Episode 44

The Staff Will Eat the Beans Afterwards!
The Raikage is Under Attack!

Episode 43 Episode 45

Episode 44 was aired on February 5th, 2013.


Part 1: The Staff Will Eat the Beans Afterwards!

Lee and his team are chosen to be Oni for the Setsubun event. However Orochimaru once again, attempts to ruin their day by creating mischievous plans such as giving Lee a stinky mask and trying to scare Lee and his friends

Part 2: The Raikage is Under Attack!

After a long mission outside of the Hidden Cloud Village, team Guy ended up visiting the Hidden Cloud Village itself. Lee and the team meet up with Killer B, Omoi, Karui, Samui, Atsui, Darui, C, and the Raikage himself, who they were all trying to protect from the Hidden Rain Village Assassin.

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