Kankuro the Puppeteer!!

Chapter 26
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My Dear Beloved Sasuke!! Akatsuki's Summer Vacation!!

Kankuro the Puppeteer!! is chapter 26 of the manga.


Team Guy battles against several missing-nin. The battle appears to be going down hill, when suddenly, Gaara, Temari and Kankuro appear and defeat the enemy shinobi. Somehow, all of Kankuro's puppets conjoin and almost destroy Gaara. Gaara is able to block the attack with his sand, but Temari scolds Kankuro, reminding him that it was their duty to protect Gaara. Gaara explains that he and his siblings were on their way to Konohagakure for a meeting with the Hokage, but fund Lee and his teammates in a bind with the missing nin and decided to aid them. After escorting Gaara to Tsunade's office, Team Guy comes across Kankuro. When asked on what he was doing, Kankuro replied that he was on guard duty. When Tenten points out how Kankuro isn't like Gaara at all, Lee described the three siblings. Temari, the eldest and a top-class, fan-wielding Jonin, Gaara, the youngest of the three, the Kazekage and a genius Gaara. Lastly, Kankuro, described by Lee as the unrecognizable middle child and unrecognizable without his make-up. Kankuro is displeased by his description, but admits that he was no genius and used to fear Gaara's power like the rest of the village. He reveals that Gaara used to be quite different, but after time, began to truly change. He tells Team Guy that he wants to become the source of power for his little brother, though he hasn't done any acts that are considered brotherly towards Gaara.

Team Guy and Kankuro hear Hinata and Neji's voice. Team Guy and Kankuro watch as Neji carries Hinata on his back because she sprained her ankle. Lee realizes that Neji is the ideal brother and claims he is the "King of All Brothers". Using Hinata and Neji's relationship as an example, Lee tries to help Kankuro become a better older brother towards Gaara.

Lee takes Kankuro to the Hyuga Estate and Neji teaches Kankuro. Kankuro learns that the ideal older brother must be strong. After watching Neji defeat Hinata, Kankuro attempts to do the same with Gaara. However, he is immediately beaten. Realizing fighting Gaara was a bad idea, Neji decides to play with Hinata instead. Neji plays dolls with Hinata, and Kankuro uses his puppets to play with Gaara. He even controls Gaara with his chakra strings.

Naruto appears, and Neji scolds him, telling him that he was not to sneak up on Hinata. After his previous failed attempts of copying Neji and Hinata, Kankuro vows that he will perform perfectly. Naruto invites Gaara to lunch with him and in an attempt to look after his brother's safety, Kankuro tells Naruto that Gaara is unable to go. Gaara dismisses Kankuro and only tells him that he has been acting rather obnoxiously lately after agreeing to Naruto's invitation.

After eating with Naruto, it begins to rain. Knowing that Gaara's sand is weakened by water, Kankuro rushes to his side. Gaara is approached by several missing-nin, but Kankuro protects him and combines his Crow, Black Ant, and Salamander and himself to create Puppet Battle Zord Kanku-Robo. Kankuro defeats the missing-nin, and the next day, he and his siblings leave for their own village. On their way back to the village, Kankuro gives Gaara a piggyback ride (as Neji previously did to Hinata) and Neji adopted a certain version of Kankuro's new technique.

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