Paradise in the South Seas!!

Chapter 28
Chapter Info


Akatsuki's Summer Vacation!! Might Guy vs. Kakashi Hatake!!

Paradise in the South Seas!! is chapter 28 of the manga.


Team Guy prepares to leave on a mission and it is revealed that they plan to take a boat. Neji and Tenten wait at the port for Guy and Lee, but soon find the two attempting to pull the baot to their destination. Tenten scolds the two, reminding them that they were set to work with another team. Soon after, Team Kakashi appears. Kakashi explains that their teams will be monitering the oceanic areas. He explains further that ships have been disappearing from the areas from unknown causes, but reports have said that the compass begins to break and sailers are left with no sense of direction. Sakura and Tenten are shaken by the info, but Kakashi tells them that they will be fine, pointing out that he and Guy were their. However, the two are not persuaded, seeing how miserable Guy is on the boat. Guy insists he can still steer the boat, but the compass begins to break, and Guy soon falls over, Lee taking his place. After only a few minutes of sailing, Lee claims he has found land. An island stands before the shinobi, but Tenten shows distrust towards the island. When on the island, Naruto begins to catch fish and Lee finds a tree that appears to bear edible fruit. This suprises Tenten and she begins to believe that the two were actually doing something helpful for everyone, but it is soon revealed that all that the two had gathered was for Sakura. The team decides to try to find fresh water and Lee proclaims he has an idea. He quickly confesses to Sakura, but is even quicker denied. Lee begins to sob and catches his tears in a container. However, no one is willing to drink such things and Lee plan is proven inefficiant. Neji points out their need for a fire and Tenten begins to rub sticks together. However, once more, Lee has his own idea in mind, and creates a fire with the heat of his punches. Tenten is annoyed by Lee's method, but Kakashi admits that using ninjutsu would be helpful. He uses his Lightning Cutter, but Lee and Naruto immediatly begin to use his electricity for video games. After this, everyone decides to go once more onto the ship and set sail. Guy is once again steering the boat and soon they arrive at another island. Tenten comments on how similar the island was the previous one they landed on, but the two are proven to be different when several versions of Guy appear from the island, seemingly being the islands natives. The natives appear to mistake Guy as some sort of royalty to them and him and everyone else (excluding Kakashi) is given the best quality treatment. Instead of being treated as a guest like the others, Kakashi is endlessly challenged by each inhabitant of the island. Having had enough of the island, Kakashi along with everyone else leaves the island. While on the sea once more, Neji instead decides to steer the boat. After a few minutes of sailing, another island appears and when Team Guy and Kakashi step onto its land, a girl who bears a strong resemblance to Hinata, Neji's cousin appears. Soon after seeing her, Neji showers her with food and shade. Soon after, the team leaves the island. On the boat, Kakashi steers and soon another island is found. On the island, several perverse books are found littered around the shore. Directly after seeing this, the team leaves. Next at the steering wheel is Sai. When another island appears, it is an odd shape. Sai suggests they disembark, but Tenten strongly oposes the idea. Kakashi orders Neji to search for enemies with his Byakugan. Realizing he has been found, a missing-nin emerges from the water. He reveals that all of the previous images were illusions that he made with his flute. He explains that he would create images with his flute and have sailers and travellers continuesly land on the same island several times straight, until they were too tired to fight. After thiss, he would steal their valuables and money. Despite being tired, all of the shinobi fight, shocking their foe and defating him. After their mission, the teams finally return to actual land. Guy is completely worn from the trip, but before anyone is allowed rest, Kakashi recieves a message from Pakkun. After recieving the said message, Kakashi reveals that a huge squid has been harassing people and they were called to kill it. Once revealing this, he ushers the rest of the shinobi back on board the ship, much to everyone's disappointment.

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