Episode 43

17 Nights of Staying Out of Sight
Cleaning the Bathroom Cleanses the Soul

Episode 42 Episode 44

Episode 43 was aired on January 29, 2013.


Part 1: 17 Nights of Staying Out of Sight

Lee wants to fix his problem about catching too much attention but Orochimaru plans to sabotage it.

Part 2: Cleaning the Bathroom Cleanses the Soul

Team Guy is tasked to clean Konohagakure's Public Bathroom but Orochimaru messes their job up.


Part 1: 17 Nights of Staying Out of Sight

Lee has a trouble on blending in a certain situation where he wouldn't stand out. Orochimaru hears this and plans on sabotaging it. Lee asks Sai for help, considering he was from the Root which specializes in hiding. Sai questions him situations like being in a school and eating in a crab restaurant. Lee's answers were all wrong but was tested by disguising himself in a soba restaurant. He sits and eats with Orochimaru and Kabuto, who happens to be in disguise too. Orochimaru and Lee, both knowing that each other were in disguise, were caught by Naruto who just entered the restaurant.

Part 2: Cleaning the Bathroom Cleanses the Soul

Tsunade assigns Team Guy to clean the public bathroom for it has become very dirty. They cleaned the place the whole day and went to check the next day, but found out that it became dirty. They started to investigate those who were using it and discovered that Naruto, Sakura and Hinata were the ones who did it. On the other hand, Orochimaru planned on crushing Konohagakure by creating a jutsu called, "Mess Up the Leaf Bathroom", which is a mind control technique wherein it makes the victim mess the bathroom and spread rumors about Konoha's Public Bath smell. Lee and Neji couldn't believe that they were the ones who made the bathroom filthy and suspected that Orochimaru was behind all this. As Naruto enters, they made a skit on how important making the bathroom clean. When Orochimaru used the toilet, he felt good and went away for Kakashi used a water-style jutsu on him.

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