Episode 51

The Final Battle
Our Final Mission is S-Ranked!

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Episode 51 was aired on March 26, 2013 and is also the last episode of the series.


Part 1: The Final Battle

As the battle which was never seen begin comes to an end; Sasuke Uchiha continues to destroy Konohagakure. Rock Lee and Naruto Uzumaki battle him to protect the Leaf village.

Part 2: Our Final Mission is S-Ranked

Tsunade calls Team Guy to her office and tells them she has an S-ranked mission to give to them. As it turns out, she really only wants them to plan a gathering for her. Team Guy invites Team Kurenai, Team Asuma, Team Kakashi and Shizune to the event and Lee hands out the lunches they prepared. The lunchboxes are all fashioned to look like Lee's face and Sakura Haruno recieves an extra large one. She decides she could never eat so much food and trades lunches with Tsunade. After opening the box, Tsunade sees that Sakura box had a kissing face of Lee, rather than a normal one that the others had. Seeing this, Tsunade breaks her lunchbox and demands a new one. Neji reveals then that he had expected something like this to happen and prepared special lunches at the Hyuga Clan's estate.

As Tsunade prepares to drink her last sake bottle, Lee, who had been training with Guy at the party, accidentaly knocked her down, causing the bottle of alcohol to break all over her. Neji, who had predicted this, revealed that he had brought an extra bottle of sake. The sake turned out to be the finest in the world and was deemed "Hokage Sake." Guy warnes Tsunade not to let Lee have any of the sake, explaining that Lee once destroyed an entire resturant when he mistakenly drank sake, thinking it to be water. Tsunade disregards Guy's claims, saying that the Hokage Sake was made of Chakra instead of alcohol. She lets Lee sniff the bottle, thinking it to be fine, but Lee immediately became drunk off the fumes. In his drunken rampage, Lee uses the Drunken Fist and punches Tsunade. He then attempts to hit on Sakura, though he was punched away. He tried Hinata next, but was met with a similar reaction from her. The rest of those at the event try to team up on Lee and use tehir attacks all at once, Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru using their Fang Rotating Fang, Choji Akimichi using his Human Boulder and Naruto using his Rasengan. However, they were all caught in each others rotations and failed. Guy attempts to stop Lee and while doing so, destroys all the flowers. Tsunade attempts to stop Lee as well and summons Katsuyu. Lee appears to be immobilized by Katsuyu, but then swallows her, forcing Tsunade to punch Lee's stomach to release Katsuyu. Lee returns to normal, but in the fray, Tsunade's special sake bottle is smashed. Tenten believes that Lee will be pulverized by Tsunade for breaking her valuable bottle, but Tsunade only begins to heal Lee, saying she didn't just want to drink, but she also wanted to see the children of Konoha grow for once.


  • Yamato has his first and finale speaking role.
  • In The Final Battle, Tenten breaks the fourth wall several times, constantly wondering why such a huge battle was happening all of a sudden.

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