Might Guy vs. Kakashi Hatake

Chapter 29



Maito Gai Bāsasu Hatake Kakashi!!

Chapter Info


Paradise in the South Seas!! Honey, I Shrunk Rock Lee!!

Might Guy vs. Kakashi Hatake!! (マイト・ガイ—VSはたけカカシ!!, Maito Gai VS Hatake Kakashi!!) is chapter 29 of the manga.


Guy and Kakashi decide to have a "serious" match to break their balanced scores to see which one is stronger. Kakashi attempts to use his A Thousand Years of Death, but Guy reveals that he had expected such a move and was able to escape it. After opening seven gates, Guy uses the Daytime Tiger on Kakashi, but Kakashi was able to Kamui it to another dimension. Kakashi collapses, exhausted from the amount of Chakra the move had taken. As Guy is about to punch Kakashi and win the match, he stops and asks Kakashi why he isn't his self today. Kakashi reveals that he was still worn from a previous mission. Guy ends the match as a tie, refusing to accept his win because Kakashi was weakened.

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