Episode 45

A Fiery Snow Sculpting Contest!
The Battlefield Called Valentine's Day!

Episode 44 Episode 46

Episode 45 was aired on February 12, 2013.


Part 1: A Fiery Show Sculpting Contest!

Naruto and the rest are out on a contest to warm Tsunade's heart by making snow sculptures.

Part 2: The Battlefield Called Valentine's Day!

Lee and the boys do their best to get a chocolate from the girls on Valentine's Day.


Part 1: A Fiery Show Sculpting Contest!

Shizune and Guy gets worried about Tsunade feeling so cold which makes her weak to do her job. They organize a "Leaf Snow Sculpting Contest" and whoever makes Tsunade's heart warm will get to kiss whoever they want. Sakura, Neji and Hinata failed to warm Tsunade's heart with their sculptures and Tsunade wanted to stop it. Lee and Naruto wouldn't allow this and instead makes a skit with her to ignite the fire in her. As Tsunade starts to feel okay, Lee and Naruto asks her to decide who won. Lee accidentally throws her into a sculpture which made her totally angry and puts Lee in a sculpture along with Naruto, Guy and Yamato as a punishment.

Part 2: The Battlefield Called Valentine's Day!

Kakashi calls Naruto and the others for a gathering and the girls are bringing bags with chocolates in it for it's Valentine's Day. Naruto, Lee and Neji are hoping to get one from the girls and came up a plan to pursue it. The first was to remind them about the previous holiday but it didn't work. The second was to pretend that they have low blood sugar spell but they ended up being lectured about food and nutrition. The third was to use Choji, for he was always hungry but he had his own lunch. Lastly, Lee wanted to get Hinata's chocolate by saying the word, but Neji won't allow them. In the end, the boys were given only a token chocolate from Kakashi's gifts.

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