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Chapter 8.5

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Episode 38

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Hidan (飛段, Hidan) is a member of the Akatsuki and the partner of Kakuzu.


Hidan has silver colored hair and purple eyes. He wears the Akatsuki cloak which is black with red clouds, as well as a necklace that has a Jashin symbol on it. When performing his ritual his skin becomes black with white lines on it, making him resemble a skeleton. He also carries a red scythe on his back with three blades on it.



Hidan introduces Jashinism to Lee.

Hidan is very dedicated to his religion of Jashinism, and attempts to convert Lee shortly after meeting him. He also appears to be a masochist, as he often stabs himself and claims that it feels good. He dislikes his partner Kakuzu, whom he views as blasphemous for his money obsession. He is also very loudmouthed, even insulting the leader Pain.


The Organization Named Akatsuki!

Episode 38

Hidan arrives at the Akatsuki hideout with Kakuzu, and attempts to convert the new recruit whom is actually Lee and Tenten. A massive riot breaks out in the Akatsuki hideout which ends up destroying it and allowing Lee and Tenten escape. The anime episode of these events, Hidan and the other members ganged up on Deidara at the end for not revealing Lee was a spy.

Episode 51

Part 1: The Final Battle

In episode 51, Akatsuki teamed up with Sasuke to destroy the Leaf Village. Hidan's role in these events was not shown.

Akatsuki's Summer Vacation!

In chapter 27 of the manga, the entire Akatsuki organization went on a summer vacation because Pain believed it could bestow unbelievable power. Hidan was working at a Beach House Kakuzu built to make Akatsuki money, but spent most of the time cooling off in a way that Kakuzu found “creepy”. Hidan experimented with this by stepping half way into the sunlight causing only half his body to look creepy. Hidan later joins the rest of Akatsuki in a competition to see who can keep their sparkler lit the longest. Deidara got in a fight with Tobi during the competition causing the winner to be unclear. The Akatsuki decide to have a different kind of sparkler competition with their jutsu, destroying the beach. Kakuzu and the rest of Akatsuki noticed their skin had become darker and believed it was a sign of them becoming more powerful like Pain intended. They actually just got sunburned.


Tumblr mf8u4jxs261qkjazzo1 500

Hidan prepares for the ritual.

Hidan is immortal thanks to his religion and enjoys pain, allowing him to withstand very strong attacks. He is also very skilled with his weapons.


Triple Bladed Scythe

Retractable Spears

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