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Centipede Eyebrows (ゲジマユ, Gejimayu, English TV: "Bushy Brow")
The Ninja Who Can't Use Ninjutsu (忍術の使えない忍者, Ninjutsu no Tsukaenai Ninja)


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Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Headbutts
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Eyebrow Imitation Technique
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Infinite Lotus (Manga only)
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Leaf Breeze
Leaf Great Ocean Stream (Anime only)
Leaf Great Whirlwind (Anime only)
Leaf Harem Technique (Manga only)
Leaf Hot Wind (Manga only)
Leaf Naughty Wind
Leaf Ninja Art: Every Other Step (Anime only)
Leaf Octopuffs
Leaf Pickled Excrement
Leaf Rising Wind
Leaf Sandstorm
Leaf Super Great Huge Whirlwind
Leaf Un, Deux, Trois
Leaf Whirlwind
Lightning Release: Carpet Pad Static Electricity
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Morning Gorilla (Manga only)
Mud Men (Manga only)
Neither His Heart or That Scroll Will Escape Technique (Manga only)
One Thousand Years of Death
One Thousand Years of Death Sixty-Four Palms (Manga only)
Raining Nosebleed
Reverse Lotus (Manga only)
Romantic Technique (Anime only)
Sand Binding Coffin
Sexy: Bathtime Technique
Sexy: Snake Bikini Technique (Manga only)
Sexy: Student Teacher Technique
Sexy Technique
Sexy: Three Sexy Sisters Technique
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Shimura-Style: Clone Secret Strike (Anime only)
Shimura-Style: Secret Strike (Anime only)
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Summoning Technique (Tortoise, Hiashi Hyūga)
Super Eyebrows Imitating Drawing
Super Reverse Lotus (Manga only)
Sweat Drizzle
Sweet Talk and Sour Grapes Fist (Anime only)
Three Thousand Years of Death
Transformation Technique
Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (Manga only)
Water Release: Six Pack (Anime only)
Wind Release: Evaporation Rotation (Anime only)
Wind Release: Leaf Revolution (Anime only)
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Volume 1, Chapter 1

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Episode 1

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Rock Lee (ロック・リー, Rokku Rī) is a chūnin-level shinobi from Konohagakure and the main protagonist of the series. Because he is unable to use any ninjutsu or genjutsu, he relies on taijutsu in his battles. He is a member of Team Guy along with Neji Hyūga and Tenten.


Young team guy

Team Guy when they were genin.

Rock Lee is is unable to perform any ninjutsu or genjutsu. As a result, he has been mocked by his peers since his time at the academy, though Might Guy took a special interest in him. When he graduated the academy, he joined Neji and Tenten as a member of Team Guy.

During his time as a genin, Lee along with his teammates, took the chūnin exams along with the Rookie Nine. In the preliminaries of the chūnin exams, Lee was matched up against the once cold heartless Gaara. Lee met his defeat after Gaara crushed his left arm and leg. His condition put his ninja work on hold, though Lee refused to quit training, though it made his wound worse. His condition was so bad, that a surgery performed by the worlds greatest medical ninja Tsunade only had a fifty percent chance of him survival. Tsunade encouraged him to forget about his dreams of becoming a ninja, but Lee after encouraging word from Guy, Lee decided to undergo the surgery anyways, unwilling to give up. When the surgery did take place, Lee survived, deeming it a success. Since then, he has continued his dream of becoming a splendid ninja without the use of ninjutsu or genjutsu.[1]


Lee's nice guy pose

Lee's "nice guy" pose.

Lee is extremely energetic, single-minded, and hot-blooded that unforturnately cannot utilize ninjutsu or genjutsu, so he solely works on improving his taijutsu, in which only requires physical exertion.[2] He is also shown to be characterised as being the epitome of a "nice guy", having assumed many of Guy's personality quirks. He has a keen sense of honour, and respects his opponents, refusing to hold grudges against those who have defeated him. This was shown by his befriending of Gaara, forgiving him for crushing his arm and leg — injuries that nearly ended his career as a shinobi. Lee is incredibly determined to prove himself and had resorted to somewhat unorthodox antics to do so. Though he is unable to use any form of ninjutsu, Lee has resorted to make his own form of ninjutsu.

Lee's attempts to prove and better himself are recurring themes for his actions throughout the series. He is generally optimistic, and believes that, with hard work and passion, he can surpass a natural genius, but can be prone to depression when faced with setbacks. His drive to succeed was initially most evident with his rivalry with Neji. Neji, a "genius" ninja, found Lee's efforts of bettering himself to be in vain, and believed that Lee would be a "failure" for the rest of his life. Also, when making a promise, Lee assigns himself arduous tasks to complete in the event that he doesn't live up to his expectations. When this promise is broken, usually just barely, he trains to prevent it from happening again.

Lee Fired Up

Lee's fired up determination.

Lee is known for his somewhat insane antics, often scaring off onlookers, such as Tenten. He has a very intense personality, quick to challenge and battle. He also seems to be courageous and quite fearless, never hesitating to battle powerful opponents. Lee attempts to prove his strength to other people that are seen as more special than him, particularly those known as "genuises" like Neji or Gaara. This is shown when he challenges Neji and Guy to a duel and when he is set on proving that he has grown to Gaara.

Lee's imagination

An example of Sakura being in one of Lee's fantasies.

Lee revealed that he liked Sakura Haruno, asking her to be his girlfriend and vowing to protect her. Sakura is often in his fantasies and skits. While she does not seem to share these feelings for him, and consideres him weird, Lee has maintained these feelings.

Lee is also seen to be a pervert, trying to peek on various occasions (normally Sakura). This was shown when Lee and Naruto tried to peek on Sakura in the bathhouse. Another was when he joined up with Jiraiya and his fellow male Konoha comrades to peek on Sakura and the other Konoha kunoichi.


  • Rock Lee's full appearance.
  • Lee while in the Academy, when first joining Team Guy, and as a genin.

Lee bears a Chinese-styled design along with the rest of the Team Guy. He is seen as almost an exact copy of Might Guy. Lee has rounded, black eyes with promenent lashes and bears considerably thick eyebrows which earns him a variety of nicknames such as Centipede Brows (ゲジマユ, Gejimayu; English TV "Bushy Brows"). His hair is styled in a bowl-cut fashion like Guy's and wears white bandages on his arms, which are also used in some of his jutsu. Lee's typical attire consists of a green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers, a standard Konoha flak jacket and a red forehead protector which he wears as a belt underneath it.

During his academy days, Lee's hair was much longer and fastened in a braid that, along with his style of dress, gave him a more traditional Chinese appearance. When Lee first joined Team Guy, Lee had shorter hair than before that curved upwards in the back, he maintained a Chinese appearance, since he wore a robe and a martial arts belt around his waist. After joining Might Guy's team, his appearance changed considerably to emulate his idol and sensei. After training under Might Guy, Lee cut his hair and styled into a bowl-cut style like Guy, and he still wears the same attire. The only difference is the absence of the flak jacket.


Lee lifting 20 tons

Lee effortlessly lifting a 20 metric ton umbrella.

Lee is a shinobi who is only proficient in taijutsu, with no skill at all for ninjutsu or genjutsu, which is why he is infamously known as The Ninja Who Can't Use Ninjutsu (忍術の使えない忍者, Ninjutsu no Tsukaenai Ninja). Through Guy's leadership and Lee's hard-working resolve allowed Lee to improve rapidly. Lee has trained so extensively he can climb a building with three huge boulders strapped to his back and train himself to lift a 10 metric ton umbrella, and later 20, in a short amount of time.[3] He is also capable of fighting off a group of missing-nin single-handedly.



Rock Lee using taijutsu.

