Episode 6
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'The Leaf Village Sports Meet
Chicken Fights are Part of the Thrill of Youth

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Episode 6 was aired on May 8, 2012.


The Leaf Village Sports Meet

The Hidden Leaf Village is holding a sports meet and Lee struggles to win anything and has his confidence shaken several times.

Calvary Battles are Part of the Thrill of Youth

Losing faith in himself, Lee receives wise advice from Guy and tries to show confidence despite his losing streak.


Part 1: The Leaf Village Sports Meet

Lee Fired Up

Lee's determination to win

Konoha presents its Sports Meet, in which Lee speaks to the crowd and contestants. After, Shizune presents the first event: the foot race. Lee and Naruto compete, but the race ends in Lee's defeat. Lee continues to lose and another event is called: a scavenger hunt. Each competing individual takes a slip of paper that reads their assigned object or thing to find. Several people are frusterated with their objects like Neji and Lee is assigned to find a "sweet devil". The other contestants look for their own things including Naruto who approaches Sakura. This results in her attacking him. She calls for medical aid while everyone questions what was on Naruto's paper.

Part 2: Calvary Battles are Part of the Thrill of Youth

Chicken Fight

Lee and Naruto battle

The scavenger hunt is cancelled due to Hinata Hyūga's injury and several other events are started. Finally, the final event is annouunced, in which teams will fight to steal other team's hats. Neji fails to appear and Lee is warned by Tenten, who tells him to be extra careful because of their team's shortage of members. Their team is immediatly surrounded, but Lee manages to defeat them. Finally, onlt two teams remain: Naruto and Lee's. The two face off, and Neji appears with e ghost that he had been assigned to find during the scavenger hunt. This shocks Lee, and because of this, he hits Naruto. Naruto falls to the ground and his hat falls, making Lee the winner. At the event's end, Lee remembers Guy telling him the importance of comrades. Both Lee and Naruto vow to do better in the future with their friends.


  • Yamato has no cameos in this episode
  • At some points, the eyes on Guy's horse costume seem to be different in shape and size, but at other points they are the same shape and size.
  • Sakura and Konohamaru are near Naruto at the end of the episode, but after he runs off with the others, they are not shown anywhere in the wide pan of the scene.


Part One

Part Two

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