My Dear Beloved Sasuke!!

Chapter 25
Chapter Info
Rock Lee vs. Naruto Uzumaki!! Kankuro the Puppeteer!!

My Dear Beloved Sasuke!! is the chapter 25 of the manga.


While Naruto and Lee fight over Sakura, Sakura's father appears. After making a pun about his hairstyle, Sakura becomes embarrassed and storns away, accidentaly leaving a photo of her and Sasuke behind. Seeing the picture, Sakura's father becomes anxious about his daughter and becomes depressed, believing that Sasuke and Sakura were dating and he was never told. Naruto and Lee try to assure Sakura's father about his daughter's relationship with Sasuke, but directly after, they hear two shinobi talking about the rumour that Sasuke had been seen around the village. Sakura's father is at once aghast, believing that Sasuke and Sakura had been meeting in secret. Lee and Naruto join him and vow to find out the truth about Sakura and Sasuke.

Sakura's father dresses up as Sasuke and appears infront of Sakura. In an attempt to act cool, he makes a bad pun and is called back by an angered Tenten. He switches out with Lee and Lee approaches Sakura under the guise of being Sasuke. However, he is too called back and replaced with Naruto, who uses a transformation technique to turn into Sasuke. However, he turns into the Road to Ninja version of Sasuke instead of the normal version. "Sasuke" questions Sakura on her thoughts on Naruto and Sakura replies that she thinks he is amazing, but despises his idiot perverted ninjutsu. "Sasuke" defends the perverse techniques and performs the Sasuke's Sexy Festival Technique, making Sakura faint. As Sakura wakes up, she reveals that she had stopped believing in their tricks long ago and explained that she and Sasuke were no couple. After punching away the three of them, the real Sasuke appears, but Sakura, thinking him to be another disguise, punched him. After Sakura finishes telling her tale to her mother, her mother realizes that her husband is late to getting home and searches for him. She finds the actual Sasuke and drags him home, much to Sasuke's shock.

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