Hokage Monument calm

The Hokage Rock.

The Hokage Rock (火影岩, Hokage-iwa) is a mountain overlooking Konohagakure that has all the faces of the Hokage carved into the stone.

Hokage Monument

The faces in outrage

Unlike the main series, the faces of the Hokage Rock are used much more for comedy, their expressions often relaying aspects of the weather or general atmosphere before the characters of the series themselves appear.

The Hokage Rock has also been shown to differ in several ways from the original series, usually in manners involving Might Guy. Namely in Episode 8 it was shown to have a sixth face slightly off to the right of a smiling Might Guy giving a thumbs up. This stone face in fact concealing a giant battle puppet, Might Guygatron. After this, in Episode 37 the stone faces were replaced by Yamato's Earth Release by faces of Guy.


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