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Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth is illustrated and written by Kenji Taira.

List of Volumes

# Title Japanese Release
  1. Rock Lee vs. Might Guy
  2. Neji and Hinata
  3. Tag Match!!
  4. S-Class Mission!!
  5. He's Fuzzy Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?!
  6. Super Secret Infiltration Mission
  7. Animal Watcher
  8. Tenten Vs. Temari
  9. The Organization Named Akatsuki!
  10. Might Guy, the Hokage?!
  11. The Raikage Escort Mission
  12. Sasuke Uchiha!!
  13. Jiraiya, The Legendary Peeping Ninja!!


  1. Naruto vs. Konohamaru vs. Rock Lee!!
  2. Jumpfest 2012
  3. Weekly Shōnen Jump Extra
  4. Movie Tie-In Special
  5. Collaboration Chapter

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