All jinchūriki are able to use certain abilities granted to them by their tailed beasts. When they gain or lose control over their tailed beast's power, they are granted capabilities increasingly closer to the tailed beast itself.

Initial Jinchūriki Form

Initial Jinchuriki Form

Naruto's initial jinhuriki form.

This form was shown in the first opening and chapter 25. By simply tapping into their beast's chakra, a jinchūriki begins their initial transformation. They are surrounded by a layer of red, wispy chakra granting them enhanced strength. In this form, the jinchūriki's body undergoes slight physical changes. When Naruto enters this form, his eyes change colour and become slitted, plus his canine teeth grow longer and sharper. Also Naruto's whisker-like marks on his cheeks widen and thicken.

Version 1

Version 1 forms a shroud of chakra around the jinchūriki. The shroud resembles red bubbles of chakra all along around them. The shroud that the jinchūriki possess resembles their tailed beast. The most significant manifestation are the tails that sprout from the jinchūriki's body. Although the form's abilities wasn't shown in the spin-off, it was however shown in the original series that this form gives the user an increase boost of strength and is able to manifest arms of chakra.

Two Eyebrowed Form

Version 1

Lee in Naruto's body forming tail like eyebrows.

This form is used when Rock Lee's mind is switched with Naruto Uzumaki's, due to Ino Yamanaka's Mind Reverse Body Technique. In this form, Naruto's tails go where his eyebrows are.

Partial Transformation

Killerbee transformations

Killer B's partial transformation.

Jinchūriki manifest parts of their Tailed Beast into their body. These partial transformations fully resemble the beast.

Tailed Beast Mode


Killer B's Tailed Beast Mode.

Jinchūriki can fully transform into the tailed beast sealed within them when the seal breaks. According to the original series, jinchūriki can either subjugating their tailed beast or learn to work in unison with it. A jinchūriki can become a full-scale replica of the beast with complete access to its natural strength and abilities. Tailed Beast Mode is a devastatingly powerful form, it is for this reason that Killer B is forbidden to use the form under normal circumstances, as it could easily destroy an entire ninja village if left unchecked.

Other Media

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