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Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!!

Chapter 5.5



Naruto tsui Konohamaru tsui Rokku Rī!

Chapter Info
Sakura's Swimsuit!! Tenten's Ambition!!

Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!! (ナルト対木の葉対ロック·リー! Naruto tsui Konohamaru tsui Rokku Rī!) is the special chapter of volume 1.


Lee informs Naruto and Konohamaru about the chūnin exams, and that he is already a chūnin for passing the chūnin exams. Horrified, Naruto starts his training, performing Sexy Sakura Technique, and Konohamaru notes that it's Lee's weakness, but Sakura arrives to reprimand the boys. Konohamaru teases her that when he performed the Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique, she was excited, and even performs the new version. Lee again offers to practice combat sparring with Naruto and Konohamaru, but Naruto claims to hate that type of training, so Lee shows the application forms for the chūnin exams, and tells the boys to get it from him before nightfall or else they can't enter the exams. As Lee is distracted by Sakura, Naruto hits Lee with his Rasengan, which Lee tries to copy but ended with results similar to Chōji's Human Bullet Tank. Lee faces Konohamaru with the Rasenshuriken version, using his eyebrows to hit him. After Lee raised Konohamaru's spirits, Konohamaru performs a harem version of Guy, effectively getting the form from Lee.


  • This chapter shows resemblance from Kakashi's bell test in original Naruto series, where Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are challenged by Kakashi to get the two bells from him.

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