Legendary Ninja!!

Chapter 35



Densetsu no Shinobi

Chapter Info


Hinata Hyūga vs Hanabi Hyūga!! Adults!!

Legendary Ninja!! (伝説の忍, Densetsu no Shinobi) is chapter 35 of the manga.


Team Guy is summoned by Tsunade, much to Tenten's delight. They arrive, Shizune and the Hokage greeting them. Tsunade explains that she had urgent business that required her to temporarily leave the village. She further explains that she still had several meetings to attend and expresses her desire to have an extra body. She tells Tenten to become her second body, much to the young kunoichi's shock. Tenten transforms into Tsunade and is left with her tasks. 

The people of Tsunade's appointments begn to arrive. Tenten manages to get through them without revealing her identity till Orochimaru and Kabuto invites her and Jiraiya to lunch. Orochimaru insists he only wanted lunch, but poisons the alcohol. This greatly affects Jiraiya, but Tenten, who is 17, is underaged and did not drink any alcohol, forgetting her facade. This arouses suspicion in Orochimaru, who attacks Tenten, causing her mirage of Tsunade to fade. 

Seeing Tenten's true identity, Orochimaru calls her pathetic and begins to leave with Kabuto to destroy the village. However, Tenten refuses to allow her spirit to be broken so easily and attacks Orochimaru and Kabuto. 

Tsunade eventually returns, thanking Tenten for her work.

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