Mind Reverse Body Technique
  • The seal is made…
  • …the technique is then released on the two targets…
  • …causing them to have their minds switched.



Shingyakushin no Jutsu

English anime

Mind-Body Reversal Jutsu



Other jutsu
Parent jutsu

Mind Body Switch Technique

Derived jutsu
Manga Debut

Chapter 12

Anime Debut

Episode 23

Mind Reverse Body Technique (心逆身の術, Shingyakushin no Jutsu) is a ninjutsu where the user uses their chakra to switch one person's mind with another's. Once the target's mind has been switched with another's by the caster, they are able to use their abilities. However, if the body that they are residing in are lacking in areas of skill that they are normally proficient at, then they are unable to use their own techniques. The major drawback is that since the technique requires a huge amount of chakra, the user will become severely ill and will need time to recover in order to undo the jutsu.

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