Might Guy, the Hokage?!

Chapter 17
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The Organization Named Akatsuki!! Sasuke SD

Might Guy, the Hokage?! is chapter 17 of the manga.


Having to leave the village and with Kakashi and Shikaku out on missions as well, Tsunade makes Might Guy the temporary Hokage much to Lee's delight. After receiving a report from Kotetsu and Izumo that morale amongst the village's shinobi was low, Guy moves to rectify this with several decrees such as: eating curry, wearing the green suit he himself wears and greeting each other with passionate embraces. Though these seem to serve no purpose, when put to the test, Guy's decrees turn out to be beneficial, though this was not Guy's intention. When Tsunade returns to the village she finds everyone severely exhausted having tried to run five thousand laps with the "Guy-kage". Slapping her temporary replacement, Tsunade and her disciples then go on to heal the villagers. In the end, Lee realises that Guy is much more suited to be an action hero than the Hokage. Elsewhere while Teuchi had stopped serving curried ramen, his demeanour had comically changed to reflect that of Might Guy.


  • The indian man that appeared as a new employee in Ramen Ichiraku is a character from the newly debuted jump gag manga series Gekikara! Curry Ouji.