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"Gaara of the Sand"

Chapter 7



Suna no Gaara

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Tenten's Ambition!! Rock Lee vs. Might Guy!!

"Gaara of the Sand" (砂の我愛羅, Suna no Gaara) is chapter 7 of the manga.


Lee tells Tenten that he's okay seeing Gaara, who defeated him during the chūnin exams. Upon arriving near Sunagakure, Gaara accidentally attacks Team Guy, thinking they were enemy ninja. Lee tells Gaara that he has worked hard since his defeat, but Gaara ignores him completely. When they arrived at his office, Gaara tells Team Guy that their mission was to suppress the enemy ninja. Lee faces Gaara, seemingly annoyed at him, but Temari and Kankurō stop them. Afterwards, Gaara and his siblings, as well as Team Guy face the enemies. Lee challenges Gaara, claiming that he will defeat more enemies than him, annoying Tenten. Lee copies Gaara's Desert Coffin by wrapping himself around the enemy, as well as Sand Drizzle using his sweat, disgusting the enemies. Gaara accidentally uses Desert Coffin on Lee's left arm, and tells him to stay back due to the injury, but Lee stubbornly faces the enemy alongside Gaara, stating that he doesn't hate him. After he proceeds to defeat the enemy, Lee challenges Gaara to a duel, which Gaara accepts. He tearfully hugs Gaara, who is disgusted and scares Team Guy away with his sand.

Trivia (Naruto)

  • In the Naruto series, Gaara and his siblings are collectively called Sand Siblings.