He's Centipede Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?!


オレがゲジマユ, ボクがナルトくん!?


Ore ga Gejimayu, Boku ga Naruto-kun!?

Chapter Info


S-Class Mission!! Super Secret Infiltration Mission!!

He's Centipede Eyebrows and I'm Naruto-kun?! (オレがゲジマユ, ボクがナルトくん!?, Ore ga Gejimayu, Boku ga Naruto-kun!?) is chapter 12 of the manga.


As Ino heads towards a hot spring for a bath, she encounters Naruto and Lee attempting to peek at Sakura. Confronting them about this, Ino is startled by the two, who use their nindō to justify their actions, which causes Ino to use her Mind Reverse Body Technique, resulting in Lee and Naruto switching bodies. They demand that Ino switch them back, but it would be impossible since the technique was extremely taxing and it would take until the next evening for her chakra reserve to be replenished. After futilely trying to transform into into one another, they resign to remain as each other until Ino could undo the technique. Naruto and Lee's team are deployed on a collaborative mission that goes awry as each starts to show mannerisms of the other. As the team confronts the enemies, Kakashi tries to set up an opening for Naruto to attack, and Lee (inside Naruto) creates three shadow clones to transform into a bikini-clad Sakura, ending the clones with nose-bleed, as well as Naruto (inside Lee). Meanwhile, Naruto (inside Lee) finds Guy's large scale Leaf Strong Whirlwind, creating flames from the friction of his techniques impossible to do. The Nine-Tails is shocked when Lee appears, refers to it with the honorific "kun" and offers it a present. It is aware that the seal has weakened. As Naruto transforms into his two-tailed chakra shroud the tails manifest themselves on his eyebrows instead of as tails shocking everyone. He is soon suppressed by Kakashi with a Sealing Tag. After Sakura falls off a small cliff, Naruto and Lee come to her aid and defeats the enemies with Rasenshuleeken. Sakura realizes that the two has switched bodies somehow and proceeds to punish the two after finding out that they were trying to peek at her the day before.

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