Episode 47

Dogs Need Dog Friends!
The Shinobi You've Been Waiting For!

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Episode 47 was aired on February 26, 2013.


Part 1: Dogs Need Dog Friends!

While talking to Kiba, Lee realizes that Akamaru, his dog, needed more friends. Lee decides to take them to a dog cafe, but Tenten points out that they would need dogs as well to get in. To fix this problem, Lee, Choji Akimichi and Naruto dress up as dogs, allowing Tenten, Ino and Sakura to get in. When in the cafe, the team spots Kisame Hoshigaki with Samehada as his "dog", much to their shock. Everyone discusses his appearance. It suggested that they flee the cafe and report to officials and also that they point out he does not have a true dog, causing him to get kicked out of the cafe, but Tenten points out they did not have true dogs either. Before anyone can make a move, Kisame approaches them and comments on their "cute dogs". After, everyone is roped into dog games and Akamaru competes with Samehada. After a long day, Tobi appears and points out that Samehada isn't a dog. Hearing this, a staff member orders Kisame to leave and Rock Lee and his friends are soon found out as well.

Part 2: The Shinobi You've Been Waiting For!

Neji, Tenten and Lee approach Sasuke Uchiha. While facing off, Lee asks Sasuke why he was so popular with women, to which he replies that he never cared about those types of things. Shocked, Lee asks Sasuke if he liked Sakura, to which no reply comes. After, it is revealed that Sasuke had put the entire team in a genjutsu and left with his team.


  • Yamato Cameos in the Dog Cafe are accompanied by what appears to be a small Shiba Inu.


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