Hyūga Hinata vs. Hyūga Hanabi!!

Hyuuga vs Hyuuga
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Sasuke and Itachi!! Legendary Ninja!!

Hinata Hyūga vs. Hanabi Hyūga!! is chapter 34 of the manga.


Rock Lee and Tenten watch Hinata Hyūga and Neji train while hiding in a bush so Lee can get a look at Neji's fighting techniques. After Hinata and Neji finish their match, Hanabi Hyūga, Hinata's younger sister, and Hiashi Hyūga, Hinata's father appear. Hanabi sees Lee and uses the Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms on him, thinking he is an intruder. After Lee explains the Hyuga family tree, Hinata explains that originally she was supposed to hold the title of Clan heiress, but lost that position to Hanabi because she was too weak in her father's eyes. She also expressed desire for her father would recognize her hard work in training and acknowledge her. Moved to tears by Hinata's story, Lee decides to have a match between the two sisters to test their strengths. Hanabi, who had heard this proposal, agreed. When the match begins, both Hanabi and Hinata activate their Byakugan and use the Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms on each other. When no one seems to have the upper hand, Hanabi uses the most powerful technique she knows which she calls Eight Trigrams Hiashi's Stinky Sock, a move that appears to put Hinata in a bind. Seeing Hinata struggling, Lee calls Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata's crush. Lee ushers Naruto over to Hiashi and tells him it is about time to meet Hinata's father, leading Hiashi to believe he had come to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. While Hinata is distracted with Naruto's arrival, Hanabi hits her with her Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms, knocking her away. To everyone's shock, Hinata manages to rise to her feet, saying that with everyone watching her, she won't let any of them see another second of the "weak Hinata" and uses her Gentle Step Twin Lions Eight Trigrams Sixty Two Palms attack on Hanabi. After Hinata wins the match Hiashi tells both his daughters that they performed spectacularly in their match, calling them his pride and joy. Hanabi admits defeat, but tells Hinata that she'd better watch out next time and the two siblings decide to have a match once more in the future. After, everyone is seen congratulating Hinata on her victory.

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