Make-Out Kiss Cutesy Lovey-Dovey Cuddly Heart-Throb!!

Chapter 22
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Bizarre Beast Tag!! Disbanding?! Ino-Shika-Cho?!

Make-Out Kiss-Kiss Cutesy Lovey-Dovey Cuddly Heart-Throb is chapter 22 of the manga


While training, Lee and Tenten find a scroll. Tenten doesn't recognize it as hers, and opens it. After reading it, Tenten begins to see Lee strangely. When Lee asks Tenten what the scroll said, she embarrassingly ran off, covering her face.

At the Hokage's Office, Shizune notifies Tsunade that a forbidden scroll had been stolen. Shizune reveals that due to her carelessness, the forbidden Love At First Sight scroll had been stolen. She explains that once one lays eyes on the scroll, they immediatly fall in love with the first thing they set eyes on directly after.

Meanwhile, Naruto, Sakura, Lee and Neji walk around Konoha together and Lee tells them of Tenten's strange actions. The group comes across Tenten and Lee performs his Sexy Technique so Tenten will scold Lee as she normally does, but to everyone's suprise, Tenten only becomes embarrassed. Neji spots the scroll and reads it, and then sees Hinata directly after. Having fallen in love with Hinata, Neji faints. After Naruto walks up to her, Hinata quickly copies Neji's action. Directly after, Shizune appears to Naruto, Sakura and Lee and explains the properties of the Love At First Sight Scroll. She explains that the fastest way to cancel the scroll's effect is to destroy the scroll itself and asks for the scroll to destroy it. However, neither Sakura, Naruto, or Lee have the scroll, Neji being its last possessor. Shizune leaves and orders ANBU to search for it and orders Sakura, Lee and Naruto to find it. Sakura becomes wary of Lee and Naruto, believing that they would use the scrolls power on her if they found it. Lee asks Sakura on a date, but Tenten appears and agrees to the date and drags Lee away, confusing Lee, who had not seen her. Naruto asks Sakura on a date as well, but is blatantly refused.

Sai eventually finds the scroll, opens it, and falls in love with Sakura. After, Ino and several others fall in love with Choji, Shikamaru falls in love with Temari, Shino falls in love with one of his bugs, Kiba falls in love with Akamaru, and Yamato even falls in love with a tree.

Naruto and Sakura eventually lose sight of the scroll, but it falls into Tenten's hands once more. She tries to offer it to Lee, but witnesses Lee trying to flirt with Sakura and runs away. Lee chases after her and tries to grab the scroll, but instead, the scroll is sent flying through the air. Lee tells Tenten that they will retrieve the scroll by using their combination move that they had formed earlier, training. Tenten complies, but instead of retrieving the scroll, they destroy it. At once, the scrolls' spell is broken, leaving everyone mortified by their actions.

It is later revealed that Shizune managed to restore the scroll and planned to use it for her own sake. However, she is tripped and the scroll opens in the street, causing Teuchi, Guy, Ibiki and Choza to fall in love with her.

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