Episode 48

Yamato Gets a Mission
Leaf Village of the Dead

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Episode 48 was aired on March 5th, 2013.


Part 1: Yamato Gets a Mission

Tsunade assigns Sai, Tenten and Neji on a mission to infiltrate the hideout os some rogue ninjas and retrieve a scroll containing a forbidden jutsu which they stole. Unfortunately, Shizune's pet pig, Tonton, could not hold seeing Neji's eyes, accidentally kicked a book from Tsunade's table and hit Neji in the eyes. As a result, he could not join the mission which leaves Tsunade to assign Lee, the only available shinobi, as his substitute.

At Konohagakure's entrance gate, the three are gathered and Lee is seen to be wearing the Anbu Black Ops outfit believing that he can vanish into thin air with it. Sai tells him that it's only his imagination and he will stand out no matter what situation he is in. Before they start the mission, Sai, in a serious tone, asks Lee if he has a wiener. Lee confidently says he has one and unexpectedly, Sai pulls his pants down to check which leaves Tenten mad and apologizes to the audience. She asks Sai to do the same but instead he praises Lee. After, he explains to them that Captain Yamato will be meeting the three of them after he finishes his mission. He gives Tenten and Lee some nicknames, such as "Meatball Head Hag" and "Turd Eyebrow Spastic Mental Patient".

When they found the hideout, Tenten shows them her drawing of the actual map of it. Lee sarcastically admires her work which made Tenten hit him on the head. They entered the hideout, and there, Sai tries to locate the enemy using his jutsu and Tenten found it cool. Lee offers help by using Sai's jutsu to drew mice with Might Guy's head. Tenten does the same but hers was a big panda and a big rabbit to rid those mice away. As Sai hears the enemy approaching, Lee draws an oden stand to trick them. The two rogue ninjas believed but quickly realized that it was weird to have an oden stand on their hideout. They went back and this time Lee drew a "Mecha Tenzone", a robot that looked like Yamato. They didn't fall for it this time and attacked them but luckily Sai drew snakes with his jutsu to tie them up. They tried to interrogate then but were hesitant to answer. Sai and Lee  tickled them, as Yamato usually does, until they tell where the scroll was located. Lee found the scroll on the nearby door, but realized it was a fake, for it had a trap. The trap was a Water Prison Technique which trapped Lee inside and some other rogue ninjas came to rescue their two companions. As Lee was about to be killed by the rogue ninja, Sai and Tenten came to rescue him. Sai used Lee's eyebrows for he has no ink and was able to retrieve the scroll from the enemies. Yamato arrived and came back to Konohagakure with them, using Lee's eyebrows. After their mission, Neji meets them but Lee accidentally hits his eyes.

Part 2: Leaf Village of the Dead

On the morning in Konoha, Team 3 together with Kiba noticed Teuchi acting weirdly by throwing the trash behind him. They ask what was wrong but Teuchi answers them with only, "I will crush you!". Kiba comes to settle him down but unfortunately, he and Akamaru becomes like him too. As people are becoming more like zombies, Team 3 are worried on what's going on. Meanwhile, Orochimaru and Kabuto were already watching them from behind using their binoculars, saying that they were too late. A flashback is shown where Kabuto suggests that if the whole village would look like him, they would not have a difficulty crushing it and Orochimaru agrees with it. They have created a virus that whoever gets infected becomes like Orochimaru.

On the other hand, Tsunade was able to rescue the three by letting them enter into the hospital, as they were being chased by the people infected by the virus. She explains to them that Orochimaru turned his DNA into a contagious virus and people who get infected become lazy ninjas who complain which is very much like Orochimaru. She then shows them an area where Shizune and Sakura are doing their research on the virus and says that no woman ever got infected but unfortunately the two got infected too including Tsunade.

Back to Orochimaru and Kabuto, Orochimaru tells Kabuto that he used a little trick which is the mutation of the virus. Almost everyone in the village gets infected and are approaching the three survivors. Lee tells Neji that he is the only who can save the village by cross-dressing but ends up getting infected too. As soon as Lee and Tenten got infected, Orochimaru commanded everyone to help him crush Konohagakure but no one listened. Kabuto explained that since the virus was a mutation, the aim to crush was in their minds but the target matched with their personalities. In the end, Kabuto gets infected too and attacks Orochimaru.

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