Episode 50

Taking Care of Guy Sensei!
Lady Tsunade's Marriage Interview!

Episode 49 Episode 51

Episode 50 was aired on March 19, 2013.


Part 1: Taking Care of Guy Sensei!

Lee desires to become an adult so he can do what he want. Unfortunately, Guy becomes an infant by eating youth pills all at once. Lee takes this chance to show his maturity as an adult by taking care of Guy.

Part 2: Lady Tsunade's Marriage Interview!

Lee notices Tsunade acting so lonely lately and thinks that she needs to have a partner in life. He then arranges a marriage interview for her.


Part 1: Taking Care of Guy Sensei!

Lee desires to be an adult so that he can do all the things he want. Unfortunately, Guy, on the other hand, became an infant after eating youth pills all at once. Lee tells Neji and Tenten that he can show his maturity and become an adult if he took responsibility of the infant Guy. After, he goes on his own, leaving Tenten and Neji to take care of Guy, believing that he has his own path. In the end, Guy comes back to his usual self and sees Lee being arrested on the TV.

Part 2: Lady Tsunade's Marriage Interview!

Tsunade became broke after a gambling and seemed tired and lonely. Lee notices this and told Tenten and Neji about it. They concluded that Tsunade definitely needed a partner in life and immediately arranges a marriage interview. Tsunade was invited by Lee to her marriage interview. She tried to escape but failed to do so. With Tenten, Neji and Teuchi, the interview started when the Raikage, as her date, entered and ordered their food. Tsunade thought ways on how to escape, mostly were associated with gambling. Unexpectedly, Guy and Yamato were outside the window watching and disturbs the moment. Much to everyone's surprise, the Raikage didn't want to marry Tsunade but came there only for the meal. The next day, Tsunade forces Lee again to arrange another marriage interview.

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