Jumpfest 2012




Janpu Fesuta Nisen Jūni

Chapter Info


Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!! Neji and Hinata!!

Jumpfest 2012 (ジャンプフェスタ二千十二 Janpu Fesuta Nisen Jūni) is Chapter 8.5 of the manga.


The day before the Jumpfest, Lee excitedly goes to the Jumpfest's venue. The next day, wanting to buy merchandise of Guy, he rushes to the venue ahead of Tenten, who later arrives seeing Lee running all over the place before he accidentally tears his bags. Guy appears to be wearing Naruto's costume. The members of Akatsuki are also seen under a large doll of Naruto meeting up. Lee and even Guy are later seen dressing up as several characters from the Kochikame series. After hearing that Masashi Kishimoto would be at the fest, but a written invitation was required, Lee is devastated. Tenten however helps him to get inside, where Lee hears Kishimoto comically telling the audience that there'd be no action from Lee for the season.

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