"Honey, I Shrunk Rock Lee!!"

Chapter 30
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Might Guy vs. Kakashi Hatake!! Orochimaru's Ambition!!

"Honey, I Shrunk Rock Lee!!" is chapter 30 of the manga.


After a long and hard mission, Team Guy returns to Konoha. An exhausted Tenten asks Lee for a soldier pill, but before he gives one to her, Choji Akimichi, who had been rushing to meet Shikamaru and Ino at a BBQ resturant, bumps into him, knocking them both to their feet. Once they regain themselves, Choji picks up a small bag that he had dropped when he bumped into Lee, Lee, also realizing he dropped the bag of soldier pills, retrieves his bag. After Team Guy eats the soldier pills, they realize that they have shrunk. Lee insists that the pills they ate were soldier pills, but when they inspect the bag, they realize that it has the Akimichi Clan's crest on it. Neji realizes that they must have eaten the pills that reverse the Akimichi Clan's signature body enlargement techniques. He deduces that when Lee bumped into Choji, their bags were switched, causing Team Guy to consume Choji's pills. Team Guy arrives at the BBQ resturant Choji, Ino and Shikamaru were eating at and tries to get their attention. However, all there attempts fail and Ino throws them out of the resturant, thinking them to be bugs. After their first attempts on Team Asuma's failure, Team Guy comes across Team Kurenai. However, once again, their attempts prove to be in vain when no one notices them. Next, Team Guy spots Sai, Naruto, and Sakura eating ramen, but after walking over Sai's portrait of Sakura and Naruto, once again, their attempts to be seen are useless. After their many attempts to be seen, Team Guy is captured in the beak of a crow. However, the rest of the Konoha 11 with Sai, minus Sakura begin to chase the crow on Sai's Ink Birds. It is revealed that Team Asuma ran into Team Kurenai after leaving the BBQ resturant and Akamaru got a whiff of Team Guy's scent from some bugs and Team Kurenai and Team Asuma followed the trail. Sai revealed that he found tiny markings of footprints on his picture and decided to find the culprit. After retrieving Team Guy, Choji reveals that the effects of the pills only last a few hours. After a few hours, Team Guy reverts to their normal size.