Episode 41

An Endless Nightmare!
A Creation from the Future!

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Episode 41 was aired on January 15, 2013.


Part 1: An Endless Nightmare!

Lee and his team get stuck in a storm and they have to keep each other awake or else they freeze to death.

Part 2: A Creation from the Future!

Lee gets visited by his future self but it turns out to be Orochimaru in disguise. 


Part 1: An Endless Nightmare!

Orochimaru dreams about taking Lee as his victim and putting Konohagakure in a snowstorm and Kabuto makes him realize that he was just dreaming. With that, he makes his dream real when Naruto, Sakura and Team Guy are caught in a snowstorm which he made while training together and sought refuge in a nearby cave. Later on, each of them are caught in their own dreams and try their best to keep each other awake. Lee and the others even caught Orochimaru dreaming in the middle of snowstorm.

Part 2: A Creation from the Future!

While Lee is cleaning Mt. Hokage, he notices someone from the nose part of Shodaime Hokage. The person appears before him and explains that he is Lee's future self which is Orochimaru in disguise and that the nose of the Shodaime Hokage in Mt. Hokage is a time tunnel. He tells Lee that he has become miserable because of what Lee's been doing and gives Lee a robot named Kabuemon which happens to be Kabuto in disguise. His goal was to be friendly to Lee at all times and when he gets his guard down, he will immediately kill him. In the end, Kabuto failed as he gets caught by Lee.