decided to by the same cloak. Tenten warns Lee to leave the cave before they are seen, but decides it is too late when they hear the voices of Deidara and Sasori quarreling about what true art is. In rush to hide themselves, Lee puts on an Akatsuki cloak and puts Tenten in the back. Recognizing Lee, Deidara pulls him aside and reveals that he bribed Tobi to keep quiet about their previous encounters. Not wanting to reveal anything about the Akatsuki to Lee, who believed that he was a performer of some sort, Deidara tells Lee that the hideout is in actuality the main office for the "Ninja Art Club" he is in. He explains that the group will not welcome outsiders and may treat him as a spy. As Lee and Tenten are about to leave, Sasori mentions that Lee must be the new recruit that Zetsu had been scouting. Other Akatsuki teams arrive, Kakuzu and Hidan coming first and Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki appearing second. At the sight of Itachi, Tenten realizes she has seen him in the Bingo Books and recognizes him as Sasuke Uchiha's older brother and the perpetrator of the Uchiha Clan, confirming her beliefs that she and Lee were in an Akatsuki hideout.

A Desperate Escape Plan!

Seeing as Kisame may recognize Lee, due to Lee being the spitting image of Might Guy whom he had previously battled, Lee attempts to change his face, though he only succeeded in making an odd face. Itachi decides to test Lee's strength and puts him under a Genjutsu with his Sharingan. Tenten transfers her own chakra into Lee's body to dispell the illusion, impressing Itachi who believed him to break free on his own. Then, Pain and Konan appear and Hidan introduces Lee as the new member to them. Konan approaches Lee and Deidara thinks to himself that Konan will see through their facade, though she creates a bouquet of paper flowers for him as a welcoming gift. Before Pain starts the actual meeting, he decides to test out Lee's strength as their "new member." Deidara volunteers as his opponent and before they begin to fight, he tells him he will make a large explosion and in the fray, Lee will escape. Before they can begin, Guy appears with Neji under his Akatsuki cloak, explaining in his mind that when Lee and Tenten did not show up for at their rendezvous destination, Neji used his Byakugan to find them and saw there whereabouts in the hideout with the Akatsuki. Guy and Lee clash and converse while grasping each other's hands. Guy tells Lee his plan to escape is to force his way out using his guts. While trying to cause an explosion to form an escape route for Guy and Lee, Deidara is hit by Lee, causing the clay bird he was holding to fall from his hand near Sasori were it exploded, causing Sasori to try to control Deidara with his chakra strings, though they snagged onto Konan, Kisame and Kakuzu, causing Kakuzu to attempt to use his Tentacle Punch on Sasori, though Sasori dodged and instead, the attack hit Hidan and Pain. As all the Akatsuki members were distracted by their fight, Lee and Guy managed to escape before the hideout exploded.

After the hideout was destroyed, Tobi and Zetsu arrive, wondering what had happened while they were away. Sasori blames the destruction of the hideout on the "new guy" and Hidan gives a description of Lee, causing Tobi to recall he and Deidara's past interactions with him and blurts out the information. The episode ends with Team Guy returning to Konohagakure.

Episode 39

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43

Episode 44

Episode 45

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48

Yamato Gets a Mission

Anbu Lee

Lee as an Anbu.

After Neji's injures, Tsunade replaces Neji with Lee. Lee appears dressed in Anbu attire, complete with a mask with thick eyebrows. As they are about to depart to retrieve a secret scroll stolen by missing-nin, Sai asks Lee whether he had a penis or not, to which Lee emphatically replies that he did. When Lee's pants falls down, Sai admires Lee's penis. As a result Tenten whacks both of them up in the air. Sai then later reminds the group that Yamato will be meeting with them soon.

As they travel to their destination, Sai tries to give nicknames to Lee and Tenten, however he fails in the process. Sai reminds the two that he has no feelings and that he is just learning the meaning of friendship. After hearing this, Lee attempts to give Sai a hug, and as a result the latter runs away. He then tells Sai that he will earn Sai's friendship by proving himself on this mission.

When they arrive at the location the team infiltrates the base. Sai then uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique to create rats to search the base. Amazed by the technique, Lee commandeers Sai's brush and draws several creatures which Sai brings to life. Shocking Tenten as they climb over her body, these rats — with the faces of Might Guy — are soon accosted by the creatures Tenten draws. All the noise being made by the Konoha-nin soon draws enemy attention. With little time to spare, Sai creates an oden shop, which the enemy find inconspicuous at first after seeing it. When they begin to wonder what something like that was doing there and return, Lee uses Sai's jutsu to create a huge robot Yamato. Fooling the enemy, Sai captures the two missing-nin before they could raise an alarm. Lee and Sai then begins to interrogate the enemy by using Yamato's fear face. After the interrogation, Lee and his team finds the scroll. Lee then proceed to opening the scroll, as a result Lee is caught in a trap set on the fake scroll, and the others are forced to abandon him. With Lee captured, he is interrogated on his comrade's whereabouts but refuse to tell them. Before the missing-nin can injure Lee, however, his comrades arrive. Using the little ink left, Sai brings Lee's eyebrows to life forming giant constructs to attack the enemy, and acquire the scroll. Yamato then makes his arrival by giving Lee and his team a chance to escape. Lee then uses his wings to flee the base. Back in the Hokage's office, Lee and his team manages to give the scroll back to Tsunade. After the mission is complete, Sai thanks Lee for saving him. As Neji welcomes his teammates back, Lee, with the ink still on his eyebrows, turns around and injures Neji's eyes.

Episode 49

Episode 50

Episode 51

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