Due to Lee's inability to use ninjutsu and genjutsu, Lee's dream is to become a famous ninja who uses only taijutsu. Taking a liking to Lee and his resolve, Might Guy trained him to reach this goal, teaching him a number of forbidden techniques in the process. The most basic of these is his Strong Fist style of combat, a martial art style focusing on external damage. His prowess surpasses those of more experienced ninja, able to keep up with Guy himself, and it is only in unique circumstances that his taijutsu is not enough to defeat an opponent.

Eight Gates

7th Gate Lee

Lee opening the seventh chakra gate.

Through Guy's teachings, Lee has learned how to open the five of the eight chakra gates. In the manga, Lee later has shown mastery of opening the Gate of View (景門 , Keimon) and an incomplete version of the Gate of Wonder (驚門, Kyōmon). By opening the eight chakra gates, Lee is able to make his muscles work more powerful then they were before, able to run at phenomenal speeds, pick up enormous weights, and much more at the cost of the muscles themselves. By developing a number of taijutsu he is able take advantage of the extreme power and speed he gains from opening chakra gates. Like his master, Lee can open the chakra gates instantly, even showing a faster recovery rate from using them without suffering any of the damaging after-effects, but he still shows noticeable exhaustion.[4] In his fight with Guy, with the fifth gate activated, Lee was able to keep up with the taijutsu master despite opening the sixth gate. Lee can also open the limiters on his eyebrows to extend them outward. He can bind his opponents, use them as blades for his Rasenken, or spin rapidly to create whirlwinds.

His mastery of this skill also lets him utilise several kinjutsu derived from it. With the first gate, Lee can use the pile-driving Front Lotus and with the third gate, the more advanced Reverse Lotus. With the fifth gate, Lee can use the Morning Gorilla or the Morning Chicken, a counterpart technique of the Morning Peacock that uses the series of punches fast enough to set his hands ablaze by sheer speed and friction. With the incomplete version of the seventh gate, he can use the Infinite Lotus, a series of blazing punches and a single kick to the torso. The technique is powerful enough to leave Gaara exhausted and his armour severely damaged.

Drunken Fist

Drunken Fist2

Lee using the Drunken Fist.

Lee has a very low tolerance for alcohol, which gives him a natural predisposition for the Drunken Fist style. When he drinks or even smells the fumes of alcohol, he becomes an unpredictable and near unstoppable force of destruction and chaos. [5] Guy explained that, after Lee accidentally drank a small amount of sake, he demolished an entire bar they were in. [6] Lee's usage of this style gives him considerably greater speed and dexterity, allowing Lee to strike and effectively dodge from various positions. [7] In the anime, it was shown that Lee can also go into this style of fighting by simply getting dizzy.


Lee's sexy jutsu

Lee's using the Sexy Technique.

Despite not being able to use ninjutsu, Lee tries to create his own ninjutsu by using taijutsu or any other means to imitate other techniques and will eventually invent other pseudo-ninjutsu based off of the original. The only technique he seems to favor is Naruto's Sexy Technique.

Pseudo-Nature Transformation

Wind Release Evaporation Rotation

Lee using Wind Release: Evaporation Rotation.

Lee can also copy ninjutsu that includes nature transformations. By using materials or his taijutsu, he is able to generate his own nature. He is able to create wind by spinning rapidly fast, create fire by using matches, create lightning by rubbing a carpet around himself to create electricty, and create water by urinating.

Pseudo-Summoning Technique

Lee Summons Neji Better

Lee summoning Neji as a turtle.

Lee has also been shown to imitate a fake summoning technique. This is done by allowing Neji to put on a turtle costume to deceive his opponents. In the manga, Lee can also summon Neji's uncle, Hiashi Hyūga but never had a chance to work with him. [8]


Lee fighting Sai

Lee using nunchaku.

Lee is also highly skilled in weaponry. His personal weapon of choice is the nunchaku, and from what has been shown he uses them with great speed indicating his proficiency.


Along with imitating ninjutsu, Lee creates his own form of genjutsu, basically performed by creating skits to give the illusion. His skits are sometimes used to help him with a situation rather than for battle. When used in battle, Lee is able to take advantage of the time his opponent is distracted by the skit to attack any support his opponent may have.


The Ninja Rock Lee!!

In Konohagakure, an enemy attempts to burn the village, however Lee managed to defeat the enemy. He then reveals to a villager that he can't use ninjutsu and it was not a big problem to him. Lee's teammates Tenten and Neji Hyūga reprimand Lee who finished the mission by himself. Lee then overheard his teacher, Might Guy, talk to two shinobi about how "a ninja is not a real ninja without ninjutsu". Hearing this, Lee was shocked.

Meanwhile, Lee and his teammates begin their defence training. After seeing Neji block Tenten's kunai, Lee tries to block Tenten's kunai by copying Neji's technique. However he failed and got badly injured. After patching up his wounds, Lee explains to Tenten and Neji that he just wants Guy's acknowledgement.

Lee and might whirlwind

Lee and Guy defeating the missing-nin.

Lee and his team then went on a mission to take out a few missing-nin. Lee starts off by summoning a turtle, but instead summons Neji dressed in a turtle costume and then attacks the enemy ninja. Lee then proceeds to attack by copying the Shadow Clone Technique by creating mirages with his speed. Lee then copies Naruto's Sexy Technique by wearing bikini, making the enemy feel disgusted, and begins creating shadow clones by creating mirages of himself due to his speed. Guy reprimands Lee for mimicking ninjutsu techniques. Lee excuses that Guy wouldn't acknowledge him unless he can do ninjutsu after overhearing his talk with the shinobi, but Guy dismisses him, saying that he beat those who said that. After hearing encouraging words from Guy, they team up and were able to defeat the enemies. In the end, Guy copies Lee's Sexy Technique, annoying Tenten enough to attack them with various weapons.

Episode 1

Note: Events in this episode occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

The Huge Pitter-Patter Attack Plan of Love!!

Lee's Make Tacs

Lee after reading Make-Make Out Tactics.

Rock Lee asks Sakura Haruno, his crush, to go out with him, but was turned down. Devastated, Lee walks around and finds an Icha Icha book, which he recognized as the book Kakashi Hatake always reads, on the ground. He reads the x-rated book and reveals to his teammates, Neji, who reads the book with his Byakugan, and Tenten that he has discovered the secret to impressing women. With this, he leaves trying to follow the tactics, but his plan fails. As Tenten tries to console Lee, Kakashi arrives to warn about a lone ninja group from another country lurking around the village, and sees the book Lee read, saying that it was his. Lee asks for advice from him on how to be cool, and Kakashi replies that "cool guys are guys that protect their precious friends".


Lee saving Sakura from the missing-nin.

Lee appears to be surrounded by the enemy ninja. However, Lee arrives and defeats them with a bee inspired attack, earning an apology from Sakura. However, he accidentally grabs her breast which results to a typical Sakura beat down. Lee returns to Tenten, who comforts him. He finds Icha Icha on the ground, making Tenten realize that he has not learned a thing from his exploits.

Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth

After being rejected by Sakura, Lee becomes heartbroken and visits his teammates Neji and Tenten. Lee tells Tenten that he does not understand the way women think, causing Lee to ask her and Neji for help. Neji tells Lee to play it cool, but is soon reminded that Lee's sense of "cool" does not match those of many others.

When Lee is told by Tenten that it is too hard to explain, he sets a scenario up to help her. In the skit, both Neji and Lee come up to Tenten, asking her who she would prefer. Tenten reveals that she believes that her significant other should be kind, open, honest, know how to keep her happy and give her gifts, though she wouldn't mind him being forceful every so often.

