Konoha Academy!!

Chapter 32



Konoha Akademī

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Orochimaru's Ambition!! Sasuke and Itachi!!

Konoha Academy (木の葉アカデミー, Konoha Akademī) is chapter 32 of the manga and is loosely based off of the still cells in second Naruto Shippuden ending theme


The chapter is set in a Gauken universe with all the Konoha 11 and Sasuke being high school students. In class, the teacher, Kakashi Hatake, announces a new transfer student's arrival that soon is revealed to be Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto quickly proclaims that he will become the top gang leader of the school and eventually unite the entire country. After Naruto's introduction another exchange student's arrival is announced: Rock Lee. Lee announces himself to be the gang leader of the school and immediately forms a rivalry with Naruto. After, Lee explains the "'round the corner and bam!" to Tenten. Lee explains that while on one's way to school, they go around a corner and bump into the girl of their dreams. Lee excitedly waits for Sakura, but he finds that Naruto has the same idea. When Sakura comes around the corner, both Lee and Naruto bump into her, sending her flying several paces into Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura believes that it is fate and immediately falls in love with Sasuke. Naruto repeatedly challenges several people, including Choji Akimichi and Sasuke. He is also challenged by others, such as Lee. Kiba notices Naruto's hot-headed attitude and plans to humble him. Meanwhile, Hinata attempts to give Naruto a love letter, though Naruto misunderstands her message and does not even read the letter, believing it to be a challenge from Hinata. Neji, the school's president, approaches Naruto and demands that he pay for all the rules he has broken. He demands that he write out all his wrongs and tells Naruto he must write "I won't ride a bike with two people" five times, "I promise to go home immediatly after school" ten times, "I won't get into fights" one hundred times, and "I will always graciously accept letters from the beautiful and refined Lady Hinata" a million times, much to Naruto's shock. In the next scene, Naruto and Lee join together to flip the skirts of several girls. Naruto chooses Sakura as his first target and quickly runs past her, creating a gust of wind that blows her skirt upwards. Naruto prepares to do the same to his next two targets, but is horrified to find out that they are Kabuko and Chimaruko. Chimaruko proclaims that she wants to become friends with Sasuke and tells Naruto that she will not have any one of Sasuke's friends get in her way. She reveals she has tied up Hinata, Sakura, Tenten, and Ino tells Naruto and Lee that they will have to agree to never go near Sasuke again to let them free. Sasuke, Choji, Neji, Shikamaru, Ebisu and Kiba appear and defeat Chimaruko, Kabuko and their forces and save the girls. After these events, it is said that peace returned to Konoha Academy, but Sai, a new and mysterious transfer student arrives, assassins from Suna Academy arrive with Naruto seemingly being their target, and the Akatsuki club's formation say otherwise.


  • Yamato cameos: 1