Episode 40

A New Year's Escape Clause
Naruto Under Surveillance!

Episode 39 Episode 41

Episode 40 was aired on January 8, 2013.


Part 1: A New Year's Escape Clause

The adults of Konohagakure compete in a competition wherein they get money as a prize for they don't have cash presents to give to their children which is a tradition in New Year.

Part 2: Naruto Under Surveillance!

Neji notices Hinata who's been thinking about Naruto for long. He makes an investigation on Naruto whether he's capable of marrying Hinata.


Part 1: A New Year's Escape Clause

Tsunade tells Shizune about her loss in a game with some friends which is their tradition every year. Now, she is bankrupt with nothing to give to her students. Meanwhile, Team Guy and Team Kakashi notices that the adults seemed like they vanished, as the village is noticeably quiet. They decided to create a game called "Ultra-Serious Game of Life" and asked Tsunade's permission. She agrees and as the day of the game came, she didn't expect that her fellow adults joined too. Their goal was to win in order to get the cash prize so that they can give something to their students. Tsunade was about to win when she was forced to exchange places with Shizune, making Shizune hailed as the winner.

Part 2: Naruto Under Surveillance!

Everyone was writing what they want to do in New year on the scroll. Neji intentionally reads Hinata's scroll saying, "Fish for sea bream with Naruto". By that, Neji is bothered about Naruto, being married to Hinata. Coincidentally, Neji meets Ayame along and asks her what would she do if her father doesn't like his boyfriend. She replies that she would loathe him because there are good points which you can see in people. Neji uses this as a reason to investigate Naruto. He does this by being Naruto's partner in playing badminton, rice making and entertaining the people in the party. Lastly, he harshly trains Naruto to be a husband but unexpectedly, Hinata stops him. She mistook that Neji likes Naruto and tells him that it would be contest for who will win Naruto's heart.

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