Lee keeps note of Tenten's words and decides to take her advice. As Lee runs back to town, Naruto arrives to warn Tenten and Neji that rogue foreign ninja have been appearing. He then asks where Lee is, to which Tenten asks him what he thinks makes a man cool.

Naruto answers in predictable fashion, a cool man is someone who treats people to ramen, but he gives a real answer shortly later: Cool people are those who protect people close to them. While resting on a bench, Sakura is approached by Lee, who just jumped out of the bushes. Seeing how dirty the bench is, Lee offers to clean it for her. Realizing that if he scrubbed hard enough it would be a good exercise for his arm, Lee begins to rapidly scrub the bench, disappearing after he finished his job. Lee then encounters Tenten, who tries to warn him about the foreign shinobi, but Lee soon rushes off.

Lee quickly returns to Sakura, giving her a bouquet of roses, shocking Sakura, though a hoard of bees soon flies from the flowers. Lee offers to help rid of the bees, but he accidentally injures Sakura instead. She scolds him for hitting her and Lee tries to fix things by trying to be open and honest regarding his feelings. He begins his sentance, but is stung by a bee midway, and accidentaly hits Sakura once more. Having gone through all of Tenten's steps of advice but one, Lee tries to be forceful and tries to kiss Sakura. However, Sakura punches Lee and walks away. Later, Sakura wonders to herself if she had been too harsh on Lee. As she thinks this, she is confronted by a stranger.

Meanwhile, Tenten is trying to comfort Lee in hopes of making him feel better, but to no avail. Neji appears and reminds Tenten that the foriegn shinobi were still lurking around. Hearing this, Lee quickly runs towards Sakura's direction, believing her to be in danger. Upon finding his crush, Sakura is surrounded by rogue ninja. Lee appears and saves Sakura, shocking Sakura.

Lee gropes Sakura

Lee accidently touches Sakura's breast.

She inquires Lee to why he would want to save her when she said so many harsh things to him. In reply, Lee tells Sakura that she is so precious to him, he doesn't need a reason to save her. Sakura is touched by Lee's words and Lee offers to walk Sakura home. However, because Lee becomes dizzy, he accidentaly gropes Sakura's breasts, causing Sakura to punch him once more.

Later that day, Lee meets up with Tenten and they discuss how he messed up that day. Lee begins to think he isn't cool, but Tenten seems disagree. Lee is very touched by her comment, but as he tries to thank her, he looks very creepy and as a result, Tenten attacks him.

Rock Lee vs. Neji Hyūga!!

When Lee comes with the intention to stop the enemies, they claim that ninjutsu will not effect them, but Lee knocks out the three ninja with taijutsu. Tenten and Might Guy, who dressed in a ridiculous outfit that consists of a tutu, arrive. Lee is shown dressed in the same attire, as he and Guy resume their training, much to Tenten's disbelief. Just as when he thinks he's better than Neji, Lee realizes that Neji defeated the enemies' leader, hence beating Lee's "quantity with quality". Later, Tenten is searching for her valuable photo that she has lost, and claims that she wished Neji was there, due to his Byakugan. Lee attempts to perform Byakugan, and Naruto Uzumaki mistakes him for a suspicious person. Neji arrives, having retrieved Tenten's photo in the matter of seconds, and Lee swears to never to lose to Neji again. Lee challenges Neji, who accepts it saying that Lee can't win against him. After a week of training, Lee comes back, looking considerably muscular, as well as Guy, who only has his right arm preeminent. The battle begins between Lee and Neji. Lee's speed slows down, allowing Neji to attack, which reveals that Lee and Guy's muscles are fake, but Guy denies it, stating it's chakra. Lee headbutts Neji, resulting in a draw. In the end, Guy invites Lee and Neji for training using their fake muscles, much to Tenten's chagrin.

Episode 3

A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji

When Kusagakure shinobi attack Konohagakure, Lee easily manages to defeat them. However, Lee sees an unharmed Neji standing behind a huge Kusagakure ninja. The group of shinobi flees and Lee feels disappointed, comparing his quantity with Neji's quality and qualifying his achivement as inferior.


Lee challenging Neji.

Later, Lee finds Tenten searching for something. Tenten reveals that she had lost a photo of their team together and wanted to find it. Lee made finding Tenten's picture a personal goal, but only to find that Neji had already found it shortly after Sakura and Naruto's arrival. After recieving the photo, Tenten and Sakura talk about Neji while Neji returns to his home. This frustrates Naruto and Lee and the two decide to spy on Neji to see his true strength. However, the two are disappointed when they only witness Neji in the restroom. Lee states that he will not admit defeat and challenges Neji to a match.


Lee battling Neji.

A week later, Neji is waiting together with Sakura and Tenten for Lee to come. He then arrives with a really strong, muscular appearence. Naruto also appears with a muscular arm, saying that he only helped Lee with half of his training. They start fighting until Neji attacks Lee with his Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms and causes Lee's "muscles" to fade away. So Lee uses his "Byakugan" as a last resource and confuses Neji, and manages to find an opening. He hits Neji with his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Headbutts and makes Tenten think for a moment Lee had finally won for the first time.

Tenten's Must-Win Battle

Note: Events in this episode occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Copy Ninja Rock Lee?!

Episode 4

Guy-Sensei's Rival is Kakashi-Sensei


Lee dressed up as Kakashi.

Lee appears to Neji and Tenten with three large stones attached to his body as part of his training. The team then watch as Kakashi and Guy prepare for their competition, but Guy has a cold, so Kakashi advises him to call the competition off. When Guy refuses, Kakashi uses his One Thousand Years of Pain to win the challenge, much to Tenten's horror. After the competition, Tenten complains about how Guy constantly challenges Kakashi. Lee justifies by explaining how Guy helped him in the past. Kakashi then tells Lee that he has twenty consecutive victories over Guy. Knowing Guy's losses, Lee tries to copy Kakashi.

In the anime, due to the pain Guy experienced due to Kakashi's attack, Kakashi substitutes Guy as leader of Team Guy. Later on in the day, Neji and Tenten discuss how Guy doesn't measure up to Kakashi's talents as a ninja. Lee is doubtful and he begins to think about the past before he began to emulate Guy. He tries to convince himself that Guy has bested Kakashi plenty of times, but cannot seem to think of one time not made up. Tenten points out that even if Guy has enough motivation and energy, girls love Kakashi's cool demeanor. Which makes Lee question if Guy really is as good as Kakashi or not before he decides he is going to mold himself after Kakashi now, not Guy. But Lee believes first of all, to do this, he must master his most epic move first.


Lee, Guy, and Kakashi defeating the missing-nin.

Later, Lee arrives dressed up like Kakashi, much to Tenten's surprise. Noting Kakashi's tardiness, Team Guy heads off without him. Lee approaches the enemy ninja, almost mistaken for Kakashi due to his outfit. Lee continues acting to be Kakashi's imposter by showing his "Sharingan", which turns out to be just a contact lens. Lee attacks the enemy with Kakashi's One Thousand Years of Pain, but the enemy has a shield on his butt, stating that he has been hit by the same technique from Kakashi's father. As the enemy is about to overwhelm them, Guy and Kakashi arrive in time to save Team Guy. Regretting his actions to imitate Kakashi, Lee changes his outfit to his normal ones and helps Guy and Kakashi to beat the enemies. It is then that Kakashi reveals that it was the Make-Out Tactics' hero who has twenty consecutive wins. Once Guy is completely healed, Lee practices Kakashi's jutsu with him.

Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!!

