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Monroe Technique
Monroe Technique



Monroe no Jutsu



Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Transformation Technique

Related jutsu
Rock Lee (while in Naruto's body)
Anime Debut

Episode 23

Monroe Technique (モンローの術, Monroe no Jutsu) is a jutsu where Rock Lee (while in Naruto's body due to Ino's Mind Reverse Body Technique) first uses the Transformation Technique to transform into a copy of Sakura and then attempts to create a Rasengan. Lee then causes the Rasengan to disperse, causing a gust of wind to blow up Sakura's skirt and poses at the same time. This causes whoever sees the uplifted skirt to get excited and sent flying, similar to how the Sexy Technique works.


  • Despite not being present when this technique was used, it sent a chill down the real Sakura's spine.
  • The name of this technique derives from the famous scene of actress Marilyn Monroe standing over an air vent as it blew her skirt up.

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