Lee informs Naruto and Konohamaru about the upcoming Chūnin Exams, and that he again offers to practice combat sparring with Naruto and Konohamaru, but Naruto claims to hate that type of training, so Lee shows the application forms for the Chūnin exams, and tells the boys to get it from him before nightfall or else they can't enter the exams. Naruto and Konohamaru accept the challenge and prepare for the match. Sakura suddenly appears and asks why Lee is willing to help them. Lee replies by saying that like his Guy who motivated him in the past, Lee wants to help out his fellow friends the same way.

Lee first approaches Naruto, but was greatly defeated. Lee then approaches Konohamaru and manages to land an attack and sends him flying away a far distance. Lee finds Konohamaru and senses something upsetting upon him. Konohamaru responds saying that he is unsure of his ability if he takes the Chūnin Exams. Lee encourages Konohamaru by saying that if he believes in himself he will be successful in the exams. This encourages Konohamaru and he attacks Lee with the Sexy Manly Man Madness Technique. This technique proved to be very effective on Lee and in the end, Naruto and Konohamaru succed in retrieving the applications.

Episode 5

I'm Going to Teach Konohamaru Kempo

Lee trains, Konohamaru appears and asks Lee for help with his own training. Confused Lee asks why he would him, to which, after appearing, Naruto Uzumaki points out that he could do much more than Lee. Konohamaru reveals that the combat exams were going to be held soon and he found that Lee was as suitable teacher in hand-to-hand combat. Although Tenten points out that they must pass as well, Lee agrees to mentor Konohamaru. He does this, and Naruto participates as well. Lee shows Konohamaru many techniques, but spends much time competing with Naruto. Eventually while doing this, Lee accidentaly hits Konohamaru, sending him flying. Konohamaru begins to sulk, and admits to being scared that he may fail the Exam, but Lee manages to cheer him up. The day of the exam arrives, and Lee and Konohamaru come to be tested. However, they are shocked to find that the exam was actually a "body fat" exam.

Episode 6

Note: Events in this episode occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Episode 7

Note: Events in this episode occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Tenten's Ambition!

Episode 8

Part 1: Even Hokages Goes Bald

Team Guy are practicing ninja item training. Lee begins by wielding his nunchaku, however he loses control and they manage to slip out of his hand. As a result, they accidentally destroy the top part of Tsunade's head on the Hokage Monument, making it look like she is bald, much to Tenten's horror. The team then sees a missing-nin looking to assinate Tsunade. Team Guy warns Tsunade, who offer to protect her, about the enemy ninja. For protection, Tenten gives Tsunade a charm.

In the anime, everyone heads back inside to play a card game. Lee asks if it's really okay for them to be playing the game and the rules are explained to them. This then accidentally ends up making Tsunade very angry. Unknown to everyone, the two rogue ninja have stuck into the dice house and are spying on them. They decide to test out her medical skills. The two rogue ninja pretend to be ill, but this doesn't work so the leader ninja tries again, this time asking for someone bald, then someone with a huge bust. Neither of these work so he tries a fourth time. Upon asking for someone with makeup, it doesn't work either! So finally the ninja asks sure-fire ways to get Lady Tsunade to pay attention and as a result, he ends up enraging her. They then begin to attack.

Lee and Guy then deflect the enemy's attack. The attacks which Lee and Guy deflected accidentally land on Tsunade's head, making Tenten annoyed. It happens for the second time when the defeated enemies land on Tsunade. Neji then tries to protect Tsunade from other hidden ninja. However he accidentally makes Tsunade bald similar to what Lee did on the monument. Just as when the enemies managed to abduct Tsunade, weapons come out from the charm Tenten gave to Tsunade. Tenten defeats the enemies and apologizes to Tsunade who is being healed by Shizune. Tsunade acknowledges Tenten's efforts and beats Lee and Guy, shaving their head similar to what has happened to her.

Neji and Hinata

Episode 9

Part 1: Neji's Cousin, Hinata

64 palms guard

Lee and Guy being repelled by Hinata's attack.

Mistaking Hinata for Neji, Lee challenges her to a fight, causing Neji to beat him up. When Lee tries to challenge the real Neji, the two of them end up hitting her and upsetting her, so the team decides to visit her home and apologise. When they enter the Hyūga house, Lee and Guy were shocked to see that all of the Hyūga clan members looks like their teammate Neji. Lee and Guy see Hinata and attempt to cheher up, but fails as Hinata attacks them instead.

In the anime, Neji tries to secretly head home to watch Hinata train but the rest of his team catches him and they ask to know what is going on. He explains the situation but he really doesn't want Lee to come, though he isn't able to talk him out of it and even forces Naruto away, knowing how much he would really interfere. They arrive to find Hinata already in the middle of training. Lee and Guy end up making her upset and she attacks them. Then she runs off as Neji threatens Lee and Guy if they dare try to mess with Hinata again.

Neji answers Tenten's question why he wants to help Hinata, stating that he nearly killed Hinata during Chūnin Exams, so he wants to help and protect her. At this, Team Guy, along with Kiba, Akamaru and Shino, Hinata's teammates, decide to help her train. Guy offers Hinata one of his jumpsuits, but Neji, fearing the changes this would cause in Hinata's personality, destroys it. Akamaru accidentally urinates on Hinata's head, causing Neji to attack Akamaru. Proudly declaring that he doesn't do mistakes, Shino's bugs ends up swarming round the urine on her head, and Neji promptly kills them. Lee decides to help Hinata get over her inability to behave normally around her crush Naruto, and has all the males of the group, except Neji, dress as Naruto in order to do so. Neji intervenes again, but ends up knocking the others into Hinata, causing her to run off again.

Eight Trigrams Palms Infinite Heavenly Spin

Lee, along with the rest of the Naruto impersonators, being repelled away by Neji and Hinata.

A group of missing-nin, who want to get a hold of the Byakugan, disguise themselves as Naruto in order to lure Hinata to them, so they can kidnap her. Neji manages to save her however, and they are joined by the rest of their group, still wearing their Naruto disguises. In the resulting confusion, Neji and Hinata work together to take everyone else down. Shortly afterwards, Hinata runs into the real Naruto, and faints, causing Neji to beat up Naruto.

In the manga, the chapter ends with Lee and the others returning to the Hyūga house with bruised up faces.

Tag Match!

Episode 10

Part 1: Teamwork Symbolizes Youth

Jet Lee

Lee and Neji working together to defeat Shikamaru.

Team Guy are in the village when they are suddenly surrounded and outnumbered by rogue ninja. Lee and Neji accidentally attack each other when they both attempted started an attack towards the enemies, annoying Tenten. Shikamaru and Chōji, who are close friends, arrive to defeat the enemy. Seeing their friendship, Lee invites Neji to play a Naruto game with him. Finding out about Lee's plan to improve Team Guy's teamwork, Ino invites them to the BBQ so he can talk to Chōji and Shikamaru for advice. While eating, Lee forces Neji to eat meat so that he will "get fat like Chōji", causing the angry Chōji to challenge them in a tag match (in the anime, Lee took the last piece of barbecue pork and tries to feed it to Neji). Lee and Neji need to steal the bell from Shikamaru and Chōji within time limit to win. After Shikamaru finishes formulating his strategies, Lee mimics him but comes up with a stupid idea. Lee copies Shikamaru's jutsu and Neji copies Chōji's using his Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. However, Lee gets stuck in the middle of Chōji and Neji's jutsu's clash, causing himself to be on Shikamaru's trap filled with paper bombs which detonate. After the match, Shikamaru tells Lee that he can't easily achieve that kind of friendship he has with Chōji since they are best friends since they were children. Hearing Shikamaru's lecture, Lee and Neji's teamwork seem to improve, but still, they fail to steal the bell which fell in the water, causing a tie. Chōji forgives Lee for calling him fat, but Lee accidentally says the word, thus Chōji beats Lee and Neji up.

Episode 11

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Episode 12

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Rock Lee vs. Might Guy

Episode 13

In the manga, as Neji and Tenten are trying to defeat the enemies. Lee and Guy managed to use a surprise attack to defeat the enemy ninja. While Lee and Guy are rejoicing, Lee sees Naruto, in Sage Mode, preparing to throw his Wind Release: Rasenshuriken at the remaining enemy ninja. Seeing as Naruto easily defeated the ninja, Lee becomes shock to see that Kakashi has recognized how much Naruto has improved.

Later, Guy asks his students to do five hundred laps around the village. Lee proposes to do five hundred million laps instead, making Tenten sarcastically remark to do lap around the world. Tired of doing laps, Team Kakashi appears from Ichiraku Ramen. Sakura heals Lee, who overhears Kakashi being proud of Naruto. Lee tells them that he will surpass Naruto and Guy, and challenges Guy to a duel.

In the anime, Kakashi and Guy look over their students report cards, Kakashi mentions Naruto surpassing him. Guy calls his team together to test their skills and tells them that they will pass if they are able to beat him. Tenten and Neji manage to do this, but Lee fails after Guy holds nothing back, using the Eight Gates. Guy gives Lee a week to become stronger than him, and if not, demote him to Genin.

A saddened Lee is approached by Kakashi, who witnessed the whole event. He manages to cheer Lee up, leaving the boy determined to train harder than ever. His teammates help him train for several days, but Lee still feels unsatisfied. Tenten mentions the lethal ability of Guy's Morning Peacock, making Lee determined to form a counter move.

Lee vs guy

Lee clashing with Guy.

They begin with attacking each other with Leaf Whirlwind. Lee invents a disgusting Leaf Breeze and perverted technique that is able to raise Sakura's skirts up. He and Naruto receive a beating from Sakura after talking about Sakura pervertedly. Lee lets out a Leaf Snack Takoyaki Flavor which attracts Kakashi and Neji. Guy activates the sixth of his Eight Gates and attacks Lee with Morning Peacock, which Lee copies after activating his own Eight Gates. Lee loses the duel, but Guy encourages him to surpass him. After an emotional moment, they attempt to train together, but are too exhausted to do so.

Episode 14

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Episode 15

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Episode 16

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Episode 17

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Episode 18

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Sakura's Swimsuit!

Episode 19

Part 1: Summer Means Seashells Styles!

Tenten finds Lee training and she asks him if he wants to go to the beach. Lee doesn't see much point in this and he continues to train until Tenten finds Sakura and they talk about the beach trip. Sakura seems disappointed since she had hoped everyone would be coming. Tenten then changes the subject by asking Sakura if she's going to buy the bathing suit they saw the other day. Sakura isn't so sure yet, but they plan to meet up later before she takes off. Lee then quickly decides he has to go to the beach!

They arrive to the beach where Tenten asks Lee how she looks, but he doesn't pay her much attention, which angers the girl greatly. It's then Guy shows up, where he explains he heard Lee the other day when he mentioned training at the beach. So now he wants Lee to run around the beach using his hands for about 5,000 laps. Lee gets right on it, but realizes that he just wants to see Sakura's bathing suit, so he tries to focus on it. Though Guy makes it hard by consistantly doing something else...

In the anime, throughout the day, Naruto and Konohamaru notice how upset Lee is, along with how hard he is pushing himself to please Guy, and still get to see Sakura's swimsuit. Neither of them entirely understand, but they decide they'll help him anyway. First they dress in giant sea turtle suits, then as crabs but with each attempt, Guy wants to eat them! As Guy and Lee are in the water, a shark begins to approach but Guy isn't very threatened until the shark begins to get closer. It is then revealed it isn't a shark, but Naruto and Konohamaru. Lee manages to chase away the shark.

He notices Sakura is looking for something and a black bikini piece floats over to him. He ends up thinking it belongs to Sakura, not aware she's just looking for the ball, and he goes to return it. It's then Lee realizes it belongs to Guy but at this point he's already thrown them at Sakura and she attacks him.

As the three of the boys sit in defeat, Sakura comes over and informs them that she felt the bathing suit was too wild, so she just got a normal one instead. Lee seems disappointed, but then he remembers that in a way, this still counted as success and the guys happily resume discussion.

Gaara of the Desert

Episode 20

Part 1: I Want To Be Friends with Gaara

Team Guy is sent on a mission to Sunagakure. On their way to the village, a wave of sand nears them, but it is revealed to be Gaara, who had mistaken Team Guy for intruders. Lee attempts to greet him, but is ignored. Gaara brings Team Guy to his office and explains that he had called them here for aid with rogue ninja, explaining there was a rumor of rogue ninja infiltrating the village. After Gaara finishes speaking, both Neji and Tenten note Lee's strange behavior.

In the anime. in an attempt to ease tension between Lee and Gaara, Guy organizes the 138th annuel Leaf vs. Sand Alliance Building Barbacue Cook-off. However, this and many other plans fail.

Directly after, Gaara spots several rogue ninja. In the battle, Lee is accidentaly injured, due to being hit by Guy. Gaara orders him to cease fighting, but Lee refuses. Lee reveals that he does not hate Gaara because he defeated him, but his loss encouraged him to strive to become better. Lee and Gaara are able to conjoin their attacks and defeat the enemies. After he proceeds to defeat the enemy, Lee challenges Gaara to a duel, which Gaara accepts. He tearfully hugs Gaara, who is disgusted and scares Team Guy away with his sand.

Episode 21

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Episode 22

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He's Fuzzy Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?!

Episode 23

In the anime, Naruto comes by to find Lee moping and asks him about it. Lee explains that a theft occured earlier and Guy managed to help the woman from it, but he started to think about how Guy can use nin-jutsu and he can't. Naruto doesn't understand why it matters and he points out that Lee's hand-to-hand combat is off the charts because he can't perform jutsu. As Lee begins to talk they spot Sakura heading to the bath house and quickly follow behind her in order to spy on the girl.


Lee and Naruto working together to defeat the missing-nin.

As Ino heads towards a hot spring for a bath, she encounters Naruto and Lee attempting to peek at Sakura. Confronting them about this, Ino is startled by the two, who use their nindō to justify their actions, which causes Ino to use her Mind Reverse Body Technique, resulting in Lee and Naruto switching bodies. They demand that Ino switch them back, but it would be impossible since the technique was extremely taxing and it would take until the next evening for her chakra reserve to be replenished. After futilely trying to transform into into one another, they resign to remain as each other until Ino could undo the technique. Naruto and Lee's team are deployed on a collaborative mission that goes awry as each starts to show mannerisms of the other. As the team confronts the enemies, Kakashi tries to set up an opening for Naruto to attack, and Lee (inside Naruto) creates three shadow clones to transform into a bikini-clad Sakura, ending the clones with nose-bleed, as well as Naruto (inside Lee). Meanwhile, Naruto (inside Lee) finds Guy's large scale Leaf Strong Whirlwind, creating flames from the friction of his techniques impossible to do. The Nine-Tails is shocked when Lee appears, refers to it with the honorific "kun" and offers it a present. It is aware that the seal has weakened. As Naruto transforms into his two-tailed chakra shroud the tails manifest themselves on his eyebrows instead of as tails shocking everyone. He is soon suppressed by Kakashi with a Sealing Tag. After Sakura falls off a small cliff, Naruto and Lee come to her aid and defeats the enemies with Rasenshuleeken. Sakura realizes that the two has switched bodies somehow and proceeds to punish the two after finding out that they were trying to peek at her the day before.

Episode 24

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Episode 25

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Episode 26

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Episode 27

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Episode 28

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Episode 29

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Episode 30

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Episode 31

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Episode 32

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Episode 33

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Episode 34

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Animal Watcher

Episode 35

Part 1: Caring for Animals is Hard Work

Team Guy are left with Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, Kakashi's ninken, Tonton and Katsuyu. Puzzled that the team is left babysitting huge amounts of animals, Guy tells them not to worry and summons Ningame seemingly only adding one more animal to the masses. Explaining to Lee that you didn't need to be good at ninjutsu to communicate with animals. As Guy asks Tenten — who seemingly cannot get along with Ningame — and Neji — who does not have a contract with an animal — to help them as well, they all realise that maybe their team was unsuited to watch animals. Kiba and Akamaru then pass by practicing the Dynamic Marking which amazes the other ninken. Stopping by, Guy tells Lee that you can bond with animals through skin ship leading Lee to hugging Akamaru who retaliates with the Passing Fang. Believing that they were bonding, Pakkun explained that summoned creatures were different from Akamaru who was around Kiba all the time, and as such, they did not require watching. After telling them that they could not neglect their duties, the animals all scatter.

Guy and Lee then chases down the ninken pack that end up using Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique to attack him but this is misinterpreted as them wanting to play with him. The same occurs with Lee when Kiba and Akamaru attacks him with the Fang Passing Fang, even beginning to trade the dogs with each other. Fed up, the ninken all use the Super Dynamic Marking on Lee and Might Guy. Kiba and Akamaru then prepare to use the Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf but Lee dives into the combination, creating three heads. Running away, Guy summons Ningame noting that the turtle was faster. Guy, however, kicks Ningame who spirals towards them like a giant shuriken. Lee was able to protect all the ninken from this attack, earning Ningame's respect. A few days later, Lee is assigned to help watch a few animals again only for a shocked Neji and Tenten to see the giant Gamabunta, Gamaken, and Gamahiro before them.

Tenten vs. Temari

Episode 36

Part 1: Tenten vs. Temari!

After Team Guy completes a mission, Tenten insists that they stop at a nearby teashop, despite Lee protesting that he had to train to catch up to his rivals. Entering the shop, they are shocked to see Gaara, Baki, and Kankuro. Despite the fact that Lee tells Tenten that he didn't need to challenge the young Kazekage to another battle, he prepares to use the Front Lotus on Gaara. Attempting to stop Lee, Tenten draws her weapons, though her weapons and Lee are buffeted away by a great gust of wind as Temari appears, telling the young shinobi not to do weird things to the Kazekage. Chastising Tenten's weapon usage once again, the two kunoichi face off against each other. Apologising to her teammates, Tenten recalls the time she fought Temari during the Chūnin Exams and lost. Consoled by Lee, who takes out a pair of green overalls and tells her that if she wore them, she'd be able to defeat Temari, Tenten uses her weapons to turn it into a tank-top. Thinking of other methods Tenten could beat Temari, Lee realises that Tenten would also lose in terms of bust size, before challenging Gaara to a test of cup size as well only to be chastised by Temari. Cautioning Tenten to stop Lee before he got fired up again, Neji is shocked when Tenten challenges Temari to a battle. A team battle is eventually decided upon and the six ninja face off against one another. Comically the battle wages on until it comes down to a battle of pictures with Temari on the defensive after being attacked by numerous pictures of herself with Shikamaru, since Lee believes there is something going on between the two. They are eventually crushed by Gaara. Annoyed, Temari summons Kamatari via the Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance technique who only sets up shop with Lee cutting vegetables. Using the opportunity, Tenten summons the Jidanda. As everyone uses their different defensive techniques to take cover, Lee (and Guy in the anime) who insists he had erected a barrier gets caught between Tenten and Temari's attack. With the battle seemingly over and Temari, the victor, Tenten opens her blouse to reveal the green blouse underneath which had seals written on it. Using the Manipulated Tools: Breast Hammer, Temari is knocked out and Tenten is named the victor. Though the battle ended in a tie, Temari conceded loss and acknowledged Tenten. Back in Konoha, news of the battle spread far and wide, but to Tenten's dismay, she gained the moniker "The Breast Hammer".

Might Guy, the Hokage?!

Episode 37

Special Dynamic Entry

Lee, alongside his teammates, defending the village.

Having to leave the village and with Kakashi and Shikaku out on missions as well, Tsunade makes Might Guy the temporary Hokage much to Lee's delight. After receiving a report from Kotetsu and Izumo (Lee in the anime) that morale amongst the village's shinobi was low, Guy moves to rectify this with several decrees such as: eating curry, wearing the green suit he himself wears and greeting each other with passionate embraces. At the top of the Hokage Monument, his fellow teammates start a rebellion against Guy's demands. Lee believes that the only way to settle this uprising is through fighting. The shinobi then proceed to attack Lee. After attacking Lee, the shinobi see that even though Guy's laws seem to serve no purpose, when put to the test, Guy's decrees turn out to be beneficial, though this was not Guy's intention. Believing that Guy cared for them, Yamato sculpted multiple faces of Guy, however the faces begins to fall apart off of the mountain. Seeing that the heads are about to fall on to the village, Lee and his teammates destroy the heads. The Konoha ninja begin to apologize to Guy and begin to run five thousand laps around the village. Lee is then found, by Tsunade, exhausted along with his teammates having tried to run five thousand laps with the "Guy-kage". Slapping her temporary replacement, Tsunade and her disciples then go on to heal the villagers. In the end, Lee realises that Guy is much more suited to be an action hero than the Hokage. Elsewhere while Teuchi had stopped serving curried ramen, his demeanour had comically changed to reflect that of Might Guy.

The Organization Named Akatsuki!

Given the mission to locate the base of a new organisation that would become a great threat to Konohagakure called Akatsuki, Team Guy sets out with Guy telling his former students not to take the organisation lightly. They are able to find the base and infiltrate it where they find a closet full of matching cloaks. Before they could go any further however, two members of the organisation arrive forcing Lee and Tenten to hide in plain sight, donning the Akatsuki mantle and claiming to be a new recruit. After a brief conversation about what art truly was with Sasori and Deidara, two more members arrive adding to the Konoha-nin's dismay. After being threatened by Kakuzu and propositioned by Hidan to join his religion, two more members: Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki arrive. Fearing that the latter would recognise him because he bore strong resemblance to Might Guy whom Kisame had fought once before, Lee takes to squinting to change his appearance. Itachi, however, decides to use genjutsu to see whether the new recruit was worthy to be a member, forcing Tenten to cancel the genjutsu that had been placed on Lee. Things escalate even further when Pain and Konan arrive with the series of accidents culminating in each member using some of their most powerful attacks and ultimately destroying the base. Using the confusion as cover, Lee and Tenten are able to escape with Lee coming to the conclusion that the organisation was a singing group from Ebisu Private Middle School. Meanwhile, Zetsu finally arrives with the real new recruit which prompts Deidara to lash out saying he could not handle any more new recruits.

Episode 38

Part 1: Infiltrate Akatsuki's Hideout!

Team Guy gathers in the forest as Might Guy explains their mission. The team is supposed to go check a possible hideout for the Akatsuki group. If the Akatsuki does appear, they are to refrain from battling and instead only observe their actions and then report to the Hokage. Rock Lee and Tenten set out together to search as Guy and Neji Hyuga search other areas.

Lee as an Akatsuki

Lee disguised as an Akatsuki member.

Tenten and Lee eventually find a large cave and decide to look inside it, though Tenten believes it to be too cliche for the Akatsuki to use a cave for a hideout, though when Lee finds a closet full of spare Akatsuki cloaks, Tenten begins to believe that it really could be one of the Akatsuki's hideouts, although Lee only believes that several close friends decided to by the same cloak. Tenten warns Lee to leave the cave before they are seen, but decides it is too late when they hear the voices of Deidara and Sasori quarreling about what true art is. In rush to hide themselves, Lee puts on an Akatsuki cloak and puts Tenten in the back. Recognizing Lee, Deidara pulls him aside and reveals that he bribed Tobi to keep quiet about their previous encounters. Not wanting to reveal anything about the Akatsuki to Lee, who believed that he was a performer of some sort, Deidara tells Lee that the hideout is in actuality the main office for the "Ninja Art Club" he is in. He explains that the group will not welcome outsiders and may treat him as a spy. As Lee and Tenten are about to leave, Sasori mentions that Lee must be the new recruit that Zetsu had been scouting. Other Akatsuki teams arrive, Kakuzu and Hidan coming first and Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki appearing second. At the sight of Itachi, Tenten realizes she has seen him in the Bingo Books and recognizes him as Sasuke Uchiha's older brother and the perpetrator of the Uchiha Clan, confirming her beliefs that she and Lee were in an Akatsuki hideout.

Part 2: A Desperate Escape Plan!

Seeing as Kisame may recognize Lee, due to Lee being the spitting image of Might Guy whom he had previously battled, Lee attempts to change his face, though he only succeeded in making an odd face. Itachi decides to test Lee's strength and puts him under a Genjutsu with his Sharingan. Tenten transfers her own chakra into Lee's body to dispell the illusion, impressing Itachi who believed him to break free on his own. Then, Pain and Konan appear and Hidan introduces Lee as the new member to them. Konan approaches Lee and Deidara thinks to himself that Konan will see through their facade, though she creates a bouquet of paper flowers for him as a welcoming gift. Before Pain starts the actual meeting, he decides to test out Lee's strength as their "new member." Deidara volunteers as his opponent and before they begin to fight, he tells him he will make a large explosion and in the fray, Lee will escape. Before they can begin, Guy appears with Neji under his Akatsuki cloak, explaining in his mind that when Lee and Tenten did not show up for at their rendezvous destination, Neji used his Byakugan to find them and saw there whereabouts in the hideout with the Akatsuki. Guy and Lee clash and converse while grasping each other's hands. Guy tells Lee his plan to escape is to force his way out using his guts. While trying to cause an explosion to form an escape route for Guy and Lee, Deidara is hit by Lee, causing the clay bird he was holding to fall from his hand near Sasori were it exploded, causing Sasori to try to control Deidara with his chakra strings, though they snagged onto Konan, Kisame and Kakuzu, causing Kakuzu to attempt to use his Tentacle Punch on Sasori, though Sasori dodged and instead, the attack hit Hidan and Pain. As all the Akatsuki members were distracted by their fight, Lee and Guy managed to escape before the hideout exploded.

After the hideout was destroyed, Tobi and Zetsu arrive, wondering what had happened while they were away. Sasori blames the destruction of the hideout on the "new guy" and Hidan gives a description of Lee, causing Tobi to recall he and Deidara's past interactions with him and blurts out the information. The episode ends with Team Guy returning to Konohagakure.

Episode 39

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Episode 40

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Episode 41

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Episode 42

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Episode 43

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The Raikage Escort Mission

Episode 44

Part 2: The Raikage is Under Attack!

Team Guy is out on a mission where they were assigned to accost a missing-nin from Takigakure. However, he fled. Noting that they were exhausted from their mission, the team decide to recuperate in Kumogakure where they are greeted by Mabui. Subsequently the team meets the Raikage: A, his brother Killer B — who immediately clicked with Might Guy, and Rock Lee, B's student's: Omoi, Karui, and Samui along with her brother Atsui. They are also joined by C and Darui and they are informed that an assassin was making an attempt on the Raikage's life. After being asked to act as security detail for the Raikage while they were in the village, a visibly perturbed Neji denies that there was anything wrong with him. After some chaos ensues with different personalities conflicting which culminates in Darui creating a pair of panties from his Lightning Release: Black Panther, and Storm Release: Laser Circus technique on the Raikage after he Lee accidentally tripped over Darui and made him bit his tongue, creating a pair of panties and brassier for the Raiakge. The Raikage was sent flying by B who had fully transformed into his tailed beast. Neji cones under suspicion after they realise he is a Hyūga, and knowing full-well the circumstances around the strained relation with Kumo. However, it turns out that a newly convicted Neji actually protected the Raikage from the missing Taki-nin despite Lee's clumsiness. In the end Lee, Guy, Neji, and Tenten become a rap gang of B's.

Episode 45

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Jiraiya, The Legendary Peeping Ninja!

Episode 46

After agreeing to train Konohamaru, Naruto and Lee, Jiraiya overhears Tenten telling the rest of the girls about how excited they were about going to the bathhouse with Tsunade. Jiraiya and the boys decide to go to the bathhouse as well, on the pretense of training, though they really planned on peeking. Neji refuses to let them peek on the girls or Hinata Hyūga and attempts to stop their plan and refuses to let them pass, though when he hears Tenten saying how "big Hinata has gotten" (presumably referencing her breasts), Neji faints, allowing them to go through. When Lee and Naruto hear Ino talking about how Sakura was still "tiny" Lee and Naruto faint as well. In the bath, Sakura mentions to Tsunade that she saw Jiraiya around and became nervous. Tsunade reassured her that they were safe from peepers because she had hired Kakashi Hatake, Ebisu and Iruka Umino to guard the entrance. When Jiraiya and his team try to get through, Konohamaru and Naruto use their Sexy Sandwich Technique on Iruka and Ebisu, though their technique fails. After that attempt, Konohamaru and Naruto use another technique, the Sexy Student and Teacher Taboo Love Technique. Kakashi and Jiraiya engage in battle, with Kakashi revealing his Sharingan. Jiraiya summons a book and tells Kakashi that it was never released, due to not being deemed suitable for the public. Kakashi automatically begins reading the book, letting Jiraiya pass. The boys hastily walk into the "womens bath," but are shocked to see Orochimaru and Kabuto and Kakashi reveals that he had switched the "Mens Bath" and "Womens Bath" signs previously. To defeat Orochimaru and Kabuto, Naruto, Konohamaru and Lee use their Sexy Bathtime Technique, though it had no effect. Jiraiya and Naruto begin to use their Rasengan while Konohamaru transforms into Sakura as a distraction. Lee realizes they have made an all new technique called the Rasenboobs. However, Lee is caught in the jutsu, but is given new power and fights Orochimaru and Kabuto, but also destroys the wall between the men and womens bath and is knocked to the womens changing room, right into Tenten's garments. In the end, Orochimaru is cast away with Kabuto and Lee is pummeled by the girls.

Sasuke Uchiha!

Episode 47

Part 2: The Shinobi You've Been Waiting For!

As they go over the list of missing-nin while in a dango shop, Team Guy comes across Sasuke Uchiha's profile. Remembering their former comrade, Tenten wonder where they could go to find the missing Uchiha before hearing a familiar voice behind them. Turning in shock, they see Sasuke and the rest of his team in the booth behind them. The three later confront him after they leave the dango shop, and Lee beseeches Sasuke to return to the village, telling him that it was taco night. Still refusing, Neji steps forward and tells the Uchiha that he was still shrouded in darkness, and then mentions that there would also be ice-cream for dessert. When this proves futile, the duo prepares to take Sasuke by force when Suigetsu arrives. Upon seeing their opponent turn into water Lee hastily moves in and uses what he refers to as a Lightning Release : Carpet Pad Static Electricity on Suigetsu's head to create static electricity which is super effective against him, much to Tenten's shock. As Karin arrives at the location, misjudging her for a strong-minded woman who didn't need a man, Neji uses his Byakugan to come to the realisation that Karin was actually a tsundere character. With Jūgo 's arrival, he is mistaken as a calm, level-headed individual before he goes berserk and declares that he was going to murder them. However, Lee's mention of Kimimaro calms down the murderous instinct and causes him to question Lee about Kimimaro's final moments. Lee questions Sasuke about how he was so popular with the females and Sasuke confesses he himself has no idea, telling Lee he has no use for him. Lee chides Sasuke, reminding him that he had copied his taijutsu style in the past, much to Suigetsu's disbelief. Sasuke activates his Sharingan and challenges Lee to a taijutsu duel, but as the two sides clash, Team Guy soon realises that they had been trapped in a genjutsu and that their opponents had already left. Later, the two teams comically meet up in another eatery.

Super Secret Infiltration Mission


Lee as an ANBU.

Before Tsunade could assign a top-secret mission to Neji, Tenten, Sai and Yamato, Neji is inadvertently injured by Tonton. With Neji injured, Tsunade is forced to have Lee as Neji's substitute, dressed in Anbu attire, complete with a mask with thick eyebrows. As they are about to depart to retrieve a secret scroll stolen by missing-nin from another village, Yamato explains to the team what it means to be an ANBU. Seemingly irritated, Sai asks Lee whether he had a penis or not, to which Lee emphatically replies that he did. When Lee drops his pants to show Sai, Tenten leaves the two kunai-ridden. Threatening them, Yamato uses his intimidating facial expression to get them to cooperate, but he is simply mocked by Lee as he apologises. As they travel to their destination, Sai attempts to give nicknames to Lee and Tenten only to fail in the process and later runs away when Lee attempts to hug him after being moved by his story of having no feelings and only just learning of friendship. When they arrive at the location, Yamato tells them that the base was more than likely underground and, beginning the infiltration, merges with a tree, fully expecting the rest to follow. Deciding to break a hole in the ground instead the team infiltrates the base successfully. Sai then uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique to create rats to search the base. Amazed by the technique, Rock Lee commandeers Sai's brush and draws several creatures which Sai brings to life. Shocking Tenten as they climb over her body, these rats — with the faces of Might Guy — are soon accosted by the creatures Tenten draws. All the noise being made by the Konoha-nin soon draws enemy attention. With little time to spare, Yamato — following Lee's instructions — creates an oden shop, which the enemy find inconspicuous at first after seeing it. When they begin to wonder what something like that was doing there and return, they are greeted by a giant wooden robot. Capturing the two enemy-nin before they could raise an alarm, Yamato, Sai and Lee use intimidating facial expressions to uncover the scroll's whereabouts. Opening the scroll, Lee is caught in the trap set on the fake scroll, and the others are forced to abandon him. With Lee captured, he is interrogated on his comrade's whereabouts but refuse to tell them. Before the enemy-nin can injure Lee, however, his comrades arrive. Using the little ink left, Sai brings Lee's eyebrows to life forming giant constructs to attack the enemy, acquire the scroll, and then wings to flee the base. Back in the Hokage's office, the scroll is revealed to contain a secret Wood Release technique to create the same giant robot Yamato had used on the mission. Meanwhile Neji, who has been healed makes his way to the Hokage's office only to see Lee's eyebrows flailing all over the place

Episode 48

Part 1: Yamato Gets a Mission

Anbu Lee

Lee as an Anbu.

After Neji's injures, Tsunade replaces Neji with Lee. Lee appears dressed in Anbu attire, complete with a mask with thick eyebrows. As they are about to depart to retrieve a secret scroll stolen by missing-nin, Sai asks Lee whether he had a penis or not, to which Lee emphatically replies that he did. When Lee's pants falls down, Sai admires Lee's penis. As a result Tenten whacks both of them up in the air. Sai then later reminds the group that Yamato will be meeting with them soon.

As they travel to their destination, Sai tries to give nicknames to Lee and Tenten, however he fails in the process. Sai reminds the two that he has no feelings and that he is just learning the meaning of friendship. After hearing this, Lee attempts to give Sai a hug, and as a result the latter runs away. He then tells Sai that he will earn Sai's friendship by proving himself on this mission.

When they arrive at the location the team infiltrates the base. Sai then uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing technique to create rats to search the base. Amazed by the technique, Lee commandeers Sai's brush and draws several creatures which Sai brings to life. Shocking Tenten as they climb over her body, these rats — with the faces of Might Guy — are soon accosted by the creatures Tenten draws. All the noise being made by the Konoha-nin soon draws enemy attention. With little time to spare, Sai creates an oden shop, which the enemy find inconspicuous at first after seeing it. When they begin to wonder what something like that was doing there and return, Lee uses Sai's jutsu to create a huge robot Yamato. Fooling the enemy, Sai captures the two missing-nin before they could raise an alarm. Lee and Sai then begins to interrogate the enemy by using Yamato's fear face. After the interrogation, Lee and his team finds the scroll. Lee then proceed to opening the scroll, as a result Lee is caught in a trap set on the fake scroll, and the others are forced to abandon him. With Lee captured, he is interrogated on his comrade's whereabouts but refuse to tell them. Before the missing-nin can injure Lee, however, his comrades arrive. Using the little ink left, Sai brings Lee's eyebrows to life forming giant constructs to attack the enemy, and acquire the scroll. Yamato then makes his arrival by giving Lee and his team a chance to escape. Lee then uses his wings to flee the base. Back in the Hokage's office, Lee and his team manages to give the scroll back to Tsunade. After the mission is complete, Sai thanks Lee for saving him. As Neji welcomes his teammates back, Lee, with the ink still on his eyebrows, turns around and injures Neji's eyes.

Episode 49

Main Article: Episode 49

S-Class Mission!

Episode 51

Part 2: Our Final Mission is S-Ranked

Tsunade assigns Team Guy an S-rank mission to make preparations for a flower viewing party, with the reason that she only wants to drink, irritating Tenten. All the teams (Team Kakashi, Team Kurenai and Team Asuma) gathered up. They start to organize a party with lunchboxes, which Lee tries balancing with his feet. It is revealed that the lunchboxes had Lee's face on the cover. Sakura's lunchbox is purposely bigger for her, so Sakura trades with Tsunade's box. Tsunade finds out that Lee has his pouting face when she opened the container, forcing her to beat him up. Neji prepares special Hyūga lunchboxes, knowing that Lee's lunchboxes would mess up. Lee and Guy prepares themselves for training, but Lee slips and accidentally soaks Tsunade in sake. Since the sake bottle broke, Neji shows another bottle of sake, which is actually Hokage Sake. Tsunade threatens Guy and Lee not to break the bottle again. Guy warns Tsunade about drinking sake, remembering when Lee accidentally destroyed a restaurant when he got drunk, but she ignores it and asks Lee to pour him some sake. However, the sake's smell was enough to make Lee drunk. He accidentally attempts to hit Tsunade and Sakura, even Hinata, who pushes Lee and Neji away. When Naruto, Kiba and Chōji try to attack Lee, they accidentally hit themselves with their respective techniques. Guy is forced to open his Sixth Gate and attack Lee, but instead burns the flowers up. Tsunade summons Katsuyu to stop the madness. Lee swallows some of the mini-Katsuyu when it attacked him, so Tsunade hit his stomach to get the Katsuyu's out, but the Hokage Sake bottle breaks in the process. Tenten anticipates that Tsunade's going to attack Lee but she heals him instead, saying that she was glad no one was hurt and that she had fun. Naruto, Kiba, Chōji and Lee clean up the site using their techniques, earning a punch from Tsunade